Saturday, June 18, 2016


A certain Thomas Garrido takes the opportunity to use Roy Quintanilla's tragedy to promote himself in today's PDN:

Here is my response:

Wow. Really? So now the preachers come out. “Burden of proof”? What? Shows you don’t know what you are talking about. There is no court process open to Roy Quintanilla to do this. The statute of limitations protects Apuron from ever having to go to court. Even if there was an opportunity to go to court, Apuron has massive resources compared to Roy. As Archbishop of Agana, he is a corporation sole, and thus has all the assets of the diocese available to defend himself. He also has massive influence. How many favors could he call in? How many judges would recuse themselves even if it did go to court? Even if the statute of limitations is lifted, Apuron could never be tried criminally. 

Sicker still is your assumption Roy doesn’t have a life of faith, at least one that measures up to your idea of it. You know jack nothing about Roy. Well I happen to know. I happen to know that he does have a deep life of faith, a faith that has sustained him in his wounded life, a faith that has sustained him in a 21 year long sacrifice when the duty of caring for a down syndrome brother passed to him. 

I also happen to know that Roy did not want to go public about his abuse. I happen to know that he was only going to present a letter to Apuron and ask him to acknowledge what he did to him. I happen to know that it was torture for him to go public. I happen to know that he eventually did so because he knew that there were others who had suffered as he had and could be encouraged to come forward if he did, if not publicly, then at least to seek help for their wounds. I happen to know that Apuron would accuse him of spreading malicious lies and calumnies. I happen to know that Apuron would threaten to sue him into silence. I happened to know that Roy was tortured by all this and for the good of others was willing to walk into the fire and suffer criticism like the criticism you give here. 

When you see these grown men cry when they tell their story. When you see the mother of a dead child weep from memory. It is not just the pain of memory, or of being held down and penetrated by an ugly man. The greater pain is that they were horribly betrayed by not only a man they trusted implicitly, but by a man who represented centuries of faith to their families Yet, each one thus far has stood up and testified how they never left their faith, how they love Jesus Christ even more. And yet you speak to them like they don’t know Jesus at all. 

Seriously, what a sad moment you chose for self promotion. By the way, I’m gonna make you famous on JungleWatch. 

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