Monday, June 20, 2016


Joan's Rome. Vatican Insider. June 9, 2016

National Catholic Register, June 7, 2016
Pope Francis Appoints Apostolic Administrator to Guam, as Archbishop Investigated for Abuse


  1. I heard the Carmelite nun's have closed their Guam convent in Tamuning and left for California last week. No notice or media.

    1. All of the Guam based Carmelites are in California now. Pray they return after all this crap is washed away.

  2. It is all aaa, Adrian, David, Larry, and Tenorio or not too forget the oj of Chalan Pago Parish. Shame on you all.

  3. According to the article, these are the expectations for Archbishop Hon and is a direct quote, {with my numerical listing and comments in parenthesis}:

    1. “The priority of the Apostolic Administrator (AA) is to take stock of the present pastoral situation of the diocese;
    {We won't know until AA tells us what he thinks.)

    2. to identify the difficulties present among the clergy, religious, and lay faithful and, {has he interviewed any non-neo priests or lay faithful?}

    3. to take urgent measures, at the earliest, in order to promote and restore unity and harmony in the local Church. [hmmmmm, maybe he has his own definition of URGENT and is why he is very slow to make any decisions.]

    4. The Apostolic Administrator, after carefully discerning the needs of the Archdiocese will take all necessary decisions to assure that this goal is being implemented."
    [Maybe the typist made a typo error because don't you think the appropriate phrase should be MAKE...decisions? rather than TAKE...decisions]

    It seems to me that these statements are very fundamental to the job of the administrator of any diocese, but because Archbishop Hon (AH) is here temporarily, I wonder if the public can make specific comments to evaluate, to date, if AH has been accountable to his job description, point by point.

    1. "WTF"

      hon was here over a year ago, did he not take notes, does he not remember who worn the halos or who came kissing @ss, what have the visitors (hon) been doing since last year...

      so, hon is "to take stock of the present pastoral situation" WTF..
      hon, are you still trying to figure out which priest is "WALKING"...

      hon, here's a few simple test;
      1. on a Saturday evening, invite all the clergy to meet socially, those who make excuses or arrive very late, he is WALKING...

      2. gather a few of them at a time, have them say a few lines of their Sunday homily, the ones who fumble, stumble, or talks about sex and monkeys, he is WALKING...

      3. have mass with all of them, during communion, watch for who stays in place, giving you the "WTF" look, he is waiting on you to serve the feast, he is WALKING...

      with the addition of a few boytoys from the rms factory, has there been changes to the amount of local priest...

  4. Regarding the Carmelites I wonder now if Pius will takeover and bring his Carmelites home from New Jersey. Or are they actually there for missions/couriers to countries. Maybe bringing "our monies" to counties like Malta.

    1. Supposedly the Carmelites are on retreat in California and will return in September.

    2. Pius cannot bring back HIS kind of Carmelites. They are different small group. Guam Carmelites belong to Larger worldwide Carmelites. They do not have same rules. Sorry, PIUS.