Thursday, September 1, 2016


Posted by Jose Martinez

Don't worry, we're here to wade through the muck, shovel the manure and endure the stench so you don't have to.  Pius and his NCW cohorts, produce so much, you can say it "fuels" this website.  Ha!

Before the end of  the day of that very informative expose by the former Archdiocese Finance Council (AFC), Pius, through his herald, "Diana," was already beginning to churn the crap mill and began to excrete enough nuggets to keep a sewage worker employed through retirement.

Where to begin?

Let's start with the low hanging "fruit." No explanation needed:

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Make note of the time stamp.  The AFC press conference/statement was the second story! Pius and Apuron's fabrication was the first story.  Is "Diana" alluding to a third story? What more can Pius secrete?    Nevertheless, it will provide more fodder.

This next one is in a few parts. . .

Starting with the part in red. . .

"Diana" is skillful in presenting a narrative that nobody has argued, let alone submitted. At no time did the AFC give any narration as to the discovery of the Yona property nor did they ever take credit for finding the property.
To be clear, this is what was in the AFC's statement:

The part in green . . .

This is a case of deflection and distraction with an assertion that makes no sense whatsoever.  Pius has mastered this and "Diana" is his apprentice.

First, who are "traditional Latin Mass Catholics?"

Second, "Diana" could have said "The Catholic Daughters never went out looking . . . " or  "The Santa Barbara 6pm Choir never went out looking . . ." and the sentence would still remain irrelevant; mores so, perplexing as to it's existence.

The part in orange . . .

This is another method in manipulating truth; say enough to make true statements, but hold back on the entire story in order not to stray from the false narrative.   At no time does "Diana" argue that the letter from "The Donor's Representative" (TDR) is inauthentic.  They only argue that the original has not been published.  Also, at no time does "Diana" argue that Apuron did not author a letter for TDR to sign. Again, they only assert that it has not been published.

It should go without saying that Tim Rohr does not fabricate documents.  Everything he cites is because he or someone he knows, is in possession of said document.  For someone who speaks of being against casinos, "Diana" sure loves to gamble.

Why even bother with "Diana?"  Pius. That's why.  "Diana" is not just some random blogger on Guam, "Diana" is a creation of Pius. As well, every person walking in the Way does not engage in an endeavor, such as a blog, without the express consent of Pius.

But how is it that a connection is made between Pius and "Diana?"  Simple.  He links to the blog on his own website.

Pius links to "Diana" because he instructs the NCW community catechists to condition their communities to only read/pay attention/adhere to "Diana's" site. 

The connection is starkly apparent, the manipulation is obvious, the curtain has been pulled.

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