Thursday, March 16, 2017


Posted by Tim Rohr

As I outlined in my post of March 8, WE WAIT, the monstrosities taking place before our eyes now in the Archdiocese of Agana can be traced back to January 2006, when Archbishop Apuron publicly took sides with the Neocatechumenal Way against the magisterial authority of the Holy Catholic Church (vis-a-vis the CDW Instruction of Dec. 1, 2005) as specifically regards the distribution and reception of Holy Communion.

At the root of the NCW's leadership and Apuron's refusal to conform to what the Church required is a fundamental difference of belief about what Holy Communion is. And what Holy Communion is is at the very heart of what is the Holy Catholic Church. Without getting into the theology of it (we've gone there before), the NCW has fought tooth and nail to maintain their illicit practice because it supports Kiko Arguello's illicit (and probably heretical) doctrine 

But now, and whereas Apuron was the first bishop in the world to publicly support Kiko's heresy and illicit communion rite, Archbishop Byrnes appears to be the first bishop in the world to publicly DEMAND that it be abrogated and that the norms of the Holy Catholic Church be maintained.

I say the "first bishop in the world" because I am not aware of any other bishop, even those who have imposed a moratorium on the NCW, who have directly targeted the illicit practice and demanded full obedience of the NCW to what the GIRM requires and what the NCW Statute permits.

I say if we can trust Archbishop Byrnes to do the right thing in this regard, the very center of the division, then we can trust him moving forward on the many other things. That does not mean we can relax our vigilance. The Kiko's will wage an all out underground war against Byrnes and try to trip him up, or, failing that, they will simply continue to disobey as they have from the beginning. We must help Archbishop Byrnes continue to do the right thing.

Meanwhile: APURON OUT!

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