Friday, September 9, 2016


posted by Jose M.

The Herald of Pius fertilized their blog today, and as promised, we slid into our hip waders, laced up our sh#t kickers and grabbed our shovels to sift through the muck so you don't have to.

 Yesterday's notice nailed to the door of the RMS (see what I did there?) essentially told anyone that in order to enter the RMS, one must gain permission and approval by the Rector of the RMS.  That (acting) Rector, being Msgr. Quitigua, is not only walking in the NCW, he demonstrated that he is still beholden to Kiko and the neos via Pius.

But that is not the pile secreted by Diana today.

Being the mouth piece and official spokesperson for any and all instruction from Pius, Diana reveals the real reason that the ladies of the LFM (and others) were not able to enter what should be open to all people, especially for Catholics on Guam.

If one wants to visit the RMS, one needs to: Pay to Play.


However, it should not be that surprising. This is how community members are initiated into the NCW in passing the Second Scrutiny.  They pay their way into the movement by handing over their properties; assets;, make the NCW their beneficiary on insurance policies; turn over their bank accounts . .  etc . . .

I will continue to remind all readers of JW that the Diana blog is a construct of Pius, instructed to exist and endorsed on his website in order to provide yet another vehicle of propaganda for the neo communities to claim as a credible source of information.  

Pius may have been removed from his position of Rector of the RMS and stripped of his priestly faculties, but his influence still festers on our island.

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