Thursday, September 1, 2016


Posted by Tim

In today's PDN story, Pius the Samnut says something worth noting: 

“Besides, these former finance officers of the Archdiocese are all my friends, some of them very dear, and brothers in Jesus Christ and I do not feel comfortable in wrangling and arguing publicly with them,” Sammut said.

Pius has had no problem "wrangling and arguing publicly" with anyone else over the last 3 years. What's different about "these former finance officers" who are "very dear, and brothers in Jesus Christ." 


Of course, there was only ONE "former finance officer," Richard Untalan, who spoke to the media yesterday. So the real question is what is different about Richard Untalan that is different from let's say, Andrew Camacho, who Pius had no problem trashing just a couple days ago on KUAM

Pius' statement tells us a lot. 

First it tells us what we already know: that the NCW is separate from the Catholic Church and sees itself as the only true "way" to Jesus Christ. 

Andrew Camacho, as well as all the other Catholics whom Pius felt free to "wrangle and argue" with over the years, is just as much a Catholic as is Richard Untalan. The difference is is that Richard is "one of the brothers." 

In fact, Richard "walked in the Way" for several years in the "Agana Second Community," the same community as Apuron and Jackie Terlaje. And while Richard may no longer "walk," in the NCW you can "check-out any time you like, but you can never leave." 

So, here, Pius blatantly tells us that if you are "one of them" then you are a "brother in Jesus Christ." Andrew and the rest of us are NOT "brothers in Jesus Christ, " because we are not "one of them." It could not be clearer: HIS "CHURCH" IS NOT OURS. THE NCW IS NOT PART OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

But here's the real reason. Pius KNOWS that Richard KNOWS. Richard is the one person in all this that Pius cannot lie to. Richard Untalan, as he stated, was THERE. He was intimately involved in ALL the details of every aspect of the acquisition of this property and what Apuron did to it in 2011. 

Pius also knows that Untalan will not hesitate to SUE his ass all the way to Malta. And that's the REAL REASON, isn't it, you Stinking Monk. 

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