Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Posted by Tim

And for good reason. The letter began with Hon telling us he is trying to get the pope to get rid of Apuron. In fact, not only did the Neo priests NOT read the letter, several have told Hon to his face that his is NOT their bishop. 

David the Rector blew off Fr. Jeff San Nicolas on the LFM seminary-visit issue, even though Fr. Jeff is the competent ecclesial authority for the Archdiocese of Agana in Hon's absence. 

Yet, Fr. Mike Crisostomo is the only priest to get Hon's bony finger in his face and a public ass-chewin'. 

What does that tell you?

BTW, Hon. There are now THREE individuals who are not represented by attorneys but who have brought claims of sexual abuse against members of the clergy. John Toves, Jonathan Diaz, and the lady who came to see you. 

You are not permitted to blow off any of these. 

Toves' allegation regarding Apuron's molestation of his cousin, regardless of whether the actual victim is willing to come forward, must be investigated per your own policy, even if it is only a matter of interviewing Toves for the record. Get to it, Hon. 

Jonathan Diaz gave a very long impassioned plea for help at the first public hearing for Bill 326, claiming he had been sexually abused by a seminarian who is now a member of the clergy as well as Apuron. The account is in the committee report for the bill and the PDN published a story about Diaz' testimony the following day. You don't get to write him off as a nutcase. You must follow your policy. Get to it Hon. 

And then there's the "lady that came to see you." Oh, you thought we'd forget about that? Let me say that again: She came to see YOU. YOU, Archbishop Hon. She sat in your office and told you what happened to your face. And you lectured her about "forgiveness."  She has every right now to bring a claim against both you and the archdiocese under the new law. WHAT are you going to do about it?

Did you think that your deal making for an apology was going to be the end of it? Get to it, Hon. Before I DO. 

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