Friday, June 10, 2016


You'll hear my frustration on this interview.

But those who know me know that this frustration is not new. I AM SICK OF HEARING PEOPLE BLAME THE CHURCH for the same reason I AM SICK OF HEARING PEOPLE BLAME THE GOVERNMENT. Change starts with people who care, REALLY care. People who care so much that they are willing to stand on the wall and get shot at, who are willing to risk financial loss, who are willing to put in hours and hours and in fact whole pieces of their lives into effecting CHANGE. 

That CHANGE is coming to Guam because of those people who stood out in the hot sun Sunday after Sunday, rosaries in one hand and a sign in the other. That CHANGE is coming because of those people who were willing to march up to the door of RMS and get the cops called on them. That CHANGE is coming because of those people who were willing to be mocked in the media when they took on an evil man at the airport. 

That CHANGE is coming because of those people who have devoted thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in assisting completely isolated people like Roy Quintanilla, Doris Concepcion, and Walter Denton, who bore their pain in silence for years and years. That change is because of those people who quietly dug, and researched, and vigilantly kept a look out for atrocities, and who then passed them on to me so I could make them public. That CHANGE is coming because of the many people who either wrote publicly or privately in condemnation of the atrocities they were seeing around them.

There were and are many ways to be a soldier in this war, but the main thing is that they were "in this war." They DID something. But make no mistake it was the people who put their FACE out there who tipped the scales. And perhaps the best example of how you make CHANGE is the man in this picture:

Joe R. San Agustin did not let his crippling handicap be an excuse. Whether it has been his presence on the front line, his ever busy pen, his private prayers when his pain-wracked body did not permit his presence on the street, or his voice on the radio, Mr. San Agustin takes away everybody's excuses. 

Make no mistake. It wasn't prayers Rome heard, it was voices, the voices of these people, and pictures like these, that created action and has led to CHANGE. Prayer is at the heart of what these people DO. But there IS A DO!

At the end of the highest prayer, the Mass, we hear the word GO! The Latin is even stronger: ITE. "ITE MISSA EST." "Missa" is the latin root of the word mission. Literally, at the end of the Mass, Christ, after receiving supernatural grace, orders us: GO! THIS IS YOUR MISSION. 

Somehow, we have morphed it into "Go. Have a good brunch." And such an attitude has given us a decades old trail of mutilated and suffering souls like Roy, Doris, and Walter. 


  1. Thanks Tim, for that shift kick in the keister. Yes, WE THE CHURCH can affect change. Don't be someone sitting in the sidelines. Join us in keeping this fire burning. How can we be silent? Pick up your crosses and become the soldier that Christ ordered us to be.

  2. John C. Ada Toves (Formerly TYPHOON)June 10, 2016 at 9:19 AM

    I stand with Tim. It is time to stop waiting for others to solve our problems. It was our voices that were heard, and not our silence. The vacumn that existed which permitted the Neos to enter will be the same vacumn which will invite another such party.

    We never should stop using our voices! We add this to using our prayers. We accept what Rome has delivered, but we still should remind Rome of our demands, needs, and wants.

  3. Tim, I listened to your impassioned interview this morning. It was very powerful and moving. I believe it will inspire and motivate more people to summon the courage to stand up and speak out.

    Joe R San Agustin, your picture is worth several million words. Thank you for your courage.

    To CCOG, LMF, and all people of faith who have done something to fight for our church, THANK YOU.

    May God bless our efforts and heal the many wounds that hurt our church.

  4. You are 100% correct. Change only comes with action, not just prayer alone. If that was the case, why have board meetings, parent teacher conferences, town halls, pow-wows? Why not just pray. God helps those who help themselves. Yes, praying helps but action with prayer is effective! That's why we're here today. Most just want to be silent and pray. If your paycheck was short, do you pray that it appears the next pay period or do you go to payroll and raise hell? I'm sure people don't think that prayer is needed in that case, they want answers and they want it now and "where the hell is my money?" So Patti Arroyo...I understand what you said this morning but the Vatican cannot hear prayers from our village parishes. It's hears are not that powerful and it's telepathy skils I'm sure are zero. The Vatican needs letters, more letters and needs to hear people's frustrations and disgust. Prayers and action can do wonders.

    1. PRECISELY...all good points. It's more reasons for pushing our policy makers to change the law reference to the statute of limitation of sexual crimes against minors.

      Like Mrs WALTER DENTON shared of the word "PRUTEHI" (protect) on all the power poles along Marine Corps Drive...Prutehi i balati, prutehi i guihan Ababang, etc. but by joining forces with the VICTIMS and their families, CCoG, LFM is the WAY TO MAKING CHANGES and TAKING OUR CHURCH BACK. Our GOAL is to BANISH NCW PERMANENTLY from GUAM and SAIPAN FOR GOOD.


  5. Well said, Tim. We all needed that reminder. And, Thanks.

  6. Amen to that Tim.....

    1. Thank you, Tim and all who have actively played a part in defending our faith. We have still much to DO to get unity back into the church. The division has been so deep and so painful that token prayer services alone will not cut it. Prayer WITH ACTION is what this is all about!

  7. As I've said before, prayer requires action. You're right with your comments Tim. I doubt that Rome would have acted had we not been so visible and vocal. Yes, we incurred criticism and derision, but we were fighting and will continue to fight for our church. We took a vow at our confirmation; let's not forget. We must continue to pray for and act upon what's best for our island church.

  8. DianaJune 10, 2016 at 11:05 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 8:48 am,

    This whole thing was a conspiracy to remove the Archbishop at whatever cost. Just listen to Tim Rohr's interview today in the weblink below:

    Tim Rohr himself stated that he was involved in the letter that Walter Denton wrote to the Vatican. In that interview, he also admitted that it was him who decided which victim should go out publicly first and which would go second. Tim also corrected Denton's interview by stating that it was in August, 2015 that the letter was sent, not August, 2014. As you can see, Tim Rohr knew more about when the letter was sent to the Vatican while Walter Denton was confused about it. Why do you think that is?

    If a person is truly a victim, they do not allow someone to dictate to them WHEN they should come out publicly. They come out on their own time when they feel comfortable and ready. Therefore, this whole thing was all staged. They have been planning this for a year since Monsignor James was removed. In his pride for wanting to take credit for everything, Tim Rohr has now revealed that he was behind the letter that was sent to the Vatican under Walter Denton's name.

    1. Staged, Diana? First the victims were called "liars" and now you call them "actors"? After they've been enduring years of pain and suffering...and you think this was all staged? Keep rolling around that cesspool of entertainment at the chancery!

    2. SEE:

  9. Katoliku

    Katoliku ya en tingo’ hinengge-ku
    Ibanderå-hu i santos kilu’os.
    Hu hongge i sen såntos na sakramento
    Nina’huyong ni’ saina as Jesus
    Kumu sen fitme Na testament

    Pues ånti yan i tataotao-hu
    Katoliku asta i finatai-hu.

    Katoliku ya en tingo’ na hu hongge.
    I Purisima na Konsepsion.
    Hu nå’enñaihon put este na hinengge.
    I anti-hu yan i korason.
    Ya maseha håfa u ma sångan.
    Si Maria tai måncha na Nåna!

  10. As we wait what is next I was wondering what is the process if Rome decides for a new bishop for Guam? Is there a long list of successors to chose from or is the person hand picked? What is that process?

  11. No one ever showed up at a demonstration with a sign that said:


    1. Hello Robert, thank you for that smirk, you just put on my face...Semper Fi!
      Even though, you certainly know about these activists with the masks, who called themselves Anonymous....

      That was short and sweet.

    2. But they could show up with a paper bag over their head carrying a blank picket sign.

  12. Mr. San Agustin, I tipped my hat to you.

  13. Diana May,
    I know of a good therapist that can help you with your delusional mental state. You are the epitome of someone that really flew the cuckoo's nest. Maybe you should start writing scientific and/or detective novels. Good luck with your therapy. LOL

  14. Mahalo Tim for your courage, compassion and action. Mahalo to the LMF & the CCOG. St. Joan of Arc continue to pray for them.

  15. FR. Matthew Blockley.June 10, 2016 at 7:40 PM

    It is the brave men and women who stood in the rain and the sun day in and day out who led guam to welcoming an Apostolic Administrator.
    It is the sharpe minds of men like Tim Rohr Chuck White Deacon Martinez,CCOG silent no more laity forward that led us to this day. These are the brave men and women of Guam.

  16. FR. Matthew Blockley.June 10, 2016 at 7:43 PM

    And of cors Frenchie. I have not worked out who Frenchie is in three years.But whoever Frenchie is obviously highly gifted person. Thankyou Frenchie . Hope to meet you one day.

  17. Name Alias = Anonymous. #DoNotGloat.