Thursday, March 16, 2017


Posted by Tim
Today, we read about another case of clergy sex abuse. The real evil in all of this is that Apuron knew about all of it. But he did nothing because of his own history. The real evil is that knowing his history, he did not recuse himself from the selection process of bishop. In fact, many know that he sought the position as the primary means of covering that history.


  1. He really deserves at least one last injection....lethal injection.


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  3. Tim, perhaps getting the position was not just to cover Apuron's evil tracks but a license to commit the same sort of abuses if an opportunity presented itself - but now with the perceived immunity of the miter and crozier. In the process of calumniating and presuming that he was invincible, he along with ncw support nearly brought down an archdiocese.

  4. Apuron didn't recuse himself from the bishop selection process because he knew exactly how much support he had within the homosexual pedophile hierarchy. He'll be acquitted of the canonical charges in order to reduce the risk of having to publicly expose them.