Monday, September 26, 2016


Pesch: What happens after child sex abuse bill becomes law
Like many others on Guam, I woke up Saturday morning wondering what the future holds for us as a community. With Gov. Eddie Calvo’s signature of approval to Bill 326, we are on an unchartered course of attempting to hold a religious institution accountable for alleged acts that, if true, are both morally and legally deplorable. This is going to take some time to sink in.


  1. Atty. Bill Pesch recommends watching the movie, "Spotlight." If you do not have a Netflix account, you can watch it (and other movies) for FREE at: Enter the title in the search box and click on the magnifying glass in the same box. Do it. You'll be glad you did!

  2. Excellent article by Atty. Pesch and Spotlight is a RIVETING film, especially under these circumstances.

  3. Is Judy Mae saying that is one hell of a bill, or is she saying that bill should go to hell!? Or did she mean the bill is the "Hall" of justice? Either way it's law now isn't it? Victims / Survivors please come forward.

    1. ole judymae, too busy doing nothing, to find time to do anything..

      judymae is mad she didn't get paid what she thinks she's worth, mad at gdoe for finding out she got paid more than she's worth, mad at governor for caring more about children than old ole judymae...

  4. Judymae wouldn't know a bill or a law if it hit her right upside her head. LOL!

  5. Judymae is just one cold Hearted and very unhappy soul.I know for a fact that if she was ever in any of our shoes or anyone close to her ( I don't wish it even on my worst enemy) she would be the 1st one crying wolf....I don't know who she is but God Have Mercy on her fork tongue for she knows NOT what she says...someone once stated that she Only worked for the Census bureau for 6 months and thinks she knows it all..There is No used trying to explain what Victims have to endure since she is all about census...She must be One of Apuron's biggest Fan..Judymae,Judymae,you must have front row seating watching Apuron Molest young Alterboys..Did he ( they) supply free drinks and Pop corn??

  6. Judymae must be Apuron's legal adviser since she works for the census Bureau and knows all about statistics ..She probably told Apurom and wherever else is involved to continue Molesting and raping young boys..They are too young and afraid to say anything. Just remember, YOU ARE THE BISHOP and nobody would believe them. Besides by the time they are old enough to report the incident, they have NO evidence ,No DNA to prove you did it...therefore, you are safe so continue on with your Evil Pleasures..

  7. Spotlight is a must watch documentary. Once you've watched it, you will understand why it took so long for victims to come out and how the church was hiding it for many years until a group of investigative journalists uncovered it. This is a true story.