Tuesday, September 20, 2016


What is so sad is the Church leadership's Godless attachment to money, money, money. As Webster points out, our local Church leadership is totally bankrupt. They have reached absolute moral poverty.

In all their exhortations and fear mongering, have you ever heard them say "Let us pray and put this is the hands of God"? No call for prayers or quiet reflection. Just sign the petition or hand the death certificate to FD, for they will surely close.

Sounds like the same logic employed by abortion clinics. A mother has a child in her womb, and tests show that the baby will have downs syndrome. So the doctor advises the mother that to bring the baby into this world will mean great pain and suffering. It will be more compassionate for the poor child, and easier for the mother and family to do the only sensible thing...abort the baby.

It is a faithless decision, and also a decision that neglects the rights of the baby. And that's how I see this current issue in our Church.

To have a baby with a medical abnormality takes great faith. It will be a difficult road, filled with lots of unknowns. But the Church demands that we take that leap of faith, and place it all in God's hands. We do it not because it is right for the family, or society (which may be burdened with the cost of the child). We keep the baby because it is right for the baby, and right by God.

How could our Church throw out the victims of sexual abuse, merely because it has the potential to be tough? How could our spiritual leaders be so devoid of faith? Instead of boldly standing up and saying we will do what is right, no matter the cost, the Church resorts to our lust for money. They make an appeal to our temporal sense, and abandon all moral consideration.

So a question needs to be asked of our Church on Guam and of our faithful -


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