Thursday, June 23, 2016


David Lujan demanding information from archdiocese

Here it comes, Archbishop Hon. It appears Attorney David Lujan has a different idea of "urgent measures" than you do.

Do you even know who the attorney for the archdiocese is? Will you be calling the trained lawyer?

Good luck. Maybe you better find out who David Lujan is. He eats "trained lawyers" for appetizers and spits out the seeds. Your Vatican career is about to go POOF! Better call Jackie.

P.S. Look what just happened today in Gallup, New Mexico:

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Gallup, N.M., on Tuesday won court approval of its plan to compensate clergy sexual abuse victims, paving the way for it to exit bankruptcy.
Following a hearing at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Albuquerque, N.M., Judge David Thuma signed off on the $25 million plan, which is largely funded by contributions from the diocese, insurance carriers, parishes and sales of the diocese’s property.
Do you still want to compare Apuron's victims to some woman who brought a false allegation against some bishop? You're going to cause this diocese to lose more money than Apuron ever gave away. So sad. And to think that the pope sent you here himself. Major fail. 


  1. Does anyone else think that maybe Acting Archbishop Hon might just be FINALLY JOLTED into making some decisions? Way to Go David Lujan! Light the Fire under their Feet (I am thinking something else but I need to be politically correct)!

  2. Archbishop Hon could do what the Pope sent him here to do instead of being just a continuation of the problem he was sent here to solve.

  3. Frankie Aguigui FarfanJune 23, 2016 at 7:56 AM

    hon, make larry earn his keep...

    Larry DO YOUR JOB-->> "Publicly Accused Roman Catholic Priests"

    I see larry still NOT his job, he has not updated the database documenting these abuses.

    "Database of Publicly Accused Roman Catholic Priests, Nuns, Brothers, Deacons, and Seminarians in the United States"

    Larry DO YOUR JOB-->> "Publicly Accused Roman Catholic Priests"
    adverb: publicly
    so as to be seen by other people; in public.
    "some weep publicly"
    used in reference to views expressed to others and not necessarily genuinely felt.
    "publicly, officials criticized the resolution, but privately they thought it tolerable"
    by a government or the public rather than an independent, commercial company.
    "publicly funded organizations"

    Larry DO YOUR JOB-->> "Publicly Accused Roman Catholic Priests"

  4. Maybe, just maybe, Hon is doing what the Pope (secretly) wanted him to do: preach love and peace and hope this sex abuse thing will go away. But, not anymore.
    Not with Atty. David Lujan in the picture. Kumbaya, Hon!

  5. Lawyers, even a trainee lawyer like Jackie Terlaje, can see what's coming from Atty. David Lujan. Hon is just one step away from the point of no return. Armageddon (legally) is at hand.

  6. So True. My opinion is that when they sent him here last year and NOTHING was done, why send him back? I am not on Guam but in the USofA and have not been involved with what is happening on Guam until last year, but shouldn't another Archbishop be sent this time? With the ties that Archbishop Hon with the NEOs, didn't a red flag fly high in Rome and indicate that he was not the one to come to Guam and investigate? I guess not because he is here now and so far we have one thing that he cleared up. So the CCoG is once again accepted back to the Catholic Church (we never should have been kicked out in the first place) but that is not reason why he was sent. He was sent to fix the abuse situation. With his actions so far, he has shown that he thinks that Apuron is not guilty and it is "Business as Usual". But it is not "Business as Usual" and he needs to get moving. The Free Vacation Time is Over, Archbishop Hon! There are no more parties to attend!

    1. The answer is quite simple anon @ 8.07. Archbishop Hon was chosen because Filoni trust him to sedate Guam's Catholic faithful to a point were people will be lured into thinking that something had been done to address our problems, while in fact little would have changed.

      The plan is to throw us a few bones. Probably reinstate Fr Paul and Msg James under reduced responsibilities, perhaps with some caveats. Shuffle responsibilities at the chancery, by putting in more paletable neos and some likable local fence sitters who are career oriented and therefore more compromising.

      It is rumored that the nuncio was opposed to Hon's nomination
      ( now we can see why) and that there could be opposing point of views on Hon's team.

      During that time,things go on with Cristobal sending threatening memos to the clergy telling them Apuron is still the Bishop, and Bibi telling everybody and their cousins that Apuron shall come back soon.

      Meanwhile the neos are still in control of every post at the Chancery and are bidding their time.
      This was part of Filoni's plan from the start.

      Soon it will be time to show these ninkompoops in Rome, that
      they cannot put the genie back in the box

  7. AnonymousJune 23, 2016 at 7:57 AM

    I second that? By A.Hon's performance to this day, just maybe his mission (secretly) is to heal the faithful, especially the victims with love, peace, hope, harmony, unity and nothing MORE. A. Hon, we must respect these victims by supporting them with the proper healing they so need and deserve. Preaching as you are doing is not part of the healing to any injured victims, victimized and traumatized mentally by a trusted, well like in the community, bodily invaded by a "He", adored father figure-Shepherd of the Roman Catholic Church. While these young boys coped with their know how to handle "What the heck just happened to me" and by coming forward to tell their story with shocked the entire island, and still their innocent story made other people bitter. People are bitter because sexual abuse is not what they want to hear. Kudo's to the Vatican's policy on Sex Abuse "Zero Tolerance".

    1. Janet B - MangilaoJune 23, 2016 at 9:27 AM

      Good point anon at 8:41am on zero tolerance.

      I believe most people accept the Pope's stance of zero tolerance on bishops and priests who sexually assault our children. So I propose another zero tolerance policy:

      The people of Guam hereby adopt a zero tolerance policy to sex abuse and to anyone who aids and abets in these crimes against humanity. This zero tolerance policy is put into effect this 23rd day of June 2016. To display our zero tolerance we will commit ourselves to the following acts to support those abused by bishops and priests, and revile those who help cover up these heinous acts:
      1) the faithful will no longer attend mass at parishes where these priests and bishops preside
      2) the faithful will no longer provide financial support to the parishes where these bishops and priests preside
      3) the faithful will continue to demand justice for victims and just consequences for perpetrators

      Support for those abused by bishops and priests can be given to CCOG. It is CCOG who has provided a venue for these brave men to come forward, and CCOG has provided funding to allow David Lujan to defend these men against the lies and attacks of the evil ones.

      The parishes to apply zero tolerance are the following:
      Agana Cathedral - Pastor - Tony Apuron, Rector David the VG
      Barrigada - Pastor - Adrian the Chancellor
      Agat - Pastor - Alberto the Vice Rector
      Chalan Pago - Pastor - Udu Valdo the monkey boy media fool
      St Anthony - Pastor - Bibi - Dir of Communications - this is just a miscommunication
      Island-wide - Archbishop Hon - any church he visits until he takes decisive action

      Do not go to these parishes. And if any of these priests or bishops are at another parish, do not give anything in the collection. Give to CCOG.

      This zero tolerance policy will remain in force and affect until our island Church is free from the tyranny and disgusting clerics that have wreaked havoc upon the faithful.

      Continue to support the good on our island. Give to CCOG and other parishes!

  8. Archbishop Hon failed to send a clear and decisive message to the public when he first arrived in Guam. His initial message at St. Anthony was muddled. His failure to acknowledge sex abuse victims but at the same time asking for prayers for Apuron was a major public relations disaster. He clearly underestimates the magnitude of the division in the Church in Guam and foolishy presumed that his mere presence will quell the outrage and anger among the vast majority of Cstolics in Guam against Apuron and his henchmen Pius, VG, and Chancellor as well as Edivaldo and Claros etc.

  9. Janet B - MangilaoJune 23, 2016 at 9:04 AM

    Biggest problem with past administration was that no one responded to basic questions. And on the rare occasion they did respond the answers were either lies or totally ridiculous diversions.

    New administration, same problems. Silence, or non-sense. Pray for the accused, and ignore the victims. Give shelter in Rome to the accused, and leave the victims out in the cold to fend for themselves. Sing kumbaya rather than strip a man of a title he never should have accepted. Allow incompetents to run the Chancery, and ignore priests who have been shit upon by Apuron. Are these the only ways to handle our problems?

    NO! We could be told the truth of what is happening, in a sensible way. We want to hear that the victims are being cared for and attended to. We want prayers for them, and not just Tony the accused rapist. We want to know when Walter's investigation is complete, since he apparently filed that complaint nearly a year ago! We want to know what is being donefor priests maligned by tony. A simple reinstatement will say much, and restore confidence in the Church.

    I will reluctantly sing kumbaya, if I absolutely have to, BUT ONLY AFTER this mess is resolved, Tony is gone, and all the charlatans that aided him are gone as well. You know who they are. You seem to hang out with them quite a bit. At galas, and other events. Have you spent as much time with non-kikos? Have you spent as much time with victims? I think not!

    Hon - you better decide which side you are on. Are you just going to protect a fellow bishop? Or will you objectively see that our diocese is made safe for our children and grandchildren?

    No more time to consult - act, and we will see which side you have chosen.

    PS - 95% of the island sees that Apuron needs to go because of the abuse. We are convinced he is guilty and will no longer play the charade that he is innocent until proven guilty. 5 allegations is enough for most of us, especially when we see the true emotions in their statements.
    4% still cling to a hope that the Church is never wrong and this cannot happen.
    1% are kikos, and they will never admit that Tony is able to do this.
    And of course, there is the one person, dakon frank, who knows tony well enough that he knows this could not happen.

    Get real Hon, or get packing.

  10. Hon was sent here to quiet down the ever growing outcry by Guam's Catholics. Our Church has been infested by vermin. No more pussyfooting around! The Faithful must up their game!!

  11. Rome knew this was coming. We know that AB Hon has the authority to investigate these allegations. David Lujan's demand for a response will (hopefully) break the "deafening" silence. And in light of the upcoming public hearing a response (or lack of) may decide the fate of AB Hon's mission. As there is little chance that Apurun will resign, Rome may ask for his resignation, re-assign him to Qatar or send him back to face the "music".
    Until the next episode, we will pray and be ready to take action. St. Joan of Arc pray for us! St. Michael the Archangel protect us!

  12. I agree with you, 8:53 AM, "clear and decisive" are the fitting adjectives to resolve the issues dividing the Archdiocese. Even last year I felt that Hon was not the right person to handle the situation. His appeal for serenity is a total disconnect, and you are right to say that "he foolishly presumes thst his mere presence will quell the outrage and anger." Yes, he presumes too much thst his mandate from the Pope alone is enough to silence people. He does not understand that assurances and promises are not sufficient at this point in our situation. He thinks that he can continue to rescue his NCW group by assimilating them into his projected revival of the Archdiocese. He is not the right person to bring about even a slight change. He continues to lean on David C Quitugua abd Adrian F Cristobal, as evidenced by the newly-formed clergy groups who will hash out plans. Committees? Again? More delaying tactics!

  13. Same old. Same old. Archbishop Hon is determined to maintain the status quo, and he thinks that he can make two divergent mindsets to co-exist. He is off-tangent in a horrible way.
    Same old. Same old. He thinks that if the groups can work together, people will be satisfied. No more protests in a week! Everyone is happy and will hold hands. Big assumption!
    Same old. Same old. He is afraid to alienate his neo groups, afraid to confront the accusers, and afraid of putting Apuron to task, but in doing so, he teeters on the brink of bankrupting the Archdiocese he was sent to salvage. What a pussy! What a crock!

  14. So far, out of 15 comments, 9 are from unknown persons. Are you not outraged enough to place your names to your words? Of course it's not easy. But at this point, God is the only one to fear.

    All due respect, all these anonymous comments have no strength or credence without names.

    1. Jose, thanks for sharing your name! If we could, we would. No strength or credence? We'll see. If some of us pop up from behind the wall, boom! Get it? Then all will be quiet on the Western Front.

  15. Is it any wonder that nobody criticizes Atty Lujan from the other side. Doesn't even mention his name at all.

  16. Sorry, that last comment was mine.