Wednesday, August 17, 2016


While it has been our mantra for awhile, and while we have indeed brought the chancery people to their knees, forcing them into embarrassing themselves by extending the appeal "ad infinitum" (rather than just the traditional Lenten season), Filoni and Hon already have Plan B: 

Keep RMS open at any cost even if it must be completely funded from the outside. 

Now why would Hon want to do this even though he knows that RMS and its fake academic companion (BDI) are sham operations? 

It really isn't about manufacturing Kiko's counterfeit currency anymore (neo-"presbyters"). Hon knows he can't get away with this and nothing would get him in more trouble with Rome than ordaining fake priests, like Apuron did (or was ordered to). 

The deal now is simply to keep RMS open at any cost because to close an RMS would be NEWS. It would send the shot around the world that many long-suffering bishops have been waiting for. 

Too weak to stand up to the NCW individually (like the Japanese bishops), they are hoping for the thing to begin to unravel on its own and then they'll jump on the train. 

Closing Guam's RMS would be the flashpoint for the giant powder keg that would explode the cover of Kiko's sham operation and give courage to many bishops to join Bishop Athanasius Schneider who has already called out the NCW as a heresy. 

So here's what Hon is going to do. 

He cannot get away with his "no doubt about it" comment for very long. Too many people, big people, know the truth. The comment was made by Hon in reference to the ownership of the Yona property which he said belongs to the archdiocese "no doubt about it." 

He can say whatever he wants, and Land Management can issue whatever certificate of title it wants (even if it means with bypassing the law with the help of the Attorney General); but sooner or later the issue will end up in court and the truth will be made known. 

Hon already knows the truth. He knew it back in 2015 when he met with the former archdiocesan finance council. Why he continues his ruse of "no doubt about it" is simply stupid. It will get him sooner or later. 

What Hon will do is try to get the property back quietly. This is suicide. This is NOT about who has title to the property. 
  • This is about Apuron, Adrian, David, and Pius and the filthy lies and deceit they perpetrated on this diocese for almost two decades. 
  • This is about David's filthy lie in particular when he used our "Catholic" newspaper to publish that bogus certificate of title which Attorney Jacqueline T. Terlaje quietly obtained for him. 
  • This is about exposing the most despicable subterfuge wherein our own government was employed in the coverup of the real truth about the title.
  • This is about Jackie Terlaje and the AG "working out" a back room deal to keep the issue from going before the Superior Court where the truth would have been revealed.
  • This is about Diana's dirty blog where she continually posted Pius' lies about the nature of the RMS corporation, the ownership of the property, and worst of all, the continual attacks on my intentions, i.e. that I wanted to get control of the property so I could earn a commission selling it or turn it into a casino! 
The people on the streets are not protesting some mistake on the title. The people out there are protesting the criminal actions of Apuron, Adrian, David, Pius and all their pathetic and snotty little neocatechumenal slaves. 

So if Hon (or Jeff - since he is now in charge) thinks that just quietly fixing a piece of paper is going to make us go away, then 

But that's not the worst of it.

If and when Hon gets the property back in the name of the Archdiocese of Agana (or its corporation sole), he then will have full authority to permit RMS to continue its operations. In fact, in effect, he could accomplish the same thing as Apuron by leasing the property to RMS for 99 years at $1.00 a year (al la Chamorro Land Trust). 

I believe Gennarini saw the light when he was here last April. He got roasted. He knew what was coming. Since then I believe he got busy on Plan B. Two months later, Hon was sent here to implement it. 


  1. You keep them on their toes, Tim. Thank you.

  2. thanks for this analysis, tim. i've been wondering about this myself, since reading your previous post about rms. if the people of the archdiocese completely stopped funding rms, would the neocats just pack up and set up shop elsewhere? or do the neocats consider the guam rms so important, that they'd fund it from off-island sources? you've convinced me that it's indeed the latter.

    if this plan succeeded to keep rms open, will the future archbishop of agaña be powerless under canon law to shut it down, as a supposedly Catholic seminary operating in his territory?

    1. Neos will not give up without a fight. The future depends on who becomes the Archbishop of Agana.

  3. The NCW will fund the Guam RMS from off-island NCW sources (like in Australia they where they use the Family of Nazareth Foundation Inc.). The NCW has access to money (lots of it) and will use it to force the NCW agenda when ever required.

    1. Yes 3.12pm. Lots of money.
      It is a cult built on building numbers of priests and money.

  4. I, for one, have completely stopped my "limosna" to the Sunday Masses, but how can we ensure that Ab Hon won't continue the manufacture of "half-baked wanna-be-priest' Some of the won't even make goog "Tanories", especially the one in Chalan Pago..... jescepedaofchalanpago

  5. Yo, Hon, any wonder you hide from victims! In 2008 the Salesians of Los Angeles agreed to pay $19.5 million to 17 childhood molestation victims, ending the last unresolved case involving the Los Angeles Archdiocese's sexual abuse crisis. You guys coughed up 19.5 million. Record not good other parts of the world either. INCLUDING the Pacific. You, we don't need at this time. Clean your own house.

  6. 'Jeff in charge'. Lt. Gov signs stuff when Gov is off island. Go for it. Make a surprise visit to RMS! Bring swin trunks. Say Adios for us!

  7. Tim hmmm you can't seem to shy away. Your a liar!

    1. Anonymous, grow some balls and state your name, otherwise...go play hide & seek!

    2. Is that all you got Anon@ 7:33pm? You should be afraid that Tim still occasionally comes back to post the truth about the NCW cult. In fact, you already sound scared.

  8. Shame on you, 7:33 PM! You call Tim a liar but you don't have the guts to back your accusation with evidence. For the he longest time, Tim has provided documentation that you can hardly understand because of your ignorance and blind obedience to your catechist. You are the liar, and a pathetic fool. You expect Tim to shy away? Not a chance. So far he has provided us with reliable information that has led the awakening of the Guam Faithful to the deceit and lies of the Church through Apuron and his cronies, and now through an impostor who claims to have been sent by the Pope himself but gives a very bad name to the Vatican and those he is supposed to represent, one of which is Pope Francis, by his inaction and cowardice. Wow! Open your eyes, man!

  9. Hon has said many things and done only what he was forced to when served. NO CREDIBILITY.
    Hon is a crony with a phony smile. Nothing genuine or spiritual about Hon the Tai Fai, but boy can he dance around the topic and leave you dizzy! Just like the old Chinese Kung Fu movies where the actors lips moves a mile a minute to say one word!

    HON PHONE HOME! Filoni send me a ticket back to Rome!

  10. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)August 18, 2016 at 5:42 AM

    Thank you, Tim. As you have written above (and in other parts of this website) there are so many factors, so many issues at play that cause Guam’s Roman Catholic faithful to lose trust in the leadership of the local Church. While the title for this article mentions that stopping the money train will no longer work [more must be done!], I say continue to withhold your donations to the Annual Archdiocese Appeal (and other Church related programs where you think donated funds are diverted for use by the Archdiocese). It's the least you can do to register your protest for the decisions of the leadership and the leadership itself. It is made clear by the Archdiocese’ own Annual Appeal financial pie chart that the funds raised largely go to the seminaries --- seminaries that you don’t support in your heart and whose existence you find to be suspect. If off-island funding will be the sole sustenance of RMS, then let it be so. At least you will know in your heart and mind that you didn’t support (financially and morally) a program or an enterprise which you deem to be questionable. With Guam being comprised of 85% Catholics, if the Church had only been managed and administered well, it will have the near full support of almost an entire island’s population! Instead the Church has lost tremendous support because of its leadership. The faith of Guam's Catholics and love for their Church are separate and apart from the leadership of the Archdiocese of Agana. In this bleak period in the history of the Catholic Church on Guam, it can be difficult sometimes to separate the two, but it’s do-able. Keep your eye on Jesus and his teachings in the gospel and continue with the Catholic traditions that are a very big part of your lives. Your faith will get you through this. You can always give your financial support directly to programs that help others --- senior center programs, youth athletic programs, cancer or diabetes research programs, pay one month’s school tuition for a loved ones’ child, etc. There are many charitable programs to give to that will help many and fall in line with the teachings of the gospel.