Thursday, June 9, 2016


This morning. 9AM. With Jesse Lujan. And streaming live in KUAM FB page. 


  1. Thanks for the heads up. Will listen at 9am

  2. i listened to their interview with patty arroyo this morning and denton mentioned telling fr. jack niland what had happened and being told that "priesthood is a lonely life,"--as if to give an excuse or justify what apuron had done. denton said he knew then no one was going to do anything to help him. interesting that roy quintanilla also told fr. jack what happened to him with apuron, and we know nothing came of that, either. it is hard not to place blame, too, on fr. jack for his silence, since he was in a position to do something to stop apuron, presumably. so sad.

    1. We don't know that Fr. Jack did nothing. In fact, Apuron was quickly moved from Agat thereafter. Normally a pastor stays for at least 3 years. Apuron was there for barely 2. What would a priest in 1977 tell a 13 year old boy at that moment? We're talking 40 years ago, and especially 40 years ago in Guam. Both boys told Fr. Jack because Fr. Jack was the assistant pastor at the time to Father Tony. Because Apuron was moved before his stint normally would have been up, it is very probable that he notified his superiors or Archbishop Flores, which at the time would have been all he could have done. People did not go to the police about those things back then. In fact, the molestation of minors continues unabated in our society and we can assume that only a few of those cases make it to the papers - wherein we find that even today, the molestation had been going on for years.

  3. Very good interview. I was shocked to learn that he started this process more than a year ago and had contacted Krebs and others at Vatican and that the Vatican has been investigating this for more than a year. Good for him! Completely gets rid of the NEO cult conspiracy theory that these allegations just appeared in the past few weeks.

  4. Just listening to this interview with the process he took, no doubt that this happened. First he gets a letter off to Nuncio Krebs, and then sees his Bishop Homestead, etc., Brother Apo'wrongee needs to be removed/defrocked.

    Adrian needs to be removed from his position as Vocational Director, since Gennarini is doing the job for him. He is only holding the Title in name only. Adrian, do you have skeletons in YOUR closet?

    The child Quitugua should also be removed. Initials after a name means nothing if you can't apply the position you hold.

    OJ should be sent to Florida, where he can pick oranges. I am sure that he would fit right in.

    I hope that one day, the seminarians who are ready for priesthood ordination from RMS be sent home for their ordination and incardinated there.

    See you all at Agat tonight!

  5. Our prayers go out for Walter and Shirley Denton and their familes. Thank you so very much for your courage.

    Thank you Tim for all that you do. Prayers for you and your family

  6. Time for the Neocats to gird their loins, The situation with their Kirido looks rather bleak. It sure appears that the gravy train is about to be overturn. You better start accepting the fact that your Cult will no longer be favored and you will now have to be like the Laity. Your "fair haired" boy is about to get what has been due him for many years. You and your Cult should hold one "large celebration" for the gravy train has exited stage left. Could not be happier for things that will accrue to boy tony. He belongs in the sewer with the other vermins. Tony your reign of terror is about to be exposed. Ti mymygo si Yuos. Good Riddance Fool.