Monday, November 7, 2016


In order to assist Bishop Byrnes in his transition to the helm of this archdiocese, I've created the tab MEMOS FOR BISHOP BYRNES above where we can deposit our thoughts into a single place. Feel free to ad yours. However, there will be one stipulation for this page, all comments must be respectful and sincere. 


  1. Hey Tim more Shit!!! to start.

    1. MEMOS ? you mean picket signs for Bishop Byrnes those old People are getting too old to walk the sidewalk with your picket signs

    2. Well Anon 11:58 those "old people" just kicked out your Neo bishop!! Us old people are going to shut down your "semenary". Then we kick your false religion off of Guam. So sit down and shut up while the old people kick your ass!!

    3. Hey now! I'm old?

      You know what's old? Anonymous cowards who think they are clever in their comments.

      You know what doesn't get old? The irony of the fact that they hate us so much, yet they just can't keep themselves away from Jungle Watch. Love that they exert so much energy to say so little.

      Keep up the good work anonymous coward. You make the case for your removal with every comment.

      Looking forward to making you respond again. Already made you come back and read this.

  2. Archbishop Byrnes can ask his fellow bishops and priest for more information. I hope he also talks to Bishop Athanasius Schneider (auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan) about the NCW.

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