Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Posted by Tim Rohr

Hon: Church is treating latest accusation against church members seriously

PDN: “Hon on Tuesday reiterated his desire to meet with people who’ve recently accused Arcbishop Anthony Apuron of sexual abuse. He also said he wants to meet with Tudela.”

Today on Jesse Lujan’s show, Hon said that he hasn’t contacted Tudela because he didn’t know how. What? Tudela publicly testified at a public hearing which means he signed in with his name, phone, number and email address. There is no excuse that 2 days later Hon is saying he doesn’t know how to contact him. Don't you have a SARC?

Hon said NOTHING about Mr. Tudela publicly until Jesse Lujan interviewed him this morning. Only then did he express his concern for Mr. Tudela. If he really is serious he would have issued a statement expressing concern for Mr. Tudela immediately after the public hearing  He did not. 

PDN: “When PDN asked Hon, early Tuesday, whether he believes Apuron is innocent, Hon said he welcomes the alleged victims to contact him “so that we take seriously the matter into consideration.”

Soon after Walter Denton spoke about being raped by Apuron, Hon publicly and from the pulpit compared the allegations against Apuron to a case where an adult woman accused a bishop of adultery which later proved false. His statement belittled and mocked the allegations against Apuron. Then he extended NOTHING to the victims until he was served with a law suit. 

PDN: “Hon said he doesn’t have any knowledge on whether the Vatican ordered Apuron to leave Guam, but only learned that Apuron went to Rome. Hon said he did not see Apuron when Hon was still in Rome, before he was sent to Guam in early June. Up to today, he said he doesn’t know where Apuron is.”

On June 6, Apuron released a video message from the steps of the Vatican saying that Hon was sent to Guam at his (Apuron’s) request. Hon has NEVER refuted this statement so it must be true. 

PDN: Within days of his arrival in Guam in early June, he said he privately asked about 48 priests who were on island to turn in a courtesy resignation to give him leeway to reassign them, if needed, for the unity of the church. He said most of the priests turned in their courtesy resignation, and he’s since been reassigning priests, in consultation with the Presbyteral Council.

Really? MOST of the priests? What about the ones who didn’t. What is Hon going to do about them? What he’s not telling you is that the priests who refused to resign are the Neocatechumenal priests led by Edivaldo. Apparently Hon is letting them get away with it because it is now two months later and the request was made within “day of his arrival.”

PDN: Hon said the Rev. Paul Gofigan and Monsignor James Benavente “did not ask to be back” to their original positions prior to Apuron removing them.

Very clever way for Hon to get around rescinding their Decrees of Removal. Both Gofigan and Benavente have canon law cases before the Vatican Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples of which Hon is the Secretary. Both cases contest their removals and require that they be restored to their positions. 

Vatican arrogance to the max.

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