Saturday, August 6, 2016


Posted by Tim Rohr

I was wondering how long it would take for Archbishop Hon to get around to issuing an apology for the now-confessed crimes against children by Fr. Louis Brouillard (PDN story and KUAM story). Perhaps it was Bob Klitzkie's comments on K57 yesterday morning which prompted somebody to tell him that he better do something, but regardless of how it was motivated, Hon managed to get an apology out before the end of the day.

Our side, once again, runs the risk of sounding intolerant, by saying that it's not enough, but it's a risk, in the name of justice and real reconciliation, that we will take. Before I say what Hon really needs to do in this particular matter, let me say, more generally, that Hon needs to get out beyond his current circle of clergy advisors and talk to some real professionals. 

Till now, Hon's modus operandi has been to surround himself and consult with the people who have been either at the root of the problem to begin with, or who remained silent out of some misaligned view of their vow of obedience. Either way, any counsel Hon might get from clerics who are subordinate to him is risky at best and more probably tainted. 

On the matter of sex abuse, if I were Hon, I would have called Vincent Pereda immediately after his testimony on Bill 326-33 this past Monday. Mr. Pereda's credentials take up most of the first page of his testimony. There is probably no one on this island more credentialed to help Hon than Pereda. In addition, Pereda was a former sex abuse review board member for the archdiocese who resigned out of a sense of integrity for himself and his profession. He wasn't going to be used. 

If nothing else, immediately aligning with Pereda to address the sex abuse problem would have given Hon an instant air of seriousness. Instead, Hon has turned to Fr. Pat Castro and Deacon Len Stohr to be his point men on this matter; and while both good men, their first duty is not to their assignments, but to their vows. In doing this, Hon has shown us that he is not serious. For which victim in his right mind is going to ask for help from a representative of the same organization which produced and protected his perpetrator? And in the cases of Apuron and Brouillard...FOR DECADES!

It was quite clear from the outset that Hon did NOT want to deal with the sex abuse issue, and given our suspicions based on his 2015 visit and his now-demonstrated knowledge of Brouillard, may have been told NOT to touch the sex abuse issue by his Vatican handlers who are well known neocatechumenal hacks whose only care is to save RMS. Nothing else can explain the absolute absence of any mention of the sex abuse issue upon his arrival and no comment of substance until he was served with a suit. 

Hon's only hope of salvaging his mission, which is otherwise imploding, is to ask Vince Pereda (or someone who Pereda would recommend if he does not want the job) to serve as an INDEPENDENT point of contact for victims of clergy sex abuse. As a professional, victims would have the assurance from Mr. Pereda that they would not only receive or be directed to the correct kind of professional help needed, but that their confidence would be protected until such time, if they wish, to make their accounts public. 

Hon has told us that he takes this issue "seriously." Well then, here's his chance to prove it. 

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