Monday, October 10, 2016



"...the best way to ensure that no schools or social services are shuttered is for the archdiocese to reclaim ownership of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary property in Yona and place the property in trust for the victims of church-related sexual assaults."

Pesch: Will the church on Guam go bankrupt?


  1. Maybe the chancery is correct. Maybe the Archdiocese of Agana will go bankrupt and lose everything. Maybe the chancery knows there are MANY victims of sexual abuse from clergy and employees of the local catholic church. How many? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

    If there are THAT many victims then this local church needs to be shut down immediately!!!

    If it takes bankruptcy to stop sex abuse of children from clergy then so be it!!!

    Stop preying on the innocent and start praying for healing.

    God help us!

  2. the key word there is "reclaim." that clock's ticking, archbishop hon!

  3. Thank you to Atty. Pesch for explaining in clear and simple layman terms the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Law. And based on his explanation, the Archdiocese of Agana seems to have been crying "wolf"
    without basis.

  4. Nov 21 Hon. Don't leave until you've taken care of this little bit of business.

  5. So there you have it, neos. If you all don't want to be the reason the archdiocese goes bankrupt, then return the RMS property. It was never yours to begin with. And even if it was transferred to the neo cult on paper, it was done immorally and unethically thanks to the pedophile apuron and the trained lawyer JTT.

  6. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)October 10, 2016 at 10:00 AM

    Yes, Mr. Pesch nailed it indeed! Thank you for your column on this subject, Mr. Pesch. Many of us knew this fact all along which is why it was an idiotic move by the Archdiocese to do their petition signature drive the last Sept. 17 weekend. Not only was its timing well past the legislative hearing process, but the battle cry of “the Church will lose its assets” was not true! A bankruptcy filing will protect the assets --- a move many dioceses underwent as a result to child sexual abuse claims. I have lost even more faith in the clergy (as a collective group) because most participated in that petition drive and scared their parishioners proclaiming this wrong information. United Airlines, General Motors, Texaco, Delta Airlines, Diocese of Spokane, Diocese of Portland, Diocese of San Diego, etc. The dioceses that filed for Chapter 11 are still around and with their Catholic Schools still existing and their social services programs (through their local branch of Catholic Charities or Catholic Community Services) are still providing services. Some are even better managed financially and administratively because of having undergone bankruptcy. For the local Faithful who got suckered into believing the message that was preached from the many of Guam’s pulpits the weekend masses of Sept. 17-18 (especially the 4700 individuals who signed the Archdiocese’s petition), now you’re likely thinking, “How can my priest lie to me from the pulpit?” I would like to hear the responses from the clergy on that question. The pulpit is a very powerful place from which to convey a message. The clergy should use it as a place from which truth (and not lies) are disseminated.