Monday, May 29, 2017


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondant from Spain.

This is the answer written by Pax, a Italian neocatechumenal former member to last Kiko Argüello's letter asking for more cash money (500.000 euros) for his 'new evangelization of the world'. Here is the translation from original in Italian

"Dearest Kiko:

Once I read your letter of request of financial aid to all neocatechumenal brothers and sisters in Europe, dated on May 20 2017 Madrid, in my light of my experience in the NCW for several decades, which finished with my abandonment some years ago, I feel my duty to adress this letter to you.

I feel you are a little anguished and very worried by an eventual need to stop the "Merkaba: the Fire Carriage of Evangelization", which, as you say, without a substantial, solicitous and generous contribution of fresh money, will no longer have its extraordinary and supernatural propulsion power in its wheels, which allows it to reach the four corners of the earth at the same time.

Convinced of this, you are sitting at a table with your business advisers.
You have to agree that this is unusual for anyone who has ever programmed anything, nor has ever known where the Lord would like to bring him, following every day the inspiration coming from above, with which God always surprised him by taking it for unimaginable ways, and all those who follow his example with him!

So, only five days before inagurating for this new course 2017-18 (as you have always done all your life) the evangelization, you have thought, as a foresighted person, to do the math well with how much will be the utmost expense of everything with this Ambaradan - pardon, Merkaba - and having realized with terror that the account will go as little as half a million euros, you are rushed to communicate to all of your followers that, if  all this cash money does not arrive to the Foundation, of which you are Boss, in a short time, you must, wisely, stop.

I would like to reassure you with what you have always taught us:
If this you do is the will of God, the sure help will come to you, the Lord will not allow you to be confused. Try to know what the Lord wants to tell you!
Are you doing what the Lord inspires you, are you obeying His Will? Are you a docile instrument in His hands? The work you do, is your work or is God's work? Therefore courage: God will provide! Did he ever have abandoned you? Do you remember how many miracles have you seen Him doing?
How many miracles have you heard, told by you and by your itinerants...miracles, true miracles!
And now what is this? Is your faith going out? Do You Have no trust in the Lord?
Notice if you're doing something for yourself? Is God wanting all this?
Jus do what you have to, the help will come from above, sure! It's no true that you have to think about it!
May God abandon his beloved son, who, as a useless servant, is instrument in His hands?
God who, day by day, takes you by His hand?

Then, reading your letter with more attention, you say precisely you are not ashamed of-Freudian lapsus- maybe you should be ashamed, better, why do you are ashamed to ask for cash money for your WORLD ITINERANT EVAGELIZATION!?

Ah, now I understand why you are anxious, because you have to be safe!

In fact, when you make the excursus of the convivence, you say you are going to distribute near 300 boys for seminars, at the request of itinerants, 200 itinerant families all over the world, because they are asking you to reinforce the mission in different countries.

A question: why is all that "yours"?
Now the Arcan is well explained: this is your empire, you are building your kingdom here on earth.

The Church has nothing to do, not even the Pope, Cardinals or Bishops, even though the Bishops are the sole responsible of the NCW, according to the Statute, being the Neocatechumenal Way incardinated in the individual dioceses, under the exclusive guidance of the Bishops.

Explained the reason for your anguish, rightfully I would say at this point:

I warn you, however, dearest Kiko, you have to be very careful when you speak, your word is taken as a safe model from the brothers of the communities scattered around the world.

Then let me make an example.
The letter is read in all the communities, the brothers meditate it, and, following your example, come home to sit at the table to make two accounts with the wives and numerous offspring and decide how much they will put into the bag you announced in advance, Just because they could get prepared at the established time.

I open a parenthesis: given the conclusion where I'm coming, following the logic, I have a terrible intuition: perhaps it was better for you to tell your itinerants to give those who are responsibles the order to, suddenly, pass the bag  through the community for an instant collection. Unforeseen victims, impressed to be recipients of a Kiko's letter for them all, and considering the number of brothers all over Europe, even though everyone had just put that little he had behind, having not had the chance to put some savings As you would like to do, already so you would be assured not one but two good and paid evangelization courses, but now it is done and, as it is said, "Who does not want anything to cling!" Closed parentheses.

Let's go back to the reunited family, like you, around the table.
The head of the family says:
We do two accounts, as Kiko did, our only example to imitate, from the salary we first get the tithing, mortgage, bills, eating for a month, we are seven, school, university, transportation, personal expenses, and finally We can not forget the extraordinary collection of each month for the family on mission, by the way, in June there is also the council taxes!
The fact that Kiko did not venture into anything if he did not have his shoulders covered, makes the family panic, who realize that Kiko can also stop for a year! They have to move on!

At this point I give you an advice: before end May, without waiting any longer, you can already decide to stop.
Communicate to all the itinerant people a sabbatical year, then pray for inspiration to which monastery it is good for you to be hosted, to find yourself and your relationship with God, thus giving a good example to the  12 Cephales and the 72 who, as always, will follow you in all your footsteps! It seems like a dream! Just in a single shot we will also get rid of them.

God is going to make the most amazing miracle of all with the Neocatechumenal Way:
The Cephales and the 72 and everyone else, stop the 2017/2018 course -a memorable new course that will remain in the Annals of the NCW- while Carmen, from a "superior category", who is awaiting canonization, instead of "helping" the brothers and sisters to be generous with the Lord, rest in peace, this year and forever, and save us from any disturbing post-mortem visit since your subdits remain vividly your violent incursions in live.

Have a long deserved time of holidays, you really need it and it will good for you.

Finally thank you very much from the heart!
Wishing your brothers and sisters "good holidays" in Jesus Christ, they sincerely have asked the Lord who has inspired them:
They decide this year they will not give up their holidays and before concluding the highly accented month of May, as summer is near, they will book a vacation without so much pretentions, according to their possibilities, but finally some vacation at sea for just one week, anywhere, of course not in Porto San Giorgio". 
Author: Pax, posted in Neocatecumenali

This letter is a lesson in fine irony. We have the living saint Kiko Argüello being too human. When he experiences just for a second the monstrosity of the mess which he, and only he, has created in terms of bastard money, he realizes the miracles he needs are not so supranatural but so simple as "to God begging and with the hammer giving" (sorry, it is a literal translation from Spanish "a Dios rogando y con el mazo dando"). 

And Kiko seems a teenager who prays Lord to pass the final exam when instead of studying he has been living la vida loca. He is used to act with total irresponsibility but he is always lucky. He has stayed living with comfort an easily close to one of the richest woman in Spain, Carmen the Supreme, to whom money came out from her ears. Carmen the Supreme inherited a fortune of one in the Forbes list, her father. 

After her sister Elisa died with Alzheimer, Carmen created the Elisa Hernández's Foundation for the New Evangelization, as supposedly her sister wanted, and with all that money, a lot of money of course, was founded the Redemptoris Mater Seminary and the Neocatechumenal University in Callao (Perú), by the date placed in the hands of actual neocatechumenal Bishop Del Palacio Pérez-Medel. 

Here are some data:

Equipment: 52,352.08 euros (65,752.11 Dollars)
Patronage: It is constituted by: a) Patrons born: Mrs. Carmen Hernández Barrera, as president; Don Francisco José Gómez-Argüello Wirtz (Kiko Argüello), as a vocal; And Father Don Mario Pezzi.
Purposes: "To promote, sustain, raise, train, support and assist in the widest sense the missionary priestly vocations that arise in or for the Diocesan Seminary Redemptoris Mater" John Paul II "of the Diocese of Callao (Peru), promoted by the Neocatechumenal Way, in the service of the Catholic Church for the evangelization of Hispanic America 2. Collaborate with the support of the evangelization of the Neocatechumenal Way, especially among those who are far away, in de-Christianized areas of Madrid and elsewhere".

Oops, by the way, let me remain that second point is exactly the same which figures about this another foundation:

Equipment: € 52,352.08 ($ 65,745.08)
Patronage: It is constituted by: a) Patrons born: Mrs. Carmen Hernández Barrera, as president; Don Francisco José Gómez-Argüello Wirtz (Kiko Argüello), as a vocal; And Father Don Mario Pezzi.
Purposes: "1. To assist in the maintenance and expansion of the" Domus Galileae "retreat house, located in Israel, near the Lake of Tiberias or Sea of Galilee - one of the significant places, along with Jerusalem, where Our Lord Jesus Christ developed his public life - under the management of the Neocatechumenal Way in service to the Catholic Church, as an instrument of evangelization and favoring ecumenical dialogue. 2. Colaborate with the support of the evangelization of the Neocatechumenal Way, especially among the remote, de-Christianized from Madrid and elsewhere".

As noticed, Carmen the Supreme was the president of both foundations. Both were created the same date, on September 3 2011. Why? Because then the inherited money was free of state and local inheritance taxes. Of course, the money for "equipment" which figures before was a legal minimum required to the creation of the foundation. Carmen was a millionaire. See more here, in Spanish.

It is very difficult to understand why, with such financial resources, channeled through both foundations to "colaborate with the support of the evangelization of the Neocatechumenal Way"(second point), Kiko still has to ask for more and more cash money. As the Pax's letter says, why do they not sell all their goods, as they preach obsessively to every mortal human in the NCW? I have seen how oldest people resigned to their private medical insurance because it was a sign of trust on God's providence, as the catechists ordered. It means every simple person in the Way has to live in precariousness. 

All of us know now that precariousness did not exist for Kiko and Carmen the Supreme. They had a millionaire inheritance under their spiritual foundations for the new evangelization. They told a christian can not live safely. But Kiko and Carmen were exent of their own commandments, as well as they never had to wear their white linen tunica, they did not obey anybody, they did not clean up the seminars, they did not change a diaper to any baby in missio. 

Terrible. Not to say a nightmare. Kiko has built a whole empire for the new evangelization only sustained over the widow's neocatechumenal obolus. How many neocatechumenal people will never be able to pay for just one lobster of Kiko's love? How many boys and girls go for WYD on pilgrimage working as Chinesses to pay each pence (the neocatechumenal pilgrimages are much more expensive than any other) as if they were on vacation because their colapsed families have to live depending on tithes and charity and they can not afford anything!? 

Meanwhile Kiko enjoys marvellous private houses in Mediterranean sea, for free, and fest each summer in the most cool "chiringuitos" by the sea. It is a real shame. 


  1. Last year Kiko told the members the members a BIG SECRET not to be talked about outside the way! "The World will end within a year."
    Hasn't happened so he had been caught short with his trousers down and short of cash!!!
    More people in the way need to start using their brains like this gentleman and thinking about the church and not just themselves and their experience. The crown of thorns will not be a genuine excuse for submitting your conscience to another especially when the other is "economic with the truth and untrustworthy."

  2. It's the same as the "Fondazione Famiglia di Nazareth per l'Evangelizzazione Itinerante" who collect and manage the money from NCW in Italy: "La fondazione ha come scopo di sostenere l'attività di evangelizzazione itinerante attuata attraverso il cammino neocatecumenale, specialmente fra i lontani in zone scristianizzate, in Roma e altrove, aiutandola anche con mezzi economici". For whom that don't understand italian:"Scope of foundation is substain itinerant evangelization through NCW, especially among the remote, de-Christianized from Rome and elsewhere". Here ( you can find the whole board (it was modified recently).

    Spot the differences! It seems that there is a series of these foundations.

    The foundation own a big attic (7,5 rooms) in a luxury zone of Rome (extimated value 1,5 euro milion), half of a 5 rooms apartment in the center of Rome (extimated value 300k euro) and a house with vineyard in Southern Italy (extimated value 300k euro). The foundation himself give for free a terrain to another foundation in Padova (northern Italy) for building a NCW center. This one foundation ("Fondazione San Pio X per l'evangelizzazione itinerante") own also an entire floor of a building in Padova and an apartment in the center of Venezia (4 rooms, extimated value 500k euro).

    is it possible to make a check (in Italy this kind of data are public) about the real estate properties of the foundation that you are talking about?

  3. Do any of you have the email address of kiko arguello?

    1. kiko.arguello@prophets.hv

      (.hv is a Internet top-level domain registred in Heaven :-)

    2. Do I supposed to laugh for your stupid comment??

    3. Anon 5/29 at 4:41 p.m. it sounds,like Kiko is trying to start a doomsday cult. There's big money in that.

      Like Jonestown, David Koresh, Heaven's Gate, that bunch in Japan with their subway nerve gas bomb and others, the NCW is extremely dangerous in more ways than one. Its rank and file are terminally stupid, so Kiko can play any type of deadly game he wants. Before they croak, his followers will bequeath everything they own to the heathen NCW.

    4. There was a wealthy doomsday preacher named Harold Camping who died in Oakland, California in 2013 at age 92. He predicted that the world would end on May 21, 2011. He drew a massive amount of global publicity to himself and collected tons of tribute money from extreme fundamentalists. When his doomsday prediction failed, he said it was only 5 months off and he went into hiding with his wife. A fatal stroke followed.

      In the meantime, many of his idiot followers had quit their jobs, sold everything they owned and gone on the road advertising the coming doomsday, preaching repentance and collecting millions for Camping. Related suicides were reported when his groupies realized they'd been duped and left destitute.

      The NCW could find itself in a condition similar to Camping's imploded church. If that happens, it's anyone's guess what type of escape Kiko will make with the cult's fortune. In addition to Vatican City, he'd certainly be welcomed by corrupt Catholic tax havens like Andorra, Liechtenstein and Monaco.

  4. NCW members of Guam! Wake up, and smell the coffee! So long have you been deceived by this pseudo-prophet and his religious cult - and his Guam handlers! Don't be as blind as Jim Jones' disciples who were forced to drink not from the Fountain of Life, but from the dregs of evil. Save yourselves and your children, before it is too late. It is obvious your "house of cards" is falling apart. It is running out of money - the root of all evil! It is now reverting to begging! Does Kiko have that strong a grip on you? Abandon ship, before your Titanic goes down. Where are your Guam leaders now? Scattered all over the globe, leaving you behind to fend for yourselves. True shepherds? True leaders? It is no longer "Joy! Joy! Joy!" - never has been! Come back to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church where you can truly find Jesus. There is no other Roman Catholic Church!

  5. The email of Kiko Argüello? I am afraid he does not have any email address, he hates internet and computers. Even his real address is a mistery, he lives under great secrecy in Rome, close to Vatican.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if Kiko lives right inside Vatican City when he's in Rome. That's where they hide many of their privileged perverts, both clergy and wealthy laity.

      Vatican City is also notorious for Internet porn. Vatican security found loads of it on computers there a couple of years ago but, as far as I know, no one was nailed.

    2. Apuron loves the filthy NCW because it was founded by closet homosexuals like him. Kiko and Carmen. That's why pervert NCW presbyters were given free run of Guam for 30 years. The brutal pedophile ring Apuron enabled provided cover for him.

  6. Probably he lives in Via Del Mascherino, when he is in Rome. Officially that building is owned by Propagande Fide, i.e. by Filoni. NCW has some offices and an apartment in the attic.

  7. If you want to pay a visit to Kiko, I can tell you his apartment in Rome is in Via di Porta Angelica, which is parallel to Via del Mascherino where the NC Centre of Rome is. I am not living in Rome any longer, but from google street view I think I can recognize the building number as the 31 (not sure 100% though). An amazing spot, believe me, and Vatican City is right on the other side of the road.

  8. P.S. I know where Kiko's apartment is because every time I passed by with a NC priest, he would point it out.