Saturday, June 11, 2016


NOTE: The CCOG, the LFM, and all people who care that the title Archbishop of Agana still belongs to a man named Anthony S. Apuron, will continue to publicly call for his resignation if not total and absolute LAICIZATION. 

This has nothing to do with Archbishop Hon, his duties, or his authority. The people have a right, and have always had a right to show to the world their absolute revulsion of the man who not only wreaked havoc on this diocese for three decades but, as we are now learning, raped and mutilated our children. In this regard, WE WILL CARRY ON. 


Sunday, 9AM, at the Cathedral


  1. Apuron has lost ALL respect of many on Guam. He will never be looked at the same again. Restoring him as our archbishop will be a shame.

  2. Hi Tim, please post information date time location on this thread for others to join the fight. Thanks

  3. We must continue to pursue the removal of this pristine title of Archbishop from this horrible and evil man, apuron. We are not against you, Archbishop Hon Tai-Fai, we want to ensure this "monster" does not have authority nor any avenue, to harm this archdiocese again. Likewise for apuron's cronies, they too, must be removed before peace and harmony returns back to this island. Nothing short of laicization for apuron.

    1. Adrian, out. I'm blocking your ugly name from my inbox BLOCKED

  4. I will be there. I don't have time to make signs but I hope some can make signs that include the call for David, Adrian, Claros, Tenorio, Marian and her brother Bibi, Edivaldo and Pius to be removed from their positions as well.
    Just look at that list of liars, enablers and ineffectual people Apuron surrounded himself with and the ridiculous decisions they've made to attack and submit the flock to their inbred calumnies and schemes! They have no Godly right to be in Ministry!

  5. Yes, please do not simply entrust this task to Archbishop Hon. Our experience and his are totally different. Residents of Guam have experienced the venom of Apuron and the effects of his actions, enabled by the enumerated individuals who now must relinquish their titles to allow our Archdiocese to heal. These individuals are damaged beyond redemption in the eyes of Guam faithful. They cannot be the key players in reconciliation. Archbishop Hon perhaps needs to be enlightened by how the nuances in the culture and how the vast network of complicity, deference and resignation come together to add layers of complexity to the situation.

  6. They are 19 village on the Island of Guam. The Roman Catholic is a major religion here with a Catholic Church in every village. Away from everyone and everything else. We are small in space, and our people practically know each other personally, by face, name or through technology such as Facebook.

    The Neocatechumenal Way is an experiment brought to Guam and experimented by AAApuron, and what has it brought us to where we are today. Divided? NEOCATECHUMENAL WAY, is NOT for GUAM.

  7. When you operate for cancer, you have to make sure all the tumors are removed. If not the chances for it to return will be greater. We on Guam have to make sure we do or end up with a Vatican "solution " Japanese style.

    We have to learn from past errors.
    We have learned that when we stay silent we agree by default. This is exactly how Apuron, Pius, Bibi,Fr. Rude,Edi the Waldo, Lirch, Cristobal, Genarrini, May,the Zoltan, the trained lawyer and all their minions were allowed to high jack our Church.
    Rome has to learn that when they are weak, corrupted, or out of misplaced charity, they allow for the cancer to return, like in Japan, they become responsible for more fracture within the Church.

    Just like Rome through Benedict and Francis tried to atone for their sinful cover up for decades, they need to accept their share of responsibility into the creation of division within our Church, by allowing a parasite to develop into its own body.

    I shall pray for discernment for our leaders, in this humbling mission of love.

  8. To Make This Unquestionlably Clear!
    Rome has spoken!!!! Rome had already made a decision!!! That decision is that Archbishop Apuron remain the Archbishop of Agana, Guam. He retains his title. This decision came directly from Pope Francis. Those who oppose Rome's decision are against the Pope and the Catholic Church. Make your choice wisely. Do you want to follow the Pope and the Catholic Church?

    The jungle wants you to believe that you have "a right to show the world their absolute revulsion of the man" who is the Archbishop of Guam.

    1. OBVIOUSLY, 1:34, you still don't get it, and I don't think you ever will. The Catholics of Guam are NOT asking Pope Francis to remove him; we are asking Apuron to RESIGN. Don't you see the difference, or do we need to spell it further?? Perhaps we should make the statement in a foreign language which most of your folks speak. You say "those who oppose Rome's decision are against the Pope and the Catholic Church".

      "Whoever said we are opposed to Rome's decision? We Catholics are asking for Apuron to resign; the Pope cannot do that (resignation) for him - only Apuron can do that! And that is what the protest tomorrow is about - asking Apuron to resign! The Pope, of course, could always remove (fire) him, but that is not we are necessarily asking. You know - it's like the saying "you can't fire me; I quit!" That's what he should do -- quit before he gets fired!

      I had asked Mr. San Agustin if I could use his writing on this matter (because I think his appeal for the protest is very well put), and he said OK. So here it is. Tell me where you find disobedience in his writing:


      While we obediently accept Rome’s designation of Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai as Apostolic Administrator for the Archdiocese of Agana (and pray for him that he restore peace, harmony and unity within the Catholics of our archdiocese), ANTHONY SABLAN APURON – because he has neither resigned nor been removed - continues to cling to his title as Archbishop of Agana, and as such may continue to wield some kind of influence (directly or indirectly) over the lives of us Catholics here.



    2. I have made my wise decision -- RESIGN Archbishop Apuron for simply abandoning your flock in favor of the NEOS. NCW is not for Guam.

    3. Another idiot from the land Younder.....Kikoland!!

      It is still the frog without legs that you instruct to jump, and because it can't, you idiots conclude the frog is deaf....Oh well.

      So lets make it unquestionably clear for you anon at 1.34, so you can come down from your cloud out there.
      The situation for Apuron, if he was in the private sector, would be as followed. "Suspended pending investigation" cannot come to the work place, or attempt to do so, until final decision is made.
      If he was a cop, it would be suspended till cleared.....or fired.

      So, thank you for your stupid analysis. We are used to it. You guys have been using the same for years.
      "Four Popes have approved "it", so if you are against us, you are against the Pope."

      Now, you try to twist the fact that Apuron has been relieved of command until final decision. How moronic can you be?

      So yes, we have the right to despise the man who hid behind the cloth to use and abuse defense less children. Put that one through your thick Neanderthal skull, and go back to whatever Alien planet you came from.

    4. 1:34pm is a direct copy/paste from Diana. Nothing more. As of this moment when I type this (a few hours after he/she posted it, no comments have been posted). Poor souls. Without irony, let us pray for them.

  9. After some research on the matter a few things become clear. First the question of the alleged abuses will be investigated and their findings made known in due time. Having said that, let me note that all I read seems to be coming from the same few people. Many generalizations have been used for proof of the need to remove your Archbishop of 30 years. It all seems quite sudden seemingly beginning in May. I am not on Guam, so I do not know the extent of the shock and/or belief in these accusations by the people. Much ado has been made publically in such a short time that it seems more like a frenzy. Those that claim to be victims should speak with proof to their civil authorities who seem never to be mentioned. As citizens and Christians we hold that one is innocent until proven guilty. There seems to be a massive amount of judgement going on and the noise is deafening. There is a generally personal tone that betrays some other agenda that is driving the intensity. I can only pray that this attack on the Archbishop is not in any way political or personal. What will be will be when the truth comes out. With sincere respect to those who have come forward, I hope the resolution is soon and complete. Time will tell. God bless the people of Guam.

    1. I will pardon your ignorance for now. But not next time. Understand?

    2. I will not pardon your ignorance anonymous @ 2:04 PM. Clearly you are not from here and yet you are trying to tell us how to feel and do things. I have lived here the past 63 years and have heard the whisperings and felt the negative undercurrents that have been going on for years regarding Apuron. I agree with Tim, you are IGNORANT, so just keep your IGNORANT opinions to yourself.

    3. Hello Anon at 2.04....
      Please educate yourself, before you start making blanket statement.
      We are particularly weary of the seemingly "reasonable" participants who turn out to be apologists for the inexcusable.

      Yes the Archbishop has been in power for thirty years. Thirty years of mismanagement, banana republic potentate behavior, lying, covering up for sexual predators and thieves. This has been a slow cooking fire, which became unbereable as it got older and more dictatorial.

      Go to the column "first or infrequent visitor" try to get an idea of what is going on, first....then if you are really an honest person, you can come back and participate positively.

      On the other hand, we do not need any "Johnny come lately" to come and give us lessons on what is or not acceptable.


    4. @2:04 PM. Its like reading about those delicious mangoes that are served at the Agat mango festival, Unless you bit into them to savor their taste firsthand, your experience is shallow and partial. The catholic faithful living in Guam have not only seen, but experienced firsthand the division, atrocities, lies, deceit that this bishop along with his NCW cult have inflicted upon the church in Guam. Not to mention these allegation of sexual abuse that are terrible, the fact that there are a convergence of testimony from several individuals who have nothing to gain but the desire to let the world know of the grave crime experienced at the hands of this bishop, and to obtain healing for their wounds. These are very serious matters that Rome has stepped in and responded to. The bishop's actions speak for itself, read all the proofs that are offered in the JW blog, and if you are able to disprove any of them, we will consider listening to you.

    5. Anonymous at 2:04pm--
      You should have spent the time it took to write that reading more. Had you done so, you would have known this has been on slow simmer for a long time. The assaults have been hinted at and mentioned here and there. What you are seeing now is the boiling over -- after the heat was turned up when the victims came forward.
      Yes, there is a 'generally personal tone'--people take their Church personally here. It's being messed with, and the people don't appreciate that. They attack the Archbishop because he is the titular head of the Church and hold him responsible. (And, by the way, he doesn't deny that he wants the changes to take place.)
      'Generalizations', you say? Follow the links and you'll get all the documentation you'll need to back up the claims. (Hint: they are usually words like 'here' and are in blue font.)
      As you say, you are not from here. So it'd be best if you just stay on the sidelines, research and read up --go way back, and learn. Hopefully by the time you are caught up all this will be somewhat settled....

    6. That's Diana. The constant manta there is "Where is your proof? Where's your real proof?"

      What's being asked for is absolute metaphysical certitude. That cannot be given about anything but by God in His Beatific vision. Not even gravity is granted that. But as for realism, what Army vet with 20+ years tells his homeland that he was anally raped were it not true? Walter speaks with truth. I do not doubt it.

      It's for money, some say. But has he sued? Where is your metaphysical certitude he lies? Such silliness. One cannot prove a negative.

      In the end, it's actually NOT he said/she said. It's that when confronted, our so-called holy Archbishop failed.

      Kiko Arguello declares that he is the true prophet, so if he speaks for Christ in these days and times, then his disciples declare the love of Christ more than all of us. Let's test the spirit, as 1 John says. Here's a quick test to see how it bears out, and it's based on the Litany of Humility ( first section's response is "Jesus, deliver me,"

      From the desire of being loved,
      from the desire of being extolled
      from the desire of being honored
      from the desire of being praised
      from the desire of being preferred to others
      front he desire of being consulted
      from the desire of being approved.

      Is this prayer the end result--the fruit--of Kiko? Is this the Apruon we see? Not that he succeeds, but that he tries even? Do his companions show this? I think not.

      From the fear of being humiliated
      from the fear of being despised
      from the fear of suffering rebukes
      from the fear of being calumniated
      from the fear of being forgotten
      from the fear of being ridiculed
      from the fear of being wronged
      from the fear of being suspected.

      Does this sound like the kind of man that Apuron and his master Kiko are? Or do they rather cling to power and money and bullying and the self-loathing of others?

      And how do they really show us to imitate Jesus (Grant me the grace to desire it):

      that others be loved more than I
      that in the opinion of the world, others may increase and I may decrease
      that others may be chosen and I set aside
      that others may be praised and I unnoticed
      that others may be preferred to me in all things
      that I may be as holy as I should, and all others should be holier than me.

      If you can honestly say this about Kiko, Pius, and Apuron--that they really demonstrate such desire--then you see what no one else can. They are the antithesis of this. Lambs who speak with the voice of the Dragon.

      These false prophets must go. That is all there is. As the NCW would say, we should know them by their fruits. I have no doubt the common person has the true faith. But their leaders lead them by the short route to chaos. Blind leading the blind.

      If we do not strive to save our brothers from themselves, then we do not love them. Fight no my friends.

    7. Anon, you request Guam People to act like they had in past thirty years. Stay quiet, pray, obey, respect, be silent. Look what happened. Suffering, injustice, NCW bullying Guam catholics.
      Saint Catherine said that being silent cause the world to rot! So, Guam cannot be silent anymore.

    8. Comments to Anonymous 2:04 PM have been quite strong to say the least, and I understand that. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for us on Guam to enlighten readers from other places. We extend a warm welcome to you to come to Guam. We are a friendly, loving, and generous people. Recently we just concluded Festival of the Pacific wherein we played host to 35 or so nations that comprise Oceania, Micronesia and Polynesia. This is the Pacific equivalent of culture and arts Olympics held every four years in different countries. The reviews unanimously raved about the nature of our people. People came out en masse to provide food and other necessities on their own, businesses and government agencies gloriously contributed to the overwhelming success of the event. We love to show our hospitality to those who visit our island home. You will be embraced as a friend, no less.

      The comments, however, on this blog seem to portray angry and violently personal emotions of many people. Yes, please read through the events of the last two years that gradually precipitated into the anguish and dissatisfaction you observe. We have tried, honestly, to create an atmosphere of dialogue but rebuffed on so many instances. Our elderly people, who are the pillars of our society, have taken the lead in quietly protesting under the heat and rain by praying the rosary in front of our Cathedral. What you see as frustration is nothing compared to the reality of what so many people endured. Many people are now displaced from the parish chuches that their grandparents and parents built, many of which by hand and through happy labor. There is s strong sense of belonging in a parish community, and when one is ousted from the familiar just because the pastor is neo, etc, surely you can understand the personal nature of the attacks. In addition, we are constantly reminded to financially bankroll the seminary/hotel of the NCW, the first class accomodations of Tony Apuron's many international trips, among others. These, while so many families struggle to make ends meet to provide shelter, food and education to their families. There has been such a great disconnect with the frivolous lifestyle of the "seminarians" and "presbyters" that we were forced to adopt and the state of our Catholic schools and parishes. Our non-neo clergy have been effectively ostracized and some guest priests were even sent back home since they refused to be neos.

      You know, 2:04, I thank you for taking interest in our crusade to reclaim the Church. You and many orhers who tune in to Jungle Watch can disseminate the pain of our experience here in Guam. JW is an effective instrument to share our stories in the hope that no other diocese will fall prey to the evil wiles of NCW. That is our hope, for this venue to teach the hard lesson of "what not to take for granted." We hope that you can understand our passion for the One, True, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

      Notwithstanding the issues that assail Tony Apuron, he has to face that accountability either canonically or civilly, we on Guam have suffered enough to try to take back our Catholic Church in the ways we know how. I hope that I have provide a small opening wherein you can make a better judgment on our unique perspectives.

  10. @anonymous 2:04 - shhhhhhhhh. You are giving me a headache with your patronizing "I'm a very important statesider" mentality. Clearly you don't know what is happening here so just go back to only commenting on every single darn PDN article. Yea Rick I know it's you I can tell your writing style since you seem to have something to say about every damn PDN onlin article. Enough already. Get a hobby.