Thursday, September 1, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

Seminary Claims Debunked

Haidee V. Eugenio, Pacific Daily News, September 1, 2016


  1. Funny how these neo priests preach about following the pope and yet brother tony is the biggest idiot who defies the pope and lies to his flock. Give it up you stupid neos. The truth has been laid out and all these people who were there aren't liars like your brother tony who is the biggest liar.

    Folks, let us not forget the victims who brother tony has abused. Rather than finding this diocese, let's fund the ccog so we can get back our church. Brother tony and you stupid neos, your gig is up and your greed is exposed!!!

  2. If the fiasco in Guam is any indication of what the NCW truly is, then the worldwide NCW network/organisation need to be closely "scrutinized". I wonder what will be the result.

  3. I am so disgusted as this mess becomes more and more apparent, and yet, WHY is the Vatican moving so slowly? In the US I am used to being able to call a bishop's office and at least have a conversation and be heard... I wish there were a way to communicate with the Vatican in the same way; would be willing to pay for the call if I knew who to talk to... Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples? Is there a petition circulating out there on the island? Feel so helpless and totally disgusted with the Church I love and the horrible way the faithful are being treated on the beautiful island of Guam!!

    1. There is a grave misunderstanding that the Vatican somehow has control of individual dioceses. It does not. The church structure is built on bishops. They aren't supposed to go bad. This is why you can call your diocese and talk to someone. A pope can hold bishops to account, but only so far. It has to be very serious and has to be proven. The Vatican has nothing in place to prove what is going on here. We must do it. So we are.

  4. Apurun is Guam's biggest liar,
    No longer worthy to be called a Friar.
    He's a disgrace to the Church,
    with his tall VG Lurch;
    Repent or prepare for the fire!

    And their friend Pius will be why they burn.
    They're brainwashed, they just cannot learn.
    But this rector is done,
    off to Malta he'll run.
    We say adios, and never return!

    It's all because of that darn Jungle Nation.
    Their faith truly a great inspiration!
    With people like Rohr,
    and so many more,
    The truth is our sole consolation.

    The story is not yet completed.
    The faithful have been so mistreated.
    There's a light in the distance.
    But let's keep up the resistance.
    Until the devil is finally defeated!