Saturday, June 11, 2016


  1. Tim, there may be holes in Dentons story. What do you sat to this??

    AnonymousJune 11, 2016 at 8:41 AM
    Diana, IF the Denton account of the abuse took place 40 years ago, then it would then have happened in the OLD rectory, and not the current building now standing. But, their detailed description of the abuse describes the current "rectory" now standing which did not exist 40 years ago. Are they talking about the same church "rectory"?

    1. LOL. That's why, if you listened to what was said on the video, they referred several times to the old rectory that is now used as an administration building for the school, NOT the new rectory. Poor Diana. I hear there are plans to tear it down. Good. Let me know so I can take pictures and send them to Walter. It was a place of so much suffering it is probably haunted.
    2. Father Tony's Little House of Horrors

      The new rectory


  1. - No landscaping on the rectory's grounds either? What happens to the donations given by the Faithful for the church's maintenance? Isn't the rectory part of the church? Remembering the Good Old Days when everything around the Catholic Churches and Catholic Schools were kept in perfect conditions!

  2. Yes i observed how diana twisted a fact.i studied every word of Deacon Martinez. Deacon said old rectory which is now school admin building.
    School admin building is a house of horror. School should consider bull dozing horror house down.

  3. It can be a museum of oddities or a haunted house for Halloween. I am aghast at how diana continues to give credence to a man who is named by multiple accusers. How senseless that she defends an alleged child abuser! She should focus on trying to hear the impassioned stories of abuse and understand where they are coming from. No one is above the reaches of the law.

  4. Please don't tear it down. We,RMS, need a facility to train our seminarians in one of our core courses, PE-101, Intro to Pedophile. Instructor: T. Apuron, MQF, 1:00am -3:00am, 3 semester hours, Lab: Sat. 7-11pm. 1 semester Hr.

    1. Don't forget the on the job training at Agat Beach.

  5. That should not be torn down so there will be a reminder of the evil that happened there. So, it will be constant reminder so it will not happen again. It should have a plaque saying just that.