Monday, September 12, 2016


Posted by Jose M.

Can it get any worse . . . 

Outraged yet?  Had enough?  Do you agree that a 10 year old sexual abuse victim is a willing participant?

Ultimately those questions are directed to those few good people remaining in the NCW on Guam. 

Why them?
They are the recipients of these questions because when it comes to Pius and Diana, those that remain in the NCW on Guam are the enablers; they are just as culpable for the message.  
  • They know that Pius has instructed them to adhere to the words of Diana.  
  • They know that Diana is a construct of a community (most likely one of the original communities of Barrigada or Agana). 
  • They know that this narrative of a willing participant is not only an instruction from Pius, it's an exploitation of the teaching of sin that Kiko has created to keep victims of violence, sexual abuse etc in passive submission to the NCW.  (See: Do Not Resist Evil  Part I  and Do Not Resist Evil Part II)

Why Pius?  

Because as the lead catechist on Guam (and recently deposed rector of RMS), appallingly, his website directly links to the "Diana" website.  Amazingly, he created and thus approves of "Diana."  

One simply does not maintain a blog of this magnitude and have it linked on Pius' site without his approval and permission. Pius is responsible for "Diana." promotes Diana

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