Wednesday, August 24, 2016


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

Normally, I would never post something like this for fear of squelching genuine discussion of such huge issues , but this one comment took me back in a way that illustrates the point we've been making all along: 

To make sure everyone understands what's going on here (and this comment doesn't get lost in the shuffle), here's my open reply to Mr Guile, but in particular  to all who may have reservations or confusions about things:

I must say I'm a little surprised and not a little concerned about your comment. It's not even the wording of the comment as much as the assumption on which its grounded that is disconcerting. 

When I speak of the Eucharist being the source of Faith, I use the capital F, not the small f. As such I would expect an educated man as yourself would understand I'm speaking of the Catholic faith in its entirety.

We say that Pentecost is the birth of the Church, but in fact, the Eucharist is really the DNA of the Catholic faith. In it are quite real-ly the mysteries of our Faith – all of them: The Annunciation , the Nativity and the hidden life of our Lord, His proclamation of the Kingdom of Heaven, His prediction of His Passion, the Last Supper itself, His arrest, His trial, the condemnation by the mob, His torture, His death on the Holy Cross naked for the world to see and mock, His burial, His Resurrection, His Ascension and indeed His Second Coming at the closing of the Age. All these are quite literally contained in the Eucharist, for there HE IS. So when I say it is the source of the Faith– with a capital F – I mean just what I say. And for any believer, Catholic or Orthodox, this is necessarily true, and we know it to be true.

As for the Eucharist being a source of faith– little f – it is true that God uses any manner of things to give the gift of faith to those who would have it which is to say those who ask for it. But this does not make all means of faith equivalent. 

When my cousin first came to Guam, he took a plane. He did not walk across the United States, then paddle a canoe to Alaska and wait till winter, then walk across the Bering Strait, forage-hike down to China, lash together planks of wood, and then catch a current to Guam hoping for the best. He flew. On a plane. It's the fastest way. It's the safest way. It's the most reliable way. It's the best way. If he wanted the most scenic or circuitous  route, he would've taken the long way. As it is,  he is not completely deranged, but rather came like a normal person with some sense.

So as far as receiving faith, therefore, God does use all manner of things for the giving of the gift of faith,  but the Eucharist is the means par excellence. It is the means by which attachment to sin  is purged, faith perfected, and any number of graces, but in particular, Man most fully participates in God's divine love on a daily basis. The Eucharist is God's greatest gift to us through the Church. 

We are not Protestants and we are not NCW--both are scandalized by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and their jeering at it makes me want to vomit. You do well to remember both when commenting on this blog. I and others take enough abuse from those openly hostile to the Church on a daily basis, both online and in particular in real life. I can truthfully tell you I have zero patience for Catholics who somehow feel a certain guilt over being Catholic, who feel like they have to make excuses for the supremacy and primacy of the Roman Catholic faith, which abides until Christ our God comes again, and we know at last as we are already known. All faiths are not the same, and anyone who says they are has no business proclaiming that they are Catholic when their catholicity is grounded in disbelief in the True Faith revealed by God for the salvation of all.

As the time grows short and the list of the enemies of Christ lengthens, it is time for Catholics to remember that while love cannot and must not grow cold--EVER-- neither should our faith become weak and flabby in the name of some ecumenical doctrinal oblivion. And it is only by being bold in charity and courageous in faith, by not settling for acquiescence to heresy, schism, and sin that we truly give our witness to the Lord, and life and in death.

In other words: get with the program, and stop being ashamed of having the One True Holy Roman Faith. If I needed that kind of Catholic self-loathing, I'd ask a habit-hating sister. They've perfected contempt of the Faith into an art form.

And I say that if anyone anywhere doesn't get this and so do not share the same opinion about Holy Mother Church, then kindly take a seat at the kid's table and let the grown-ups talk. Coloring books and crayons are by the toy box. 

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