Monday, September 5, 2016


Posted by Tim

Perhaps my OR....IT COULD BE SOMETHING ELSE..AND MAYBE, NOBODY WANTS TO GO THERE was a bit too cryptic. No doubt the skeleton in the closet pic probably had something to do with it. 

Let me try to be clearer. 

First, there is no question that for decades (and I mean beyond Apuron) this diocese has been internally governed by MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction. I know that this accounts for the silence of the clergy (most of them) because it accounts for the silence of the laity (most of them). 

I have a particular sympathy for this. This is a small place. Families and family connections go back generations. It's hard to escape one's past around here.

Most of us are not only content to let sleeping dogs lie, we also know where the dogs are sleeping (ahem). And had it not been for the obvious usurpation of power by Pius the Putrid and Eddie the Ugly, Apuron's dogs might have stayed sleeping. But I digress.

The real issue is that we the laity are all aware of a certain "something" going down behind the curtain. Someone attributed it to "clericalism," a haughtiness and arrogance which treats the laity as vassals. 

Hon's laughing the CCOG out of the room at their January 2015 meeting is Exhibit A of said "clericalism". Exhibit B is Hon's near absolute ignoring of the laity for nearly the first two months of his assignment as Apostolic Administrator along with his "they'll be gone in two weeks," prediction. 

But while there is certainly the element of clericalism here, I attribute most of the "behind the curtain" stuff to MAD and to subsequent deal making. 

We are not interested in knowing what the skeletons in the closet are, so long as they are only personal peccadillos and not grave abuses which wounded and maimed real people with names like Walter, Roy, Sonny, Roland, and now Leo. (There's more, by the way). But what we ARE interested in is our church leadership coming clean about what is already public.

Fr. Paul was accused of endangering children and parishioners. Archbishop Hon, is that TRUE or FALSE? 

Msgr. James was accused of financial mismanagement. Archbishop Hon is that TRUE or FALSE?

Both priests were publicly removed from their positions. Both priests were publicly maligned. Both priests had their sagas played out in the media for many months. Both priests were publicly rallied around and defended by various members of the laity. 

In the case of Fr. Paul, Hon has essentially said that Apuron's accusations against him are FALSE, but has strangely left all the documentation against Fr. Paul (e.g. the Decree of Removal), in place. 

In the case of Msgr. James, Hon has admitted that he was mistreated, but has left all of the documentation against Msgr. James in place. 

Let's move beyond the two priests. 

Hon admits that RMS controls the Yona property by twice now demanding that they give it back. But he continues to publicly hold that only its use and not the title is in control of RMS. He knows this is not true. So why does he continue this charade?

And here's another. 

The Neocats continue to celebrate their illicit liturgy right under Hon's nose, yet, not a word. Hon, WHERE IS THE DOCUMENT that Apuron said he was looking for? Apuron said that the Neocats were permitted to receive communion sitting and that Rome "had permitted it. " Hon, YOU ARE ROME. What sayest thou? Not a word. Not a word. 

This is why we are suspicious of you, Hon. This is why we think there is deal making gong on. This is why we think someone is pulling your strings. This is why reconciliation and unity can NOT happen. This is why the crowds outside your door grow larger and louder. This is why we think there is "something else!"

I'll be back. 


  1. Tim, you stupid fuck, how's the the Brother

    1. Hi Rude-ee. Got an early start today, did you. I see you're drunk again and it's hardly noon. Life must be hell for you. Threatening my brother now?

    2. Oh my goodness what is wrong with you NEO fanatics? Get a grip. Go pray. Your time here is near the end.

    3. Tim, Rude-ee is just throwing a tantrum because his Sugar Daddy Apuron is no more.

    4. This is ridiculous. If this commenter is truly a priest, he ought to be dismissed and disallowed from ministering in any capacity.

      This is no joke. The evident disdain for civility and good behaviour is troubling. Can nothing be done about this commenter?

    5. Rudee will you please retire back to PI?

    6. And the Diana's say that the JW bloggers use foul language? I beg to differ.

  2. Thankyou tim.
    We certainly dont want to encourage clericalism.

  3. Reconciliation unity cannot possibly be built under the present climate. There is no trust at this point. Unity can only grow when trust is in place.

  4. Rude-ee you got to start laying off of the sauce man. Maybe you'll be able to walk without the assistance of a cane and we'll have nothing to kick when we see you. We'll just slap that filthy mouth of yours. LOL

  5. Fr.Rudy you are a retired priest.
    For sure if you were to ask Archbishop Hon to retire back to PI he will allow it. Dominic Kim can send your retiremwnt check western union monthly. Its over no more Apuron no more BiBi. Time to go back to PI.

    1. But the retired girlfriend is here. They both should leave, stay together and live happily ever after in their sty, wherever that is. They can make as many bacon as they want but please spare us and our young people the scandal of their blatant relationship. Same thing with money-hungry Joel. What a shameful priest who fundraises any chance he gets, and has not made any accounting on the long-awaited Divine Mercy Church. These are two priests who live for themselves and for what they can weasel out of our checkbooks.

  6. C'mon Hon. Grow a pair and do the right thing. Clean up the crap that apuron ran away from. Or have you been sucked in so deep in the neo cesspool that you can't even claw your way out? It's hard to believe you when deals are being made behind closed doors.

  7. as always, Tim's analysis is right on. and I just noticed that Tim does not call Hon by his title either, as I refuse to do. And until Hon does something of consequence in correcting the evils present in our Archdiocese, I will not call him Archbishop. How did he get the title, anyway? at an RMS factory?

  8. The mistrust is well founded given the years of a closed door policy by the church hierarchy with the exception of Neo insiders. Hon has a
    very narrow line to tow among the competing powers. We need to keep
    pounding the sidewalks to send our message that we want more concrete
    action, not just fluffy words!