Thursday, June 16, 2016


Okay. Now here's my version.


Archdiocese of Agana
Chancery Office

Decree N. 2016-030

After seven seconds of looking at the piece of crap decree that Apuron, David, and Adrian slapped on the CCOG for placing ads in local newspapers in attempt to expose Anthony S. Apuron’s crimes against humanity, a decree that was issued in the evil trio's final moments of their reign of terror, I hereby immediately rescind Decree N. 2016-028 (June 5/16) and furthermore wish to state that I have recommend to Holy Father Pope Francis that  Apuron be immediately removed as Archbishop of Agana and to proceed with his laicization, forthwith. 

Furthermore, particularly for the promotion of reconciliation and deeper communion of all members of this particular church, I have demanded that both Msgr. David C. Quitugua and Fr. Adrian Cristobal resign immediately from their respective positions as Vicar General and Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Agana or face “a more arduous and painful closure to their assignments.” In fact, I hereby release both of them from this Archdiocese to go and look for a benevolent bishop willing to accept them. This is effective immediately.

Given in Hagatna on June 9, 2016 
(the day I was officially installed as Apostolic Administrator).

Most Rev. Savio Hon Tai Fai, SDB
Apostolic Administrator


Hmmm. That language sounds very familiar. In fact, David wrote it himself three years ago:

Apuron letter to Fr. Paul Gofigan, Jul 16, 2013

But now for the real fun. The decree issued against the CCOG is numbered Prot. N. 2016-028 and dated June 5, 2016. However, today's decree notes that there was another decree also issued on June 5, 2016 and numbered Prot. N. 2016-022.

So what was THAT decree? Where is it published? If today's decree is issued publicly and publicly rescinds both decrees, then the second decree must be made public as well. Let's see if Archbishop Hon will let us see it. I have a feeling that Apuron, David, and Adrian were really busy in their final hours of their reign of terror.

Archbishop Hon could go a long way in showing he is sincere about healing in this diocese by exposing the riff-raff that was going on in the hours before his arrival. 

Also, while I suggested this in my version of today's decree, many of us find it ABSOLUTELY SCANDALOUS that Archbishop Hon spent seven days "consulting and reflecting" on the blatant abuse of power by Apuron and his cronies at the 11th hour of their Gotterdammerung. In stating so, Hon gives credence to the what should have been absolutely and immediately discredited. 

I hate to think that it was my letter to the pope that actually motivated the new Apostolic Administrator to take what appears to be a grudging action and rescind what never should have seen the light of day in the first place. Unfortunately it appears to be so. 


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