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The following was sent by LAPAZ. Lapaz is the pen name of an NCW survivor, and I mean survivor. In fact, Lapaz is still trying to climb out of the hole of hell that is Kiko Arguello's "Way." While Thomas Garrido is not a neocat, his anti-Catholicism and abuses reminded Lapaz of the following. 

I recognize in Thomas Garrido's words the standard catechist's preaching and teachings of the Neocatechumenal Way. Absolutely.

My catechist wanted my mom and I (both in a neo community) to allow my father to kill his son as God's will...My catechist told us not to stop him because God maybe would want my father to be an assassin and then convert to Jesus Christ in jail after killing his own son. My brother was then an adolescent.

I had to eat the exactly same speech from my catechist for years and years: the burden of proof. The love for the enemy. Exactly the same words that Thomas Garrido says to Mr. Quintanilla in his letter.

To vomit.

One day I went to Archbishop's office in my city. Then, I told the first person who attended me: my father is going to kill my brother, my catechist says is God's willing if he kills him, I need help, please, I need to know what does the catholic Church say in our situation!

He wrote me an address near there and said me "go immediately". I was attended by a member of a canonical court. I told him everything and he told me what the catholic Church teaches in those cases: JesusChrist ALWAYS takes part with the weakest. And in cases of physical and psychological violence and abuses, Jesus Christ is with the victims! 

Here there is a violation of physical integrity and Jesus Christ is on your side. Catholic Church teaches it is a must to protect human dignity when on danger, over all when there are children on danger. TELL YOUR CATECHIST TO COME HERE TO TALK WITH ME, I WILL TEACH HIM WHAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH TEACHES, AS HE IS WRONG AND HE IS NOT TEACHING WHAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH DOES SAY.

Church says, by his own words, a separation of husband and wife is needed to protect their children's dignity and integrity.

Of course, my catechist never went to talk with that man. And he underlined that Catholic Church teaches some things that the NC Way does not share. He never ever changed his mind, nor the parishioner nor RM's priest about our situation.

That is what NC Way teaches: more papist than Pope.

I read Thomas Garrido's letter and I would like to know if any cardinal or bishop, even the Pope, will sign it.

The Way puts at the same level victim and abuser. Why? Because the Way understands any violence and vulneration of human dignity and integrity in terms of a simple "sin". For the Way, to rape a child is a sin at the same level as to steal two apples. Yet worst: for the Way the victim is so guilty as his abuser, since the moment the victim judges his abuser for his action.

The victim, a child or an adult, it doesn't matter at all in the Way, is guilty of being unable to love and to forgive his abuser. 

Then, the victim is exactly a sinner because can not love his abuser while the abuses.

That is the point in the Neocatechumenal Way's ideology.

Mr. Garrido: I do not want to hear you. You do not talk by catholic Church's teachings. Your speech is not what catholic Church says. You are not talking in the Name of Jesus Christ. You are talking in the name of the Way and Kiko Argüello's. Shout up, please!

Because my catechist, who preached we have to allow a father to kill his own son for conversion, was able to throw a punch when his own daughter was criticized by somebody in her neo community
...because Gennarini calls the Police when somebody brings in silence a banner with some words he doesn't like, because Kiko Argüello threatens those experts in Art who say his paintings in Madrid's Cathedral are a "bodrio", because all of you, catechists and leaders of the Way, do preach with a double standard.

Mr. Garrido: congratulations for your sanctity and super neocatechumenal faith, but your faith is not catholic Church's faith.

Mr. Garrido: your great neo faith just fails in a very very very little thing. Compassion. Remember St. Paul's Hymn to Charity...and I say you "if I forgive my sexual abuser and I have no compassion, I gain nothing".

(P.D.: sorry because my imperfect English!)

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