Monday, September 12, 2016


Posted by Tim

Meanwhile, get down to the legislature at 10 am and support the bill.

We may have to wait for the evening news for the story to break - to which the significance of the blue Corvair I will make known. Meanwhile, here's some notes.

The story, which will break sooner or later, will underscore WHY the bill lifting the statute of limitations must include institutional liability. 

As we are now aware, per the testimony of Leo Tudela, the sexual abuse, molestation, and rape of young children by certain members of the clergy goes back to the 1950's. And per the statement of Fr. Louis Brouillard, we are now aware that the abuse was widespread and constant, since he admitted to abusing more boys than he could count. 

The upcoming story will introduce us to another member of the clergy whose name hasn't been mentioned yet. He is deceased. But apparently notorious, and...tied to Apuron. 

Our diocese is too small for the hierarchy not to have known what was going on, and going on for decades. In fact, while we can't know for sure (yet) that the recruitment of boys and young men for sexual favors was systematic, we can be very sure that the cover-up was, thus enabling the existence and practice of these predatory monsters. 

And further, there is serious speculation that Apuron was made bishop precisely to keep this sex syndicate going. 

September is suicide awareness month. I wonder how many of those boys took their own lives. 

Pics from Saturday's motorcade:

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