Friday, March 10, 2017



  1. Good for her! She probably won't be the only one.

    A lot of homosexual priests are violent female-haters and many young girls are brutalized by them. Some of the worst crimes were committed against Native American and indigenous Canadian grade school girls.

    Oregon's Jesuit Province was bankrupted in the 1990's by lawsuits against known pedophile priests who were exiled to a remote Alaskan mission instead of being defrocked. A Franciscan lay brother from San Francisco was among the credibly accused. Some of his victims live in SF Bay Area where he also resides with his alcoholic wife.

    There was also a notorious case in Los Angeles CA in the 1980's nicknamed Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Seven native Filipino priests repeatedly raped the 15-year-old daughter of a mid-City Rectory housekeeper from the Philippines. One made her pregnant and she had his child.

    All of the priest-rapists escaped to the Philippines unpunished because the powerful closet queen Pastor of the parish where the atrocities occurred was a close working associate of the Cardinal. He might have been the Chancellor because he was in total charge of the AD's finances.

    All but one of the criminal priests disappeared. The homo they caught was from an extremely wealthy family, so he was quietly defrocked.

    Eventually, the ostracized victim successfully sued the Archdiocese, but all she got was around $400,000. In a media interview, she said she left the Church.

  2. Is monkey face the suspect in this case?