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 Posted by Frenchie

Guam is administratively attached to the Congregation  for the Evangelization of peoples, which is led by the red Pope: Cardinal Filoni.

How did this ever happen?

The reason we are coming under the umbrella of Cardinal Filoni, is that Guam is considered as a land of Mission.

This is the result of deliberate decisions and administrative moves by this man:

Anthony S Apuron, here with one of his minion. The Sheppard of our Church was the one that actively brought a Trojan Horse in our midst by actively and knowingly pursuing the status of Land of Mission for our island.

This might sound strange to many since we have been Catholic, longer than the US has been a country.

For Apuron there was great advantages to pursue that road. One of course was financial, as Tim demonstrated clearly a few years back, we received for several years substantial funds from programs geared to support Evangelization.

The other of course was the opening of several political arguments by Apuron, to make him look good, and efficient.

We the Catholic Church on Guam had been part of the Catholic Conference of Bishops of the USA. When in 1984, we were elevated to an Archdiocese, Rome simultaneously announced that Guam would now be part of CEPAC, rather that the USCCB

Prior to this, since when we were only a Diocese, we were suffragan of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. By becoming an Archdiocese we ended being attached to CEPAC.

Of Course being an auxillary Bishop inside such a large Conference was a disadvantage for Apuron. Brother Tony, at that time was a small fish in a very big pound.
Bishop Flores having become automatically an Archbishop, was disappointed of the change of conference, but ended accepting it. Apuron just had to wait for his turn, and he would become an Archbishop.

 In the succession process, he would finally be a big fish inside a small pond. So, in 1986 when he became officially the Archbishop of Agatna,  already corrupted, by his proclivities for young flesh, he was ripe to be even more tempted by his sense of pride and megalomania.

The first years of his administrations, were not very noteworthy, Apuron settled in his role, bathing in the glow of the advantages of his seat.

Now, Archbishop Apuron was more receptive to more flattery, the Chancery was not lacking for individuals, able and willing to use their skills to push for political advantages.

Things will accelerate, with the arrival on island of a mysterious monk from Malta, via Canada: Pius.
Fully aware of the huge megalomaniac Apuron had become, Pius and his moles in the Chancery went on with their plan for the full take over of the Archdiocese of Agana.

  • With the Change of Conference, the NCW saw a great opportunity for their new evangelization.
  • Prepare a scenario, which would allow the Bishop and the NCW to claim Guam as a land of mission
  • Start a Seminary to address the need for priests in Oceania, which would take the pressure off, from Rome, who wanted to send our seminarians to Fidji, rather than St Patrick.
  • Create missionaries for the future.
  • Portray Apuron as an enlightened leader, whose vision, and alliance with the NCW would make him a great candidate for a red hat.
  • Expand the reputation of RMS and create a cover teaching tool, the San Vitores Catholic Theological Institute for Oceania, which would be endorsed by a famous institution.
  • By doing so removing the Diocese from the jurisdiction of the Congregation for Clergy, and switching to the Congregation for the Evangelization of peoples. 
All this would basically give a free hand to the NCW to control Apuron, embellish their urban legend of a successful movement of modern Evangelization, manufacture many presbyters by applying the exemption bishops can make, when facing a dire situation, to train candidates to the priesthood in only 4years, and claim great success by establishing communities in all the parishes on Guam.

Guam would then become a shining example for Kiko to parade around as a great success.

This is when Pius, doing the bidding of his masters,  went on his undercover work of Bait and Switch. Advising Apuron from the shadows, before finally becoming his personal Catechist.
The devious Pius was the perfect mole, the perfect Trojan Horse, the perfect puppet Master.


  1. Apuron was a well respected Archbishop, who became president of the Conference for Oceania.
  2. Guam being in the Pacific, it was normal and logical that it played an active role, better, a leading role, in the Catholic Evangelization of the whole Pacific.
  3. In all his wisdom Apuron decided that the best way to serve Guam and other dioceses in the Pacific, was to create our own seminary.
  4. By having our own seminary, we would have many young, well educated priests, to serve the parishes here, and replace our aging clergy.
  5. By supporting that effort, the faithful of Guam would achieve a great advancement for the good of the Church.
  6. His decision to allow and facilitate the installation of the NCW on Guam, was full of advantages and no dangers.
  7. The Pope approved of the NCW and therefore encouraged Apuron to continue on this path. 
  1. Far from being the well respected Archbishop, Apuron pretended to be, many of his colleagues in Oceania, were seeing him for what he had always been, a fraud and a wannabe. The red lights had been flashing for a while, including at the nunciature in NZ
  2. Guam had not been an evangelization area for at least one hundred years, The Church has been present here for over 400years.   The charade that we were at the center of a missionary push is only that: a charade.
  3. The seminary was presented as a diocesan one, but it never was intended to be.
  4. The goal of forming many presbyters was two fold: a) accelerating the take over of all parishes on the island. b) appearing to produce many well educated seminarians, to gain brownie points with the Vatican, or at least giving ammunition for Filoni and Kiko to look good.
  5. The faithful were actually feeding the monster that would bite them. They had nothing to gain, except a quicker assimilation in a judeo-protestant sect.
  6. The arrival and installation of the NCW only has led to divisions, bad feelings and a bleeding of resources away from the diocese
  7. The Pope never endorsed the actions of Apuron, in fact the Curia many times attempted to bring him back to the fold, but the NCW would never allow that  to happen, until they had found a way to replace him, and this is where we are now.
We have made some head ways, but the fight is far from over.

The sexual abuses of  Apuron have been revealed
Apuron has been suspended, and he most likely will be found guilty.
There has been some timid changes made.

We still face the following:
The Neos are still holding many key positions at the Chancery
The Seminary which has been proven to be an empty shell, a scam and a money laundering operation is still in operation
The Diocese falls under the dotted line of Filoni, who will ultimately decide who will replace Apuron. At this time, there is little we can do to stop him.
Archbishop Hon under the guise of reconciliation, has refused to hold people directly responsible for the division and the immoral deeds of the past, responsible. By doing so, he continues to allow the interlopers to continue their work of destruction and slow erosion.
There is no clear administrative and financial reporting of any kind.
The Neos still control all the levers of the Dioceses, that count.

The only way for us to push forward is to hold people's feet to the fire, and demand clarity and truth.
This will need more work, more sacrifice and more treasury.
Most likely, because of Hon resistance at every turn, we will need to go down the pass of civil recourse, to force what should be a natural reaction.


  1. Bingo, Frenchie, Bingo! Great summary of the puzzle pieces that have led us to the point we are at now. Neos still need to be removed from key positions where they can no longer call shots and work to control and grow neo membership. The scam and sham of the RMS seminary still continues. Hon is doing little to stop the erosion of our church. Without clear financial accounting and administrative reporting, our church will spiral downward. Yes, the fight is far from over.

    1. Continuing to shine a light on the "combinazzione" in our Diocese, the manipulations and the false flags.
      We need to continue, demanding for clear lines, clear reports, we need to demand for accountability at all levels.
      In the parishes, certainly at the Chancery, most of all at the fake seminary.
      Thanks to the great job from CCOG, the Laity Forward ladies and all the anonymous who give their support and their time, we are making some progress. Yes the fight is far from over.

  2. To all you neo, thanks a million for all these mess. You have not won yet as it is going to even make US and I mean US stronger and will force if we have to regain back what we build here at home call GUAM and not you bunch of brainwash neo.

  3. Thank you Frenchie for this very instructing note. What leaks is the role of the hidden impact, that Giuseppe Gennarini had on Apuron, becoming, more then the putrid monk, his powerful counselor and master. Without his advices, Apuron would not move a finger fot the last fiveteen years.

    1. Pius, and his bosses have become masters at manipulating the individuals for their own advantages. Of course the knowledge of their past sins, is a huge advantage in the effectiveness of the manipulation.

    2. Has Pius reported to Father General as of yet? Or is that another lie?

    3. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)September 29, 2016 at 11:10 PM

      While Pius’ knowledge of Apuron’s past sins relating to sexual abuse upon minors and Apuron’s propensity toward pedophilia served Pius well in terms of manipulating Apuron and expanding the NWC program on Guam, now with PL 33-187 in effect Pius himself can be sued for having that knowledge but not reporting it to law enforcement authorities (institutional liability in action). Same goes for others in the NCW who took part in their practice of the scrutinies where the scrutinized disclosed child sexual abuse acts as one of their crosses. In most states, this situation is not protected by the Priest-Penitent Privilege, particularly for the NCW because, as I understand (in my little understanding of the NCW), the scrutinies also involve lay members as the “scrutizers”. Under this context, the Priest-Penitent Privilege is out the window because the two components of that privilege are (1) the confessor must be speaking to the clergyman in his religious capacity. This means that you must be talking to the clergyman as your religious adviser, not just as your friend or associate. Simply having a conversation with a priest is not automatically privileged. (2) No third parties may be present (unless they too are clergy you are confessing to). You cannot make a confession in front of other people and still expect the conversation to be secret. And does the process of the “scrutinies” fall under the category of confession? If not, then the scrutinizers are further not protected by the Priest-Penitent Privielge. Most states have laws that require certain categories of professional people to report child abuse. There are 35 states which either require clergy specifically to report any child abuse learned in confession, or else require all people to report any child abuse discovered by any means (including clergy). In these states, the clergy privilege will NOT apply in such cases (and in many states, in cases of child neglect as well). With Ric Eusabio being a physician, under the context of being both physician and an NCW scrutinizer, if Guam has a law requiring the reporting of child abuse by physicians, he had double duty obligation to report these crimes if he was one on the Apuron “scrutinizers” or other NCW members who have disclosed any form of child abuse to his/her NCW scrutinizer. This applies also to NCW practitioners who are teachers by profession. It will be interesting to see how applying PL 33-187 will affect the local Church (including the NCW).

      I am not a fan of litigation because I think the US is, generally speaking, a litigious country. But in the case of Apuron as serial pedophile child molester; the decades old cover-up of child sexual abuse in the local Church; the NCW’s use of that information about Apuron and using that to advance their agenda of the full-on take-over of the Archdiocese of Agana; the confusing applications of canon law, leadership and hierarchical power structure between the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, Archdiocese of Agana no longer being part of the Catholic Conference of Bishops of the USA but, instead being under the Episcopal Conference of the Pacific, etc. etc. it is confusing which codes and laws and rules are applied to matters relating to the Faithful of the local Church on Guam. What is not confusing are the laws that govern civil and criminal justice system of Guam and the U.S. If the wrongs have to righted under the laws of Guam and the U.S., I’m all for litigation. It appears that litigation is also the “language” that wrong-doers in the Church understand. So let’s all start speaking that same “language” as we clean up the mess in the local Church.

    4. Bingo Rose!
      This is why they are running so scare. I am addressing this partially in my next post.

    5. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)October 3, 2016 at 6:48 AM

      Frenchie, I had been mulling-over our discussion above and came up with thoughts and questions. Your writings on this topic were through provoking. With regard to the NCW as an itinerant church entity, I did corporate searches for the states of Texas, New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Guam (these are states where an RMS exists, therefore, my assumption is that NCW exists in those states). The NCW is not registered in those states the way the Catholic Church is registered in each of those states as a non-profit organization. I am assuming the strategy then for the NCW is to exist within a Catholic diocese as a “program” of that diocese equivalent to an RCIA program. Operating in this manner affords the NCW to be under the umbrella of that diocese and not be under the radar of the Secretary of State and the tax laws. Question: Does the NCW on Guam have a separate “sacrificial giving” program from that of the local Church? Does the Sunday collection, church donations, bequests, and other forms of donations from NCW practitioners flow into a separate treasury from that of the local Church? I ask because if they are not a registered corporation on Guam, yet they take advantage of the 501(c)(3) designation afforded to the “Archbishop of Guam, A Sole Corporation-Anthony Apuron” then there is something wrong there if the local Church has no records of the NCW collections/donations.

      As this relates to our discussion above from a few days ago, if the NCW is a “program” of the Archdiocese of Agana, it means that their NCW practices could be a liability to the local Church. I’m speaking specifically, for example, about the scrutinies. If, during his first and/or second scrutiny, Abp. Apuron disclosed to Pius and/or Jaquie-the-Trained-Lawyer and others who were his responsibles or catechists (his “scrutinizers”), that his “crosses” include molestation of minors and has a proclivity to pedophilia, the local Church can be on the hook for those NCW practices and so can Pius and Jaquie-the-Trained-Lawyer personally (and other scrutinizers who were present at that disclosure). If this thought pattern makes sense, then the local Church is going to face litigation on PL 33-187 from two fronts --- the ones originating from clergy in the local Church and the ones originating from the practices of the NCW.

      Another of my thoughts relates to the benefit of PL 33-187 (and thank God it now exists on Guam) is that this law makes the NCW’s practice of the scrutinies no longer compatible with the laws of Guam (and most of the states in the U.S). Institutional liability holds the responsibles and the catechists (and other “scrutinizers”) of the NCW culpable, and therefore liable, for having information, yet not reporting to authorities child abuse “crosses” that any of their practitioners disclose to them. Add to that, in Washington State where I live, we have RCW 26.44.030 which makes it mandatory for certain professions, including volunteers, and those who work in programs and organizations that work with minors, to report to law enforcement authorities when there is reasonable cause a child suffered from abuse or neglect. Does Guam have such a law? If Guam does, then the “scrutinies” are a source of this information and the scrutinizers have a duty to report those child abuse “crosses” to law enforcement.

      When I was thinking about this, I realized that the NCW’s system of formation is not compatible with Guam’s PL33-187 (and Washington’s similar RCW 4.16.340, nor of Washington RCW 26.44.030)if the NCW has child molesters and abusers among their practitioners and presbyters. According to yesterday’s article on JungleWatch “NCW Syndicate --- a Home for Sexual Predators” the NCW harbors some of their child molesters in Qatar. I assume part of the reason is that there are no child protection laws in Qatar (and no extradition agreements with the U.S.).

    6. Very enlightening ideas Rose.

    7. Excellent questions, Rose. The NCW seems to thrive as an amorphous entity, neither completely separate nor completely part of the Catholic Church. It balances on top of the fence so it can jump to one side or the other to avoid accountability, as the need arises. It has operated in the shadows for too long. We need to shine the light of truth on this cult and pull out every root in every dark corner.

    8. The NCW has been getting away with many questionable and illegal things as they operate under the radar and under Apuron's skirt here on Guam. IRS, Rev. and Tax, Immigration all need to look into this shady organization.

  4. I have to agree with the NEOs when they say their leaders are like "therapist". We just call one of them "the rapist".

  5. Talking to some Guam religious today and they both said they believe a Apuron is completely innocent of allegations. How clueless can they be?

    1. Dear anon at 3.35...what you are revealing is not surprising.
      It very much depends who the religious are.
      Do not forget that we are now saddled with a substantial number of presbyters, who are believing, thanks to the putrid monk's teaching that the whole sexual scandal has been a fabrication done by Tim, so that he could benefit from a real estate deal for a Casino. LOL

      Recently it was reported that "Fr Jucatan" was telling all who wanted to listen that exact fairy tale.
      Do not underestimate the sway that comes along with that roman collar, as well as the reverence many have towards the title of Archbishop.
      How many times have you heard "oh yes!!! but he is THE Archbishop"???
      Pius understand this very well. Do not underestimate this.

      The total lack of critical thinking these presbyters have, demonstrate the extremely low level of education dispensed at the RMS.
      It is not accidental for example, that Arch Hon has decided to replace the Pastor for the Church in Yigo by the likes of Fr. Bushu.....
      Talking about demanding clarity at the parish level.

    2. Perhaps they do because. . . their gender protected them from knowing.

    3. With Bushu assigned as pastor of Yigo, Hon is only further carrying out the plans started by Apuron, to replace all diocesean priests, and Franciscan Priests at the parish level with NCW presbyters. What influence do we expect to get from an NCW presbyster in the parish, He can only give and teach what he learned at RMS Factory. The Catholic Faithful at these parish level should oppose this run over by the NCW presbysters and Hon, the NCW Bishop.

    4. Is Bushu Pastor? Thought he was parochial vicar? The guy is a raving maniac! Impossible.

    5. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)September 30, 2016 at 7:51 AM

      Parochial Vicar as of 9/22/2016 clergy assignments announced from the Chancery.

    6. Manic clergy are a main category whom the neos target for control. Formal diagnosis not needed, the neos know how to spot them. Bishops love their rare level of enthusiasm! (The ones with skeletons have probably been acting manic too.)

  6. Oh sure, 3:35PM. I have to assume that these "Guam religious" then, must have been present in the rooms for them to have factual information about Apuron's innocence. Why are they hiding behind their religious order? Why don't they come out in the open and defend Apuron with their facts in the open? He sure will need all the help he can get to pull this off, this time around! These "Guam religious" aren't willing to put their money where their mouth is? I guess, then, its not cluelessness but ignoramusness and "charlatan-ness"

    1. When you learn the story of the "Blue Chevelle" at a ranch at Pago Bay, you will know why certain "religious" are scrambling to defend Apuron...and it has nothing to do with defending Apuron. And that's just a small part of the story.

    2. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)September 30, 2016 at 2:44 AM

      In litigation, the defense of Apuron by the Guam religious (and non-religious)won't matter. The things that are going to count are the facts via testimony under oath and other hard evidence. Words in defense of Apuron (and his ilk) outside of litigation at this point are just fluff.

  7. Buenísimo, Frenchie! I want to say that in this puzzle, RM Seminaries would be receiving extra financial help due to the last name "for evangelization" or missionary. That should be investigated. Surely, that apparently silly thing (because it is obvious that every diocesan priest has to evangelize as any RM does), is a way to have extra financial advantages, not only more incomes but also in tax free aspect. The Way needs a specifc way to not give explanations of accountability, because it works with "bags" full of cash. Donations. Missions mean more cash. If RM Seminaries have a special status within the Church, depending on Filoni's Dicastery, the Way can stay moving all cash flow far from control and even receiving extra financial help. Kiko is not silly.

  8. blue chevelle? how about a red corvette, it's sexier.

    1. Dear anon at 5.41, if there is something you cannot accuse Apuron of, it is having good taste.

    2. does a "red corvette" also carry a story? blue chevelle does. please tell us more.

    3. Well anon at 4.01, beside Prince's song "little red corvette", I do not believe there is.

  9. Frenchie – Another masterpiece explanation how we happen to be where we are administratively in the eyes of the Church (Vatican) today – from being a part of the Catholic Conference of U.S. Bishops to the Conference for Oceania, and thus from being under the oversight of the Congregation of Bishops to the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples which is now under Neo sympathizer Cardinal Filoni.

    Very clever how these guys operate to get Guam nice and ready for the introduction of NCW! With its feet already in the door (late 80’s or early 90’s, I think), it didn’t take very long before the whispers of a possible “red hat” got into the ears of Apuron (then President of CEPAC, and already a Neo member), especially with the added feature of feather in his cap of him being responsible for the establishment of a first major seminary for Guam. So Pius, Santabala and the Tall Woman got to work with VG Quitugua and Chancellor Cristobal to craft a petition to NCW for the establishment of an RMS for Guam. So “urgent” was this need that the petition got pushed ahead of an earlier application from a Dallas, Texas Neo group, also seeking permission to establish an RMS there. So urgent was the need that the Archbishop of Agana had to leave the flock during the December 8, 1999 Immaculate Conception Mass and Procession to travel to Denver, Colorado, for the signing of the Decree of Erection setting up an RMS for Guam – December 8, 1999. The rest is current history!

    It’ll be interesting, Frenchie, if some historian would connect the dots (like you just did) to give us a complete synopsis of events from the establishment of Guam’s first seminary (FDMS in l948) through the efforts of Guam’s post-war bishop (a Capuchin friar), Apollinaris W. Baumgartner, to the eventual and complete takeover by a fake seminary through the efforts of another Capuchin friar bishop, Anthony S. Apuron. Baumgartner never got the red hat, but will go down in history as one of Guam’s most industrious bishops, building the Church in Guam from the ashes of war, fulfilling his coat of arms’ symbolic bird: the phoenix – a legendary bird which cyclically dies every so many years, only to rise again from its own ashes. I wonder what the legacy of Apuron will be to our Church – the bishop who brought it down?

    Thanks for your article, Frenchie. Looking forward to more of your musings. Happy St. Michael the Archangel’s Day. May he protect and defend us in our days of battle against all evils. (jrsa: 9/29/16)

    1. TFoday is also Fr. Michael Crisostomo's birthday. Happy Birthday Pale Mike .

    2. Biba Kumpleanos, Pale' Crisostomo. In guaiya hao! Protehi hao.

  10. That Explains Pius's long stay at the Archbishop's residence, Always close to Brother Tony, constantly whispering sweet nothings into tony's ear, watching his every move, 24 x 7 brainwashing, scheming and conniving their plans to slowly replace all the capuchin parishes with NCW presbyters under the excuse that the franciscans are getting old and sickly, and since they did not want a resurgence of young Franciscan priests, all they needed to do was tell all interested young men that they can no longer attend seminaries in the US, their only option was the NCW RMS factory in Yona. Very cunning, just like the serpent in the Garden.

    1. Right on target anon at 9.40
      As I have called it before, it is right out of that scary Sci-fi movie from the 70s: the body snatchers.

  11. Excellent post, Frenchie. Fascinating and nauseating at the same time.

  12. Thanks frenchie. Well said. It would be a miracle if the kilos actually read this.

    1. They do. But it is not intended for them.
      The only reason kikos read the jungle is to find out how worried they should be.