Saturday, October 29, 2016


Posted by Bruce Williams

While the conclusion could have been a little stronger, one thing is certain: The "smoke of Satan," as observed by Pope Paul VI, is currently choking every bureaucracy and charity in the institutional Church.

This above all else is why we MUST pray for our religious, our priests, our bishops, and for the Holy Father.  The Catholic Church is under attack as never before -- both from without as well as within.  So, while our bishops and priests owe it to us, in justice, to lead us to Christ and salvation, we owe it to them, also in justice, to pray and fast on their behalf.  Should we fail to pray and fast for them, how can we ever expect them to have the strength and wisdom to lead us as they are called to do?

In short, it is a call for authenticity and holiness, one worthy of the name Catholic.

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AB Hon will be leaving by the end of the year. His mission to unify has had some limited success. Hon, like King Theoden (above) has, as Tim and others have pointed out, the NCW as his puppet master. 

But the whispering (Wormtongue) turned to defiance and disobedience! The battle for the Roach Motel is on! Hon has a few weeks to file the suit to return the Yona property to the Archdiocese. Then the KAKA can be brought under control and eventually replaced by  "Authentic Catholicism".


  1. Sorry can't connect to the website posted!

  2. This evening there is a photo of Archbishop Apuron on facebook going around. He looks ill,stressed, lost huge amount of weight.


    1. Yes, the abomination is in the temple. Would that Francis care about the real evils in the Church as much as he cares about purging conservatives.