Friday, March 17, 2017


posted by Jose M.

It has been an entertaining 24 hours reading the blog of the Herald of Pius.  "Diana" has been busy twisting and turning the latest NCW narrative that even a flow chart cannot help with clarity.

Now with their latest post, they have taken a direct swipe at Archbishop Byrnes' call for unity.  Diana attempts to dismantle and discredit the sentiment and clear instructions of Archbishop Byrnes by utilizing and manipulating Pope Francis' speech on diversity, as if Pope Francis was addressing the liturgy in the same context as Archbishop Byrnes!

This is just one of many example of the methods and means that the NCW leadership will practice in order to corral and rouse their communities.  They cannot state facts and truth so they misrepresent the words of others to promote their lies.

Diana attempts to demonstrate that Archbishop Byrnes is contradicting Pope Francis. However, the context of Pope Francis speech is wholly different from the context of Byrnes' pastoral letter. 

In other words, Diana has propped up a straw man argument.

To clarify with documentation:

When it comes to the NCW, it is clear that the NCW is of the Roman Rite.  The final approved statutes of the NCW of 2008 state in reference to the liturgy of the Eucharist: 
§ 3. For the celebration of the Eucharist in the small communities the approved liturgical books of the Roman Rite are followed, with the exception of the explicit concessions from the Holy See.(49)

Footnote 49, which are the concessions Archbishop mentions in his pastoral letter, states:

(49) See Benedict XVI, Speech to the Neocatechumenal Communities on January 12, 2006, in Notitiae 41 (2005), 554–556; CONGREGATION FOR DIVINE WORSHIP, Letter of December 1, 2005 in Notitiae 41 (2005), 563–565; “Notification of the Congregation for Divine Worship on celebrations in groups of the Neocatechumenal Way,” L’Osservatore Romano, December 24, 1988: “The Congregation consents that among the adaptations foreseen by the instruction “Actio Pastoralis”, nn. 6-11, the groups of the above-mentioned “Way” may receive communion under two species, always with unleavened bread, and transfer “ad experimentum” the Rite of Peace to after the Prayer of the Faithful.” 
If my quotations are not credible enough, here are the screen shots of the sections (with my emphasis):

Archbishop Byrnes was not calling for unity in the celebration of the Eucharist for just the sake of uniformity, he was simply invoking the NCW's own statutes! There is no other rite that the NCW liturgy is to follow other than the Roman Rite!  

Diana refuses to publish resources such as their statutes because these deliberate and precise documents destroy their narrative of deceit and misdirection.

The Dianas tried to flip the narrative, instead, they flopped, falling flat on their face.

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