Wednesday, August 17, 2016


August 17, 2016 
Substitute Bill No. 326-33 (COR) Committee Report Filed with COR 
(Wednesday, August 17,  2016, Hagåtña, Guam) Following the filing of the Committee Report on Substitute Bill No. 326-33 to the Committee on Rules (COR), Senator Frank B. Aguon, Jr. issues the following statement: 
“As Chairman of the Committee on Guam U.S. Military Relocation, Public Safety, and the Judiciary, my responsibility is to ensure that every legislative measure, as introduced and substituted, receives the greatest amount of input by the community, prior to reporting it out of my Committee,” stated Senator Aguon.  “I want to thank Senator Frank Blas, Jr. for introducing Bill No. 326-33, and most especially, I want to thank the Community for their extensive participation and contribution towards this measure during the public hearing process.  The oral and written testimonies from the community, church laity, subject matter experts, legal experts, and alleged victims were comprehensive, eye-opening, and impactful.”  
Senator Aguon further stated “Victims of child sexual abuse never had the opportunity to impose civil liability upon their perpetrators because the civil statute of limitations “window” never opened.  For the first time, As Substituted by the Committee Bill No. 326-33 (COR) will afford renewed opportunity to victims of child sexual abuse to seek redress in court against their perpetrators.” 
“As Substituted by the Committee Bill No. 326-33 (COR) has my full support,” concluded Senator Aguon. 

A copy of the Committee report can be found here: 

For comments or questions, you may contact the Office of Senator Frank B. Aguon, Jr. at:
 475-GUM1/2(4861/2); or e-mail to:


  1. Thank you Senator, get this to a vote ASAP! Let justice be served and let all pedophiles beware! Go play with yourselves and leave children alone or you will face a painful and arduous end!

  2. Need to know who is not voting for this bill. No threats but primary is just around the corner!

  3. Go Guam Go ! protect God's children

  4. The link is working now.

  5. We will need to name shame and denounce those who do not support.

  6. - Vote Wisely Guam and get rid of those "Career Senators" who are not looking out for the welfare of Guam's Children and especially those who did not Vote for the Bill! It shows the type of characters they truly are! BiBa Guam!

    1. The vote hasn't happened yet.

    2. - Just looking towards the Future! It is not too early to start thinking of evaluating and eliminating! It is like looking forward to your final report card at the end of the year! You check your grades quarterly and try to improve at the end.

    3. To the legislature: this is not politics as usual. Knock it off. Justice.