Thursday, September 1, 2016


Posted by Jose Martinez

The documents are published, the statements have been made.  Signed affidavits have been collected and transactions have been recorded.

However, with all the mounting compelling evidence debunking the false narrative that has been force fed via Pius and his minions, some in the NCW remain adamant in sticking with the lies. 

For that, I am a spectator; their greatest fan!

What we see time and time again are the results of conditioning by NCW catechists and responsibles peppered by deep seated stages of denial.  

The first is an example of the unhinging of 'Diana" as frustration sets in because their head catechist is being exposed for the fraudulent leader he always has been.  Instead of coming to terms with the bill of lies he has sold and drilled into them, "Diana" lashes out like a spoiled child. . . 

The second is a great example of the conditioning at work in one walking in the way.  The bonus is the false humility that permeates their comment:

Good thing that not all of us are "dumb" Catholics.   We can recognize the propaganda that is on display in this person's comments.  We recognize Pius' rhetoric.  It's really not difficult now that we know the truth.

Disturbingly, this person from Inarajan wears "ignorance" as a badge of honor. Clever.  However, mostly, I pity this poor soul.  They, like many other well intentioned Catholics, were just sitting ducks when Pius and his ilk went hunting for those struggling (including the ignorant)   And when found, these people, were exploited.

In time we will have to put down the popcorn and start reaching out to those who will be left in the wake of Pius' eventual banishment.  Get ready.

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