Monday, September 5, 2016


Posted by Bob

was posted on Saturday. In that post AB Hon's masterful gambits and a pin were recognized. Hon took one piece, a knight--well, in this case we'll call it a horse, off the board. Lest you think I'm being too complimentary to Pius remember how a knight horse moves.  It is the only chess piece that can jump over other pieces. Its the only piece that can go around corners.It's the only piece that cannot move in a straight line. So it's fitting that Pius is characterized as a horse. Hon moved one horse off the board and replaced him with another, Quituqua, the younger.

Hon moved a couple pawns around so that one, Father Paul, blocked the other, Msgr. James. Clever as they were, the Pius-Quitugua and Paul-James gambits were but distractions to guide our attention away from Hon's major move: to checkmate us. If Hon could break our picket line it would be checkmate.

From Saturday:
"The object of chess is to put the other side in checkmate. Checkmate means to end the game; to win the game. Hon came here for one purpose only; to win the game, i.e. protect the neocats and their seminary property and act as horse-holder for Apuron until he could come back. Hon soon found out that the pawns scattered around the board in the form of the CCOG, LFM, Silent No More and various and assorted members of the laity AND THEIR PESKY PICKET LINE were much more than he had bargained for. Hon had to use his skills a chess player."

Hon's master move was to  schedule the installation of Fr. Paul at the same time as the picket line which had been out there at that very time since ever since.

Here's Tim's comment for September 4 at 6:31 on his "Looks Like..." post:

“I am copying here a comment from someone close to Hon:
‘There was an attempt this week to stop protesters. Thank God it did not work. Today, greater number. Hon thought it would stop this week.’"

Hon's strategy, was aptly reinforced by a few fifth columnists on this blog who equated "I like Fr. Paul feelings" to the long term principled efforts of the picketers, suggesting "don't picket, go see Fr. Paul, it's OK." Hon's plan was to begin the disintegration of resistance to his tactics by showing the picket line to be composed of, in the words of Thomas Paine, "summer soldiers and sunshine patriots." Well, it didn't work.

Yesterday's picket was a huge success! Contrary to Hon's plan, the picketers closed ranks around their principles. Resolve was strengthened, not weakened. Morale was extremely high!  No one broke the picket line. There was a lot of chatter about how gullible Hon must think we are. It's the best turnout we've had since the Sunday after Hon made his "over in two weeks" remarks during his homily.  Hon's move backfired! Dedication to a just cause was stronger than the chess master Hon's attempted checkmate.

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