Monday, June 27, 2016

SAIPAN (FINALLY) GETS A BISHOP, BUT... looks like the STINKING MONK has already taken over Saipan's version of the Umatuna:

Jason Granado is one of the several neocats "missing" from this this archdiocese - missing priests, whom, as far as we know, we are still institutional liable for. You will notice a couple of other names (I'll get back to them.)

From the 2015-2016 Directory for the Archdiocese of Agana

Here is the new ad hoc committee created by Archbishop Hon responsible for the "repositioning of priests." We see that Fr. Lito Abad is its chairman. 

Dear Fr. Lito, within TWO WEEKS we want a FULL accounting of these absent priests. We want to know:
  1. Where they are, 
  2. What they are doing, 
  3. Why we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their education and formation only to have them disappear, 
  4. Whether or not we are financing their travels and their ministry in God knows where, 
  5. Whether or not we are still paying them a stipend, and 
  6. Whether or not we are institutionally liable for their health care, retirement, and screw ups. 


  1. Harold, my boy! You slipped away without even a kiss, kiss! Where you at? The seminarians didn't go for you as VICE rector, eh?

  2. What country is NEO Cult Presbyter Jason from?

  3. So now, what do you think of the Bishop elect for the cnmi? He just recently,(within two months), accompanied by presbytery Jason, been to the HL for the neo bishop's gathering there. Not all of us are clueless. Pray for Saipan too...hence the... Spn2

  4. See also Thomas Manglona II, “Torres, Kilili join in welcoming bishop-elect,” Saipan Tribune, Tue., June 28, 2016, available at .

  5. See also Bryan Manabat, “Bishop Emeritus Camacho: Please support Fr. Ryan”, Marianas Variety, Wed., June 29, 2016, available at .