Thursday, June 9, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

Margaret, a former member of the Neocatechumenal Way from Texas, posted some comments on one of my posts on the Neocatechumenal Second Scrutiny.  You might not believe what her catechists asked her to do, but know that it happens here in Guam too.  Read more.


  1. Amazing! Thanks for posting this. Thank you, Chuck and Tim for your research and insights.

    "But we have approval of several popes." This is a constant refrain from the NCW. Someone needs to ask Rome about the other NCW practices.

    If I start a lay movement and get approved statutes and follow them to the letter, but also require members to hop on one foot for 17 hours a day, is this acceptable?

    1. Andrew, the "approval" of the NCW consists of the approval of its Statute. That approval is very much like the issuance of a driver's license by the government, and does not imply an approval of every aspect of how the NCW "drives" with that license.

    2. I would add that the approval of the NCW Statute occurred two years before the "approval" of it's 13-volume Catechetical Directory ("Guidelines for Teams of Catechists") upon which the statute depends. Not only that, but the approval of the Catechetical Directory did not seem to have been done after a vetting by the normal set of Vatican dicasteries. Very disturbing.

    3. It is true. When the NCW, called JOY at the time began on island, many of the "married" working mothers quit their jobs. They were told that their place is in the home taking care of the children.