Sunday, October 30, 2016


Posted by Tim

Here is the bottom line. It DOES NOT MATTER what Hon does or does not do if Apuron is not completely removed from office and barred from every returning. Because, in an instant, if restored, he can undo absolutely everything. All of these reassignments, new appointments, committee reports - none of them matter a whit if Apuron returns to office. 

As one priest brazenly pointed out to Apuron's face at a clergy meeting in July of 2014: ARCHBISHOP, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! Apuron MUST be removed!

Many think there is no way he can return after everything that has been exposed. To that, I say: you do not understand the depth of Kiko Arguello's cancerous power in the Vatican, or anywhere else for that matter. 

In March of 2015, we had a "slam dunk" case on Luis Camacho. An arrest was made. The details of the case would have opened up RMS to investigation, an investigation that would have led right to Apuron and then to the heart of the evil in the Vatican. The case disappeared. (See Luis Camacho File)

In January of 2016, we had another "slam dunk" case. The Attorney General, Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson, had officially advised the Director of Land Management to "petition the court to correct a certificate of title." Had he done so, the truth about Apuron's ceding title to the Yona Property to the control of the Neocatechumenal Way (Responsible Team) would have been exposed. Further investigation would have led right to the heart of the evil in the Vatican. Two months later, the same Attorney General, backed a plan by an Apuron operative to keep the matter from going to court, even though the law demanded it. Again, the case disappeared. (See Certificate of Title Fiasco)

These are only two of the many times we have seen the inexplicable happen, reminding us that Satan never sleeps and neither should we.

There is a very real possibility that Apuron will return. 

As of today, the sex abuse allegations against him remain only allegations. Allegations are not grounds for forcibly removing a bishop from office. Decent men will step aside and permit an investigation, but Apuron is not a decent man. 

The reason Apuron was removed (and remember, he was only removed "sede plena" which means that only his administrative authority was removed, and even that, only "temporarily") was not because of the sex abuse allegations, but because of defamatory comments "he" publicly made against his accusers - which was a demonstration of incompetence, and incompetence is one of the things which can be used to remove a bishop.

However, as we all know, Apuron did not make those comments. It was Eddy the Waldo (Edivaldo). And you can bet that Apuron has long since made the case that Eddy made those comments without Apuron's knowledge, so at most Apuron could be seen as negligent, which is NOT a reason to keep him from his office. 

Our best weapon to remove Apuron is Apuron. He is both stupid and narcissistic enough, as well as puffed up by his NCW-handlers, to believe he can throw his weight around in Rome.

What Apuron does not know, is how much he is despised in Rome, personally despised.

He is seen as nothing more than a pimple on a hog's butt. The trouble is that the hog is a big, nasty, sharp-tusked boar named Kiko Arguello, or more specifically, the corrupt, controlling syndicate, masquerading as an "itinerary of faith formation" that Arguello built with the help of the likes of the Gennarini brothers.

However, there is one thing more important to the Kiko-corrupted Vatican prelates than Kiko Arguello, and that is themselves. Before they go down, they are going to throw Kiko and his fools into the Tiber. And what is happening right here, right now, in Guam, on this tiny piece of dirt in the middle of nowhere (as some of them see us), has the potential to blow up their whole dirty game and expose the evil rot to its core. 

Press on. Do not grow weary in well doing. We are actually nearing the finish line. I will tell you more soon. But if we drop off the public protests now, we'll have nothing. And Apuron will be back to put an "arduous and painful closure" to all of us. 

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