Monday, April 17, 2017


As the end for the bad actors in this horrid drama looms, we can expect two things: 1) Apuron's people will resort to a "scorched earth" policy and attempt to destroy everyone and anyone, so we can expect accusations now to come out of the woodwork; and 2) which is related to the first, certain members of the clergy will turn on each other, though not publicly. 

Among the clergy there has been a policy of MAD for several years: Mutually Assured Destruction. Everyone knows everyone's dirt. And so long as "you don't tell on me I won't tell on you." Some of this "dirt" goes back to seminary days and a certain "Jokers Wild" has threatened to release it. 

Of course we know who the Joker is and we know who he hates, so it was easy to call him out on it before he did it. This "calling out" won't be by the clergy themselves. They will do it through their proxies. 

Apuron's "scorched earth" will be aimed at the people he believes took him down. But it will also be aimed at possible successors, or at least previous possible successors. Every sort of rumor will be used and probably coercion as well. Expect it. 

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