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Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch correspondant from Spain.

Yesterday 13TV, a channel paid in part through public money from Spanish citizen's taxes and owned by Spanish Episcopal Conference, broadcast Carmen Hernandez's Corpore Insepulto Funeral Mass.

Remain Kiko wanted it would be presided by Cardinal Rouco Varela, last Archibishop of Madrid and last President of Spanish Episcopal Conference. But now, Mons. Osoro is in charge, so Kiko's desire was unheard, despite his written lack of prudence (read his letter here).

First of all I want to say that Cathedral of Madrid has capacity for one thousand people (as said in some websites). When the State Funeral for Tribute of the 190 mortal victims of terrorist attacks on March 11, 2004, news told there were around 1.500 people into the temple. Here we have an air image from that day:
11-M Funeral in Cathedral of Madrid.

Now, let me show you a TV screen shot of Carmen's Funeral yesterday in the same place:

Considering people were standing up during Consagration, we can conclude there would be some hundred, being very generous, who had no seat. 

Now, let's see what NCW official press voicer, Mr. Alvaro de Juana, has told in his official note for media:

MADRID, 21 Jul. 16 / 5:05 pm (ACI) .- "The Mass funeral for the death of Carmen Hernandez, initiators of the Neocatechumenal with Kiko Arguello, brought together thousands of people in the Cathedral of Madrid and at the ceremony Father Mario Pezzi (...)" (

Yes, it is  Neocatechumenal's Augmented Reality Syndrome.

Let's continue whith the show. I was surprised by the relaxation of costumes exhibited by the Redemptoris Mater master of ceremonies and also by the ostiaries who supposedly had to take perfect care of such things: did anybody see those dumpy fringes of that carpet? No, that botched work stayed the same until the end. And for Neocatechumenal's extreme love for external elements around Liturgy this is a complete fail.

It means they are not in their best moment. Somebody could think it was because they were focused on Carmen's dead. But just because was Carmen's funeral, they should have done everything more carefully. Carmen was a millionaire and gave a lot of her money for Redemptoris Mater's foundation to create and expand their seminars.

About Kiko's "ambiental monition", he spoke only for 1 minute!!!!! This man has some problem in managing emotions, as known before. He is able to give eternal speeches, even always the same words everytime and everywhere along decades.

But yesterday, because he was emotionaly involved in first person, he could not say more than a few broken sentences! For a second he seemed to have a good rythm, he rewieved his loving lesson of the Reign of Quantity (what a "follón" -mess- we have now...manythousandsof communities, manythousandsof seminars, manythousandsof parishes with the Way...etc. etc.).

But he could not afford pain. And he stated: "I hope God'll take me soon with her, I prefer dying than living!" have heard it well. Kiko, the holy, the prophet, the choosen, the living saint, the MAN...IS A HUMAN. And maybe he will not have to hear the same things that his super-catechists told other humans if they say "I prefer dying than living" in simillar situations. Kiko is the super founder super leader and he is over his rules. Kiko is out of his system which we could say it is extremely cruel with human weakness like pain and suffering.

But, Kiko, unlike you, we are comprehensive with that. 
We understand you are overcomed with emotion and, in that precise moment, you feel very little living the real life. Because in real life, there are problems and humans do not levitate. 

In fact, it is the first time in my whole life I see you not levitating. 

With pain it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to live above things and people. In normal real life, your neocatechumenal hullaballoos are for non human. 

You can not demand which you can not give. 

Kiko, yesterday you showed me that anybody could have asked you to obey your own super-catholic demands. You looked like very old, physically tired and mentally down. Even with symptoms of being a little depressed? But I expected somethig more. Carmen deserved. She had suffered you for five decades. You might be as a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heavens.

This is one of the most crying Disney's scenes for ordinary people.

Your dear Fr. Mario Pezzi, who has suffered Carmen and you both at the same time for years and years, was not in his catatonic usual and he also looked like a human. He gave such an speech that underlined again and again NCW as a gift of Council Vatican II. He seemed to be selling the NCW within a catholic Church who had already approved. 

If so, why still selling it taking advantage of the moment? Yesterday you were supported by many cardinals and bishops, they already allow the NCW. Public was plenty of neos, you were in your salsa...Why being so boring with your propaganda?

Your top marketing, talking about Carmen, was this:
"She collaborated with Kiko bringing him on try the renewal of Vatican II, which is based mainly on the tripod 'liturgy, the Word of God and Church". 

Yes, yes. Fr. Mario had a mistake. Neocatechumenals know the tripod is: Liturgy, Word and COMMUNITY.   But remind he was giving a propaganda speech on the NCW for the whole universe and just there, out of neo-galaxy, it is better to change it by Church. In Mars, marcians have to belive Church and neo Community are just the only same thing. It means both are indistincly interchangeable terms. 

If Kiko uses to live on levitation over reality, Fr. Mario uses to live in Raimbow Land!
What a wonderful world where neocatechumenals live as true christians after 45 years of suffering one to another's, sharing their goods and thinking women are free to talk to their husbands for telling them the Truthg just because Carmen was their example! Yes, Fr. Mario belives anywoman in the NCW dares to imitate Carmen in her "free treatment" with Kiko, Amazing!

Fr. Mario is right in one aspect: married women in the Way have to feel free with husbands, because they are told to be absolutely subjected to their men in the most primitive sense. Looking at Carmen and her way to treat Kiko, normal people just see a Circus of shame. In public, they always played a number of Toneti Brother's clown in which she seemed to take advantage of microphone to say Kiko her greatest humbling words.

It was a dantesque espectacle. A real embarrasment for ordinary people with a little of common sense. The problem is that all of you are always surrounded by people who laughs your foolishness. People who just laugh with a hysterical laughter, that one which appears when somebody is afraid, like during neocatechumenal scrutinies. 

How many times I had heard from catechists that kind of laughing was from Devil, who made somebody to laugh hypocritically to avoid catechist's power from God. What a joke!

Anyway, Fr. Pezzi, do not create confusion, please. Kiko and Carmen were not married. They did not live toghether with the helping Grace of a Sacrament. They weren't married and they could not be put as a mirror where married people find an example.

"Carmen was very free, many women in the Camino say that through her they have felt proud of being a woman, for her parresía. John Paul II he listened a lot". 

Yes, I do not hesitate John Paul II listened Carmen a lot.

But I disagree, Fr. Mario. Maybe in a catatonic living in Rainbow Land is from where Carmen could seem to be such "parresia" you mentioned yesterday.

Carmen was not the image of THE woman. And sorry but women in the Way should look with proud at another very different example. I can not imagine Virgin Mary shouting to a Cardinal in Vatican and treating him badly in public because he did not like the NCW, less yet saying in loud voice "I will never forgive you by that, Cardinal, NEVER". 

And excuse me, Fr. Mario, but the only women in the NCW who have imitated Carmen are those strange kind of neoconsecrated-spiritually married with the Lord, the single female itinerants. Here I will tell you what do neo-catechists say her in scrutinies to that kind of woman who is not extremely femenine: "machota" and lesbian.  

Poor Carmen was not a Cinderella, but we have to hear that she was the model of for neowomen and specially for submission. Let me laugh!

Both Kiko and Fr. Mario were not dressed on their white linen tunics while their brothers and sisters proclaimed the Credo around Carmen's coffin. Why not? I have never seen you dressed with your holy tunics of elected. I have never seen you doing the right same things that your neocatechumenals have to do in public. Why not? 

And why not you celebrate a neo-eucharisty in Cathedral for Carmen's funeral? Whay did you, all neos, receive "normal" Communion? Why did not you receive Communion under two species being seated? Carmen's funeral, at the end, was like a hodgepodge of Neocatechumenal Eucharist Liturgy and "Sunday Mass" for "natural religious people", using your own words.

Why did not Cardinal Osoro use neocatechumenal misal? Why did not the president have communion at the same time than the whole assembly?

I supposed it was going to be like that since the moment I saw the one who carried the Silver Bible on his hands: he was not covered with a kind of humeral, that one which catholic Church uses to carry the Sacred Sacrament but you neos use to carry the Holy Word, as if both things were equivalent? And why Cardinal Osoro did not use the luxury stoned calix designed by Kiko which have to use all neocommunities for solemnities?

Pezzi remembered Carmen fought with her teeth with catholic Church to celebrate neo-eucharisties through little neo-communities and the neo Easter Vigil along all night in parishes. Why did not the NCW celebrate her funeral in full neo-style? Why hidding it in such day? Why was not any jewish "sign" yesterday, so loved by Carmen? Why do they hidde all controversial neo-particularities in all these "special" days?

Neocatechumenal on Pinterest

Why the catholic Church does not resolve the problem definetly allowing neocatechumenals to celebrate their eucharisties just like that "melting" Liturgy they follow yesterday? That is the common Liturgy neocatechumenals use when somebody "strange" from the Way visits them for pastoral work, except when is openly a NCW supporter. 

Finally I copy here the message sent by Pope Francis to be read during Carmen's Funeral in Madrid. Bold type is mine. I want to underline the specific idea Pope Francis always repeats when talks to Neocatechumenal Way members. How many times had He said them "obey and respect"? How many times they will have to hear it? 

Mr Francisco (Kiko) Argüello
Neocatechumenal Way

I have received with emotion the news of the death of Ms. Carmen Hernandez, after a long life marked by her love for Jesus and for a great missionary enthusiasm. In this hour of painful separation I am spiritually close with my affection to all family and all the Neocatechumenal Way, which she has been co-initiator, as also to all who have appreciated her apostolic zeal concretized above all to indicate a journey of rediscovery of baptism and continuing education in the faith. I thank the Lord for the testimony of this woman, animated by a sincere love for the Church, which has spent his life in the proclamation of the Good New in every place, even those further away, not forgetting the most marginalized people.
Trust your soul to the Divine Goodness so that the avails in the joy of the eternal Easter and encourage those who have known her and all those who are part of the Neocatechumenal to keep their evangelizing craving alive, in active communion with the bishops and priests and exercising patience and kindness to all.
With this hope, I invoke the maternal intercession of the Virgin Mary and impart to those present at the funeral rite the apostolic blessing.
Franciscus PP.
At the Vatican, July 20, 2016

Very significative that the Pope asks NCW evangelizators to exercise patience and kindness. 
NCW members are not an example of those, nor Carmen was. Nor Kiko. He is in a hurry even to die. 
Yesterday I saw many old neocatechumenals who were young when I started the Way. 
Time runs for everybody. Nobody is eternal. 
Life is a chain. All of us have our time on top and our time down. Yesterday I watched on TV images some of the most top catechists, the black-label ones, on grey hair and ancient's beard, with an inoffensive apearance and weaker than a butterfly. 
They did not transmit fear anymore, as they used years ago. 
It does not mean we could slack off sails. Next generation of super-catechists has already come, just listen to Gennarini's son.
But a new generation of sensible catholic people is here to put limits for those.

For insider's of the Way: do not be scandalized by my opinions, you have supposedly lost your hyper susceptibility by walking. 


Posteado por LaPaz, corresponsal de Jungle Watch en España.

Ayer el canal 13TV, financiado en parte gracias a los impuestos de los ciudadanos españoles y propiedad de la Conferencia Episcopal Española, retransmitió en directo el funeral por Carmen Hernández desde la catedral de Madrid. 

Recordemos que Kiko quería que fuese presidido por el Cardenal Rouco Varela, anterior arzobispo de Madrid y presidente de la Conferencia Episcopal Española. Osoro es quien ocupa ahora el cargo de arzobispo, de modo que a Kiko no se le hizo caso, a pesar de su falta de prudencia por escrito (ver la carta de Kiko al respecto).

Antes que nada permítaseme decir que la catedral de Madrid tiene un aforo para 1.500 personas (tal como se señala en varios sitios web). Cuando se celebraron los funerales de Estado por las 190 víctimas mortales de los atentados terroristas del 11-M en Madrid, los medios de comunicación dijeron que había unos 1.500 asistentes. Veamos una fotografía de cómo estaba el templo aquel día: (ver foto).

Ahora veamos una captura de pantalla de la imagen retransmitida por televisión: (ver foto).

Considerando que la gente estaba de pie en ese momento por la Consagración, podemos concluir que si acaso había unos cuantos cientos de personas, siendo generosos, que ese día no disponían de asiento. 

Veamos ahora qué ha contado el  vocero del Camino Neocatecumenal, Álvaro de Juana, en su nota de prensa para los medios:

MADRID, 21 Jul. 16 / 5:05 pm (ACI) .- "La misa funeral por Carmen Hernández, iniciadora del Camino Neocatecumenal junto a Kiko Argüello,  reunió a varios miles de personas en la catedral de Madrid y, en la ceremonia, el Padre Mario Pezzi (...)" (

Sí, el Síndrome de la Realidad Aumentada del Camino Neocatecumenal. 

Continuemos con el show. Me sorprendió la relajación de costumbres exhibida por los maestros de ceremonias Redemptoris Mater y por los ostiarios que supuestamente tenían que tener un cuidado extremo por este tipo de cosas: se fijó alguien en los flecos de esa alfombra cochambrosa?  No, esa chapuza siguió tal cual hasta el final. Y dado el amor extremo de los neocatecumenales por los elementos externos de la Liturgia, eso es un fallo total. 

Eso significa que no están en su mejor momento. Alguien podría pensar que era porque estaban concentrados en la muerte de Carmen. Sin embargo, precisamente porque se trataba de su funeral, deberían haber hecho todo con mayor cuidado. Carmen era millonaria y entregó gran parte de su fortuna a la fundación de los Redemptoris Mater, para su creación y su expansión. 

Acerca de la monición ambiental de Kiko, solo habló 1 minuto!!!! Este hombre tiene algún problema con el manejo de emociones, como ya se sabe. Es capaz de dar discursos eternos, lleva décadas repitiendo las mismas palabras por doquier.

Ayer, sin embargo, puesto que se encontraba inmerso emocionalmente en primera persona, no pudo decir más que unas cuantas frases sin terminar! Por un momento parecía que cogía el ritmo, empezó a recordar su querido rollo del Reino de la Cantidad (menudo follón tenemos ahora...que si no se cuántas comunidades, que si no sé cuántos seminarios, taitantas parroquias con el Camino, etc. etc.) 
Pero no pudo soportar el dolor. Y soltó: "espero que Dios me lleve pronto con ella. Yo prefiero morir a vivir!"

Sí, habéis escuchado bien. Kiko, el santo, el profeta, el elegido, el santo en vida, el hombre...ES HUMANO. Y puede que no tenga que oír las mismas cosas que sus super catequistas les dicen a otros seres humanos si se les ocurre decir "prefiero morir a vivir" en situaciones similares. Kiko es el super fundador super líder y está por encima de sus propias reglas. Kiko está fuera de su propio sistema, que es tan extremadamente cruel con las debilidades humanas como el dolor y el sufrimiento. 

Kiko, nosotros, a diferencia tuya, somos comprensivos. 
Entendemos que estás superado por la emoción y que, en ese preciso momento, te sentías muy pequeño viviendo la vida real. Porque en la vida real, hay problemas y los humanos no levitan. 

De hecho, es la primera vez en la vida que no te veo levitando. 
Con dolor es muy difícil, si no imposible, vivir por encima de las cosas y de la gente. En la vida normal real tus rollos teóricos neocatecumenales no son humanos. 

No puedes pedir lo que no das.

Kiko, ayer parecía que nadie te podría haber exigido tus propias exigencias super católicas. Parecías muy viejo, físicamente agotado y mentalmente decaído. Puede que incluso con síntomas de estar algo deprimido? Yo esperaba más. Carmen lo merecía. Te ha sufrido durante cinco décadas. Deberías ser como un niño para entrar en el Reino de los Cielos.

Tu querido Padre Mario Pezzi, que os ha sufrido a Carmen y a ti juntos al mismo tiempo durante años y años, no estaba en su estado catatónico habitual y también parecía humano. Dio una charla que subrayó una y otra vez que el Camino Neocatecumenal es un regalo del Concilio Vaticano II. Parecía estar vendiéndole a la Iglesia católica algo que ya ha aprobado. 

Entonces, por qué aprovecharse del momento? Ayer estábais apoyados por muchos cardenales y obispos, ellos ya conocen el Camino Neocatecumenal. El público estaba lleno de neos, estabais en vuestra salsa. Entonces, por qué aburrir a todos con vuestra propaganda?

Sí, sí. El Padre Mario se equivocó. Los neocatecumenales saben que el trípode es: liturgia, Palabra y COMUNIDAD. Pero recordemos que estaba dando un discurso propagandístico sobre el Camino y para todo el universo y precisamente ahí, fuera de la neo-galaxia, es mejor cambiar esa palabra por IGLESIA. En Marte, los marcianos tienen que creer que Iglesia y neo Comunidad son la misma única cosa. Eso significa que ambas palabras son términos intercambiables.

Si Kiko suele vivir levitando por encima de la realidad, el Padre Mario suele vivir en el País del Arcoiris. 

Qué mundo tan maravilloso donde los neocatecumenales viven como verdaderos cristianos después de 45 años de aguantarse unos a otros, compartiendo sus bienes y pensando que las mujeres son libres para hablar a sus maridos diciéndoles la Verdad precisamente porque Carmen era su ejemplo! Sí, el Padre Mario cree que cualquier mujer en el Camino se atreve a imitar a Carmen en su "libertad de trato" con Kiko. Increíble!

El Padre Mario tiene razón en una cosa: las mujeres casadas del Camino tienen que sentirse libres con sus maridos, pues se les pide que sean absolutamente sumisas a ellos, en el sentido más primitivo. Mirando a Carmen y a su modo de tratar a Kiko, la gente normal lo único que ve es un circo vergonzoso. En público siempre desempeñaron el número de payasos de los Hermanos Toneti, cuando ella parecía aprovechar el micrófono para decirle a Kiko las palabras más humillantes. 

Un espectáculo dantesco. De vergüenza ajena para la gente normal con sentido común. El problema es que siempre estáis rodeados de gente que os ríe las gracietas. Que se ríen con una risita histérica, esa que aparece cuando alguien tiene miedo, como por ejemplo durante los escrutinios neocatecumenales. 

Cuántas veces he escuchado en el Camino que ese tipo de risita era del Demonio, que hacía que alguien se riese hipócritamente para evitar precisamente el poder de Dios a través de los catequistas. Menuda broma!

De todos modos Padre Mario, no cree confusión, por favor. Kiko y Carmen no estaban casados. Ellos no vivían juntos con la ayuda de la Gracia de dicho sacramento. No estaban casados y por tanto no pueden ser puestos como espejo en el que la gente casada encuentre su ejemplo. 

"Carmen era muy libre, muchas mujeres en el Camino decían que a través de ella podían sentirse orgullosas de ser mujer, por su parresía. Juan Pablo II la escuchaba mucho".

Sí, no dudo en absoluto que Juan Pablo II la escuchaba mucho.


read his letter here


  1. The NEOCAT Cult propaganda machine at its best; inventing tens of thousands of people attending the funeral when there was less than 10% actually present. I am very glad to see that Cardinal Osoro in communion with the Catholic Church stuck to his guns and conducted the liturgy in accordance with the GRIM. The NEO Cult here on Guam should open their hearts and learn from this. "What is good for the goose should be good for the gander."

  2. Excellent, LaPaz. Thanks for the blow by blow narrative. It's almost as good as being there!

    You answered my question. When I first saw pictures from the funeral, I said to myself, "That doesn't look like a Neo funeral!"

    In their Catechetical Directories, it's Carmen who teaches the most radical things about the liturgy, so this actually was quite a slapdown!

    They were faithful to one of Carmen's traits. You noted the sloppy, casual dress of some of those present. That's in keeping with her, "I'll wear an Adidas tee shirt when I have an audience with the Pope" attitude.

  3. Thank you for this article. The fact that her funeral was conducted in this manner is very telling.

  4. It must have pained those Neosance in attendance that they could not have whooped it up during the funeral. It is a bit reassuring that the present Archbishop stuck to his guns and not giving in to Kiko's arrogant request. I do feel sorry for the departed that the person she devoted all her life to was not present at her time of suffering and death.

  5. God be praised that there are still prelates in the Church who are obedient to the Magisterium who celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the mass according to the teaching of the Church. It would surely mean that the NCW members were out of their environment and brought back to the truth, even for that moment. They should give thanks to God that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was offered for the repose soul of This NCW initiator, and not some song and dance, clap-clap adulertaion of what kiko perceived this Sacred Liturgy should be.

  6. Thank You Very Much LaPaz for providing us insights of the NCW activities, most especially the top leaders, Its interesting that the leaders seem to preach one thing and practice another, while holding members to strict observance on what they are taught.
    God Bless You..

    poor Carmen must have been devastated to hear the Pope criticising her beloved NCW in March 2016 (see link above).
    The Pope seems to realise that the human excesses of some of the catechists, presbyters and responsibles of the Way make them a total impediment to the unity of the church, obedience to pastors and true conversion. Will the NCW listen, will they convert, will they be obedient? Not if they are convinced that the Way is inspired by the Holy Spirit and that they know better than the Church.
    Carmen may you rest in peace and see your beloved NCW purified.

  8. Don't forget what Don Pezzi said: Carmen is already a Saint and we all can ask miracles to her. He said that two people already have been healed by serious illnesses thanks to Carmen

  9. Thanks La Paz for showing us with great humour the funeral, not only for Carmen, but for the whole Neocatechumenal way.
    It seems it is finally time for conversion, also for Kiko.

  10. Dear La Paz, is there a transcript of what Kiko and Carmen were saying to the Franciscans? Specially the part where Kiko is holding his face in his hands?