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 Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch correspondent in Spain

After reading this in

 "The propaganda going around is that the NCW degrades and does not pray the rosary. The rumours only serve to discredit the NCW in order to convince people that NCW is not Catholic" ,

I feel I am obligated to Thruth and I have to answer for those people who are not moved just by rumours.

Yes, in NCW there are people who pray the Rosary. BUT...people only can pray the Rosary when officially the Way allows them to do it.

WHAT? Is necessary to be oficially allowed in the Neocatechumenal Way for praying the Rosary?


WHY? Because in the NCW there is a step (paso) called "Our Father" (Padrenuestro) when catechists make "official" deliver of the Rosary for all the members of a neocommunity. That delivering in that step -really is the first part of it- takes place with a neo ritual in Our Lady of Loreto's Sanctuary, in Italy, during a travelling around some neo "holy" places, including Vatican and of course Porto Sant Giorgio, which could be named as the little "Domus-Galilaeae" in Europe.


But, then, why does say Diana that couple in Australia are surrounded in Hospital by their community to pray the Rosary? Because their catechists have had told them they are allowed to do it in their catechist's faith. What does it mean "in their catechists faith"? That they are allowed to pray based on their catechist's faith, who had already "got" their Rosary deliverance.

That is the way the Way does exceptions to official rules. To have a baby in a hospital due to a grave disease is an exception which requires too much praying for parents and relatives. Anyway, before praying the Rosary toghether, the responsible of that parents' community should ask their catechists for permission. Just after their catechists had allowed it, the responsible will tell all members of that community they can pray the Rosary tothegher at hospital, never before.

But, then, if a given couple of a neocommunity want to pray the Rosary each day and they haven't got their Rosary because their community has not done the step of "Our Father", could they do it freely? Yes, they could do it, but not telling their catechists nor their neo brothers and sisters. In fact, it is quite difficult to hidden it, because catechists do exam each little place of your entire way of life. Sooner or later, they will notize. And their catechists will tell them "do not pray the Rosary".

Of course, if one day you go to mass in a temple near your work (because that day you want to do it, sporadically) and there people are praying the Rosary, you can join them, but only because you are going by your own, not as a neocatechumenal member.

Of course too, in every neo community there are mature/old people who are used to pray the Rosary daily as well as go to daily mass. During the scrutinies they will be told to stop doing it or if they resist to stop it, they will be told by their catechists in public that they are "natural religious" people (one of the worst things in the is comparing you with "people of Sunday Mass", with those whose faith is near "the little boy Jesus" of First Communion, "faith of hypochrites of Sundays"...).

Yes, D. could say me in the Way everything is free and catechists do not put a gun in your face to "obey". As always, neos play their neo language, you know: "not allowed" is not exactly and full "prohibited", etc.

D. knows exactly what does "not allowed" mean. As me. So, please, do not create confusion and say it clearly: the fact that in the Way SOMEbody SOMEmetimes is allowed to pray the Rosary by their authority figures (catechists) IS NOT EQUIVALENT to that in the Way people do pray the Rosary as the rest of catholics do.

Real catholics do pray Rosary when they want or need, without asking anybody for permision.
Real catholics are really free.
Oh, I forgot to say Kiko also makes some exceptions to his own neorules. Some years ago he created a new kind of charism for young people, which consists in praying the Rosary each day for a given "family in mission" (by lot) to succeed in their evangelization (=bringing Initial Catechesis for joining the NCW). Kiko has designed a specific celebration with neo youth and he -in person- delivers the Rosary for those who feel "the calling" to do it. That way, those youngs do not have to wait until "Our Father" and travelling to Loreto (Italy) to have their permision to pray the Rosary. In summer time, those youngs prayers "can" travell to visit that family in mission (they are "allowed" to go).

That confirms the existance of special "passes" in the Way for praying the Rosary.
(Sorry if my English sounds a little tropical!)

P.D.: My best wishes for those parents and their little baby from the Way in Australia. I am not a heart stoned even when I was expelled from the Way accused of "being the Devil". I feel compassion with any human person's pain despite how, when, where or why that person thinks or belives.


  1. Querido "La Paz", qual es tu email en Espagna?
    Daniel Lifschitz email:

    1. Dear Daniel, I have just sent you an e-mail to that direction. Thank you!

  2. Dear LAPAZ, I know you and you do not have a heart of stone. You have a lot of first hand experience with The Way, the NeoCat Way, created by Kiko Arguello. I did not know it was so controversial or that it could do so much damage to ordinary Catholics. There is always danger in the Church of a new group of "super-Catholics" springing up. And when this happens Phariseeism is not far away....

  3. Gracias, LaPaz. ¡Bienvenido a la Jungla!

    In 2011, Kiko Arguello told a large group of Polish Franciscans in Krakow, "You know when we give the Rosary in the Way? After twelve years we give the Rosary. If we give it before that, they run away." Check out my post, "Kiko's Fairy Tales" to see and hear him yourself. LaPaz answers some key questions about this.

    1. Do I remember correctly that the "rosary" given by Kiko is without a crucifix? I seem to recall reading that somewhere?

    2. My rosary (delivered in Loreto's Virgin Sanctuary) did have a crucifix, but it was more than 10 years ago. By that time, the rosary was not by Kiko's design, I do not know if he could have created a new "neo-item" for the occasion, since the moment that my community was one of the first from "second generation" (catechists of my catechists were among the first evangelized by Kiko in person, and between their respectives communities were three of four years of difference on time). It means after us there were a lot of communities growing up simultaneously due to the Way was in his best years of expansion. It means many, many communities travelling to Italy to have their Rosary delivering. And so, many many rosaries to be sold for neocatechumenals.
      Anyway, I will ask other former members who have left a few time ago.

  4. Interview between Patti Arroyo and Father Mike Crisostomo about recent interactions between the clergy and the congregation.

    1. The interview has two parts, but we bundled it together on Soundcloud and put it on JW here.

    2. So, Patti on the radio, why didn't you contact your uncle the Archdiocesan Spokesperson, Fr Bibi? Just sayin. Pale Mike, not the spokesperson.

    3. Pale Mike was not speaking as a representative of the Archdiocese as far as a spokesperson does. However, he was speaking as a credible voice representing the Clergy association which I understand of which he is the president.

      I find no issue with Pale Mike candidly speaking on the radio.

  5. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJuly 16, 2016 at 1:02 PM

    Thank you, LaPaz, for providing an AUTHENTIC "Insider's View" to the NCW.
    Maybe this post could be labeled Clarifying Delusions from the Dingbat Diana? LOL

  6. Thank you, LaPaz. I am grateful for your testimonies as to the controlling nature of Kiko and The Way. Praise be to God that you left this CULT!

  7. Kiko probably trying to cover his backside. In Philly when he hijacked event of Popes visit to be all about the NCW he handed out rosaries to his panting followers. No crucifix. Isn't that special??

  8. What it does not explain the neo catechumenate KIKO is that devotion is not well received by the CNC.
    Therefore also it happens to have dared to gradually use what they call "Christian Initiation", up to this point. So they are ordered to prayer.

    Obedient, catechumens receive "the word" (and others), part of the "Church" when it is part of the Way.

    Directions from lecterns, some who claim to be "sent by the obsipo". And actually, almost no bishop knows the things they say.

    Regulate the lives, or try. Saying that speak in the name of Jesus Christ. But if some of the gospel of Christ, cluttering them simply eliminate it.

    "Whoever is faithful in little" ....

    Infidels, demanding loyalty, obedience, blind.

    Greetings to all from Spain, asking for forgiveness because I do not know English, so use translator, I hope you read this considering the above.

    Para mi amiga LAPAZ: Gracias por el esfuerzo que desempeñas, por tu gran amor a la Verdad.


    1. Hafaloha Lapaz, thank you for sharing the truth. Kiko knows Mother Mary is the Queen of the Church Who will vanquish "Satan" beneath Her Heal. Heretics beware who spread false teachings and desecrate the Body of Christ!

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  9. This manipulation of truth that La Paz reveals is also utilized when their "missionaries" claim that the Pope sent them on their missions. The language they use suggests that the Pope handpicks them and then chooses where they will be going, himself!

    The truth is that while the Pope (all of them through the years) have given blessings to the missionaries, he does not "send them" the way the WAY would like you to believe. They simply are not sent by the Pope.

  10. It's a CULT! Plain and simple as that.