Friday, March 17, 2017


If it had just been an error in judgement, even one as egregious as what Fr. Luis was arrested for two years ago today (and on the feastday of the patron saint of the seminary he supposedly graduated from), normal human compassion would have long ago taken hold and the incident forgiven and forgotten.

But his immediate and mysterious disappearance, complicated by the tragic and comical bungling of his case by his handlers (The Adrian et al.), and then his resurfacing in Qatar as the leader of a youth retreat, and then the monstrous entry of the real villain in all this, His Excellency Camillo Ballin....well all this led to immediate international attention and a scandal of dire consequences given the sensitivity of things right now in the Arabian Peninsula, plus the wide open evidence of what many have long suspected that Kiko and Filoni Baloney's NCW is an "underground railroad" for squirreling away clerical misfits, perverts or otherwise. 

Even now, Luis Camacho remains a gigantic liability for the Archdiocese of Agana, which means YOU and ME. Last we heard, after we uncovered him in Qatar, he was squirreled away again to Kiko's outpost on the banks of the Galilee, where (Archbishop Hon was told) he is "too distraught" to speak to anyone. 

Sadly, Luis Camacho remains more a victim of all this than his own "victim." How many more like Luis Camacho are locked into a cycle of abuse that pretends to be a seminary? 

So we keep this story in front of you, so that the likes of The Adrian, Apuron, Ballin, Gennarini, Kiko, Filoni, and all who conspire to traffic in humans for the sake of their filthy empire may some day get what's coming to them.

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