Thursday, June 30, 2016


We are willing to give Archbishop Hon a point or two for at least getting the names David C. Quitugua and Adrian Cristobal out of our faces. I have some ideas about their replacements which I will share later - and granted, I realize that probably neither of them wanted these jobs. 

So for now, let's move on to the next issue, which should have been the FIRST issue (after extending a personal helping and welcoming embrace to the sex abuse survivors - alleged or otherwise, which of course did not happen.) 

The FIRST issue is the status of Fr. Paul Gofigan and Msgr. James Benavente. It is the FIRST issue because it was the treatment of these two priests by Apuron, David, and Adrian which was the catalyst for the explosion that followed.

It is also the issue that Archbishop Hon has had the most time to deal with as well as the authority to do something about. Both cases were known to Hon in his capacity as Secretary to the "competent congregation" for at least a year and half. That NOTHING was done regarding either case before Hon arrived here is telling. That NOTHING has been done SINCE Hon arrived here is even more telling. 

When I say "nothing has been done," I don't mean poking the issue and floating proposals for a possible resolution. I mean: 
  1. a clear and public condemnation of how these two priests were treated by Apuron, David, and Adrian, and 
  2. an immediate restoration of the two priests to their positions. 

Let me explain.

1. Hon must PUBLICLY condemn the actions of Apuron, David and Adrian against Fr. Paul and Msgr. James because these two priests were themselves PUBLICLY condemned by Apuron, David and Adrian. 

2. Both MUST be restored to the previous positions, Fr. Paul as pastor of Santa Barbara and Msgr. James as Rector of the Cathedral and Pastor of the Cathedral Parish (he was both), because both were removed in a manner that was canonically illegal. 

In Fr. Paul's case, he was illegal replaced by a parochial administrator without first being removed according to the canonical provisions for the removal of pastors. In Msgr. James' case, he was removed without being afforded his canonical right to due process to address the accusations Apuron made against him. 

The key word is "removed." Neither priest was transferred. Both were suddenly and abruptly REMOVED. Neither priest was offered a different assignment. Both were assigned later to St. Anthony only after the expression of public outrage.

Given that both priests had their canonical rights violated, Archbishop Hon, in the name of justice and unity, MUST condemn Apuron's illegal acts against them and restore them to their positions.

Once that is done, Hon can then ask for their courtesy resignation, which (I've heard) he is asking of everyone, and they can be reassigned as he sees fit. 

The Cathedral

However, one thing must be clear, the NEO's are NOT to hang on to the Cathedral. The Cathedral MUST be the seat of unity. The NEO's, who only represent a tiny percentage of the diocese, should not be permitted to occupy the "seat of unity." 

What's more, it is EXTREMELY CLEAR that their "eucharist" is so dissimilar to our Catholic Mass, that the NEO celebration of their "eucharist" in our Cathedral is a shot through the heart of any attempt at Catholic unity. 

The Neo Communion Rite

And as long as we are on that subject it is time for Archbishop Hon to either show us the document permitting the NEO's communion rite or publicly prohibit it. To review, there are two elements of the communion rite which do not conform to the liturgical books nor are they permitted in the NCW statute:

1. The priest delays his communion until the sacred species has first been distributed to the communicants. (The liturgical books require the priest to first consume the sacred species, and THEN distribute Holy Communion.)

2. The neo-communicants "receive" the consecrated bread* in their hands but do not immediately consume as required by the liturgical books. They return to their seats, consecrated bread in hand, and then consume upon receiving a signal from the celebrant. 

* We are not sure if the bread is actually consecrated since from what we can tell, the Neo belief is that Jesus was a sinner and thus not God. But we will address that another time.

You could say that this manner of receiving communion is GROUND ZERO for the heartache in this diocese as this is the practice Apuron openly defended during his infamous 2006 KOLG radio tirade. Hon MUST either show us the document permitting this practice or must officially and publicly prohibit it. 

Okay? Ready, set, go!


  1. Hon's silent treatment of the sex abuse victims and his ignoring of the organizations set up as a result of the abuses of apuron, adrian and david the vg is a big roadblock to the serenity and unity in the Church that he purportedly came to restore.

  2. I hope Hon did not consult Pius the stinking monk for his opinion before his appointments, nor that of the Generweenees in New Joysie; nor Ferdy Filoni and Kiko Chadagueru.

    I hope these two priests are tough enough not to be push around by the stinking monk or any of the neocats.

    This formation of half-baked priests has got to stop. Isn't Fr. Jeff in-charge of reviewing the two seminaries (as if we needed two here on Guam) and the formation process? I am looking forward to a very transparent and truthful report from him and his committee, like next week!!! I have in mind what he should find and what the right recommendation will be but I will wait to see what he comes up with first, and I expect that his findings and recommendation will be absolutely beneficial for our Church here in Guam. If not, the CCOG and the LFM activities will morph into a Crusade. . . "Julio, get my armor polished and ready; then get my white tunic with the large cross in front and back dry-cleaned, please; ask for the one-day service! Did I miss anything. . .of course, I forgot--get "Silver" out of the stable and my saddle cleaned!"

  3. Tim, you are right on Target...
    They shuffled the chairs on the Deck of the Titanic, but so far nothing has been done.
    Actually as far as we know Cristobal, can now take care of his parish, and Lirch is still in Charge of the cemiteries and the Cathedral. As for Pius he is still at the Seminary hiding among his toy boys....behind the closed gates, continuing to direct the show from a distance.
    The Neos are still occupying the Cathedral and the key positions at the Chancery. Kim is still there, the evil nun is still there, for sure, for sure is still there, all the Apuron administration is still there.
    So good luck to these two priests to try to change or alter anything with that bunch tripping them at every occasion and reporting to Pius before the doors are even closed.

    Of course the issue of the seminary is still wide open.
    We still do not know if the affiliation which expired in 2012 was renewed. If it was, under what conditions, have these conditions been followed? So many questions...
    Rumors have it that the Lateran actually removed their endorsement after the 2014 visit of the Rector, because they did not follow canon 250 C.I.C.
    So what is going on there? why the silence?
    It seems that our infamous seminary was not following the January 2013 Motu Proprio "Ministrorum Institutio" and "Fides per Doctrinam" from Pope Benedict, when he changed the responsibility to the Congregation for Clergy......
    In the meantime we keep on paying for all these expenses.....totally unbelievable.
    So Fr Jeff, you are the head of the committee looking into the seminary: are you going to give us a sweeping under the rug of the whole affair? Are you going to give us a version of world according to Pius the Putrid?

    Perhaps, you will tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
    That would be refreshing...but somehow, I am not counting my chicken just yet.

  4. Bada..Bing..Bada..Boom...The absolute minimum that's needed to bring justice & restore unity. No committees required.

  5. Jeff would never have guts to go against Putrid. Uh, uh

  6. Thank God we have progress.

  7. I find it absolutely ridiculous.
    Licking Louis was "Exhonerated" by the "Holy See" according to that jackass googly-eyed bishop Ballin in just a little over a year. Fact: He committed a crime of custodial interference while engaged in cunnilingus with a 17 year old. Had the officers waited a while longer they would have probably caught them in coitus. Case Closed.
    So what's the hold up with Fr. Paul and Msgr. James' case where neither were caught or charged with committing a crime? Case Ongoing.

  8. meh...Hon is playing a dangerous game and too many of us see right thru it.
    Tim is dead on right - SMACK! if Hon and the two he put into titled positions actually do what he suggests above then, hey....MAYBE something will happen. But as long as the squatter locust neos think they own the Cathedral and Pius holds court and that whole mess with the seminary remains unresolved Hon is walking on thin ice. cautious and apprehensive, putting jeff and lito in those positions while keeping the riff-raff scumbags in proximity? not smart. wasting time Hon. Pius the pig.

  9. Thank you for placing the focus where it must be.

    Step by step.

  10. I have just wrote in (sic, the name "neocatECHEMUnal" maybe was given when the author had just heard the Initial Catechesis and did not notice the actual mess)a thing to clarify about why Bishop Hon has given an invitation for NCW people to assist to the Vigil Pray.
    It is the standard with Kiko. When neocats have to suspend the celebration of Eucharist, they have to ask their catechists for permission. Then, depending on the question, they will ask their own catechists and so on until the thing goes to Kiko.
    Of course, when neos have to suspend their Eucharist due to a formal invitation by their Bishop, Kiko is the one who gives permission to assist.
    In many cases there is an invitation given by a Bishop to NCW people but Kiko does not want them to assist, even when they will not have to suspend their own Eucharist.
    For example, in Madrid NCW people do not assist to Family Day's Mass in the cathedral with Cardinal Osoro despite his invitation. Never.
    So, if they will go to that Vigil Pray is for two required things: a formal invitation and Kiko's permission or "OK" to assist.
    If Kiko didn't allow them, NCW people will not assist.
    It is a needed clarification for those who think that neocatechumenal people do their will and those who think that they always will want to do their Bishop's will.
    No. They do Kiko's will. Only then, his will and their will are the same and so, their will matches Bishop's will.
    With NCW people and almost with Kiko, you have to "take your (penis) whith some cigarrette paper" (this is a literal translation of a Spanish said which Kiko knows perfectly: "cogérsela con papel de fumar", expression used when a person has to be extremely careful and cautious with other who is very, very punctilious).
    If Bishop Hon has given that invitation is because he knows how Kiko and his kids use to breath.
    Remember Kiko is known as the lay Pope in Vatican.
    Sorry for my English.

  11. Our first protest was to Restore, Return and Resign. Those demands have not even been addressed. Our message has changed slightly, Restore, Return, Defrock! Since the first demand is being ignored then no amount of unity prayer vigils will have any impact in bringing our divided church together. Picket set for this Sunday. Be there! Aloha!

  12. In this situation, I will count my chickens before they hatch. I count two chickens (cowards) by the name of Fr. Jeff and Fr. Lito.
    Neither one will have the guts to publicly speak their mind against the entrenched Neo administration of apuron and now Hon. Adrian and David VG may have lost their titles, but, as long as they are around, they have not lost their influence. Who knows, they may actually be quietly advising Hon on what to do when Neo interests are at stake.

    1. An "Anonymous" calling Fr Jeff and Fr Lito "cowards". How's that for bravery?

    2. Anon at 6:32 said "I count two chickens (cowards) by the name of ..."

      Where are your "guts to publicly speak [your] mind?" Wouldn't that make your count increase to three "chickens?"

    3. Anonymous 6:32...get a pair and state your name, otherwise, go play chicken elsewhere.

    4. Anon at 6:32. Who's calling the kettle black? (That's an anology, btw!) By already calling Frs. Jeff and Lito cowards (chickens) you are already, by self-admission, counting your chickens before they are are hatched. Let them show their true colors FIRST, THEN you can pass judgment. I gather you are just speculating, right? So, while I am speculating that you are only speculating, I'll sign in as Anon too. When you have enough guts to tell us who you are, I'll tell you who I am by name. Fair? The ball in in your court.

  13. - Not living on the island and not knowing neither one of the selectees, I am hoping that they are both reading Jungle Watch so they will know what the real problems are. Tim has outlined each situation thoroughly and backed every one with written proof.

    I am praying that both of you weigh the situations and judge each one on its own merits and are able to come forward with just decisions.

    Guam and the True Catholic Faithful are anxiously waiting for your actions in these urgent matters.

  14. Dont give up, look for the devil in the temple, the word of God!

  15. Let us not forget the dreaded echo that takes the place of the homily.