Tuesday, November 1, 2016


The news keeps quoting me as saying that I said Bishop Brynes will only be here 2-5 years and then someone local will be appointed to replace him.

I only proposed this as a possibility this morning when Patti Arroyo called me. I qualified my speculation in the context of Rome's post-Vatican II penchant for "inculturation" which includes appointing bishops, mostly in areas considered to be the "developing Church,"who are ethnically and culturally related to their dioceses.

Unlike the rest of Micronesia, if not all of Oceania, Guam does not fit this mold. Thanks to the Spanish, Guam has been Catholic for at least 100 years longer than the United States has been a nation. We are NOT a developing Church, nor are we a mission territory, a designation Apuron has played up for years in order to qualify for grants from the Catholic Extension society, taking money away from true mission territories.

And now, you can tune into to the current press conference:

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