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As we now know, the first printing of the August 10 edition of the U Matuna, was frantically retrieved and destroyed soon after it was made available for pickup around 4:PM, Friday, August 8. We were told in a subsequent news story in the U Matuna the following week that the reason for the scramble to retrieve the first printing and print a second was "because of errors in the original print edition." Lies would be more like it. Lies the chancery thought they could (AGAIN) get away with. 

Let's review the timeline:

July 31: The archbishop releases a statement to the media along with a seven month old letter from an accounting firm detailing the accounting problems at the Catholic Cemeteries. The archbishop's letter alleges financial mismanagement and is a response to the public outrage over his ambush firing of Msgr. James. 

August 6: The team of accountants tasked with addressing the concerns raised by the accounting review hold a press conference and show evidence that not only had the concerns been addressed and all but one resolved, but that the archbishop had acknowledged the progress in a letter dated six weeks previous.

August 6-7: The chancery, again caught red-handed lying, flies into action and manufactures a story for the Umatuna designed to provoke sympathy for the archbishop, cast opposition as "hate speech", and discredit the financial professionals who spoke on August 6. 

August 8: It's 4:PM, and the chancery bosses are up on the hill having a victory party, thinking that they've hit a home run with their hit piece on their opponents. 


Apparently, the archbishop and his fellas had no problem trashing men like Mr. Joe Rivera and Mr. Art Ilagan, the men who had said "nothing could be further from the truth" in response to the archbishop's allegations of financial mismanagement. But the archbishop and his fellas apparently felt different about dealing with the author of the letter which arrived at 4:09, Friday afternoon. We can't expose the contents of the letter yet, but use your imagination. 

The retracted story is so full of lies that I can't address them all in one sitting, so we'll have to do this in parts. Here's the first. The text of the story is copied here for easy reading. My comments are in red. A copy of the first part of the story from the original printing of the August 10 U Matuna is at the bottom.

Archdiocese statement reviewing financial concerns

The Archdiocese of Agana wishes to reintroduce the July 29, 2014 statement regarding the initial results of the Deloitte & Touche financial review on all the finances of the Archdiocese.

Really? The Archdiocese of Agana wishes..."??? Aren't WE the Archdiocese of Agana? How about the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Agana?

Numerous misrepresentations are being circulated in the media and are creating uneasiness and confusion in the members of our Church. This is very unhealthy. Some people have even voiced that they would like to oust our Archbishop from his post, throwing insults and second-guessing the chief shepherd: this attitude is not catholic.

Let's start with "numerous misrepresentations...being circulated in the media." The only thing at this point circulating in the media, besides the archbishop's own above referenced press statement, was what was said at the press conference held by Mr. Joe Rivera and Mr. Art Ilagan on August 6. 

At the conference, these men who had been tasked to address the concerns raised by the financial review, had stated that the archbishop's allegations were untrue and "not supported by fact". To support their own position, Misters Rivera and Ilagan addressed each of the archbishop's allegations, point by point, giving the date as to when those issues had been resolved. 

By referring to the response of Misters Rivera and Ilagan as "numerous misrepresentations", the archbishop is accusing these two esteemed financial professionals and the others that worked with them of ignorance, or worse, deliberately lying. Now who are you going to believe? An archbishop that has been caught in lie after lie after lie, or these men whose professional esteem and personal integrity is on the line. 

And really? "Second guessing the chief shepherd"? Not catholic? Really? Aside from all the lies relative to the firing of Fr. Paul, the canning of Aaron Quitugua's vocation, the alienation of the Yona property, and the smearing of Msgr. Benavente, may we remind you that our "chief shepherd" was second guessed by Rome itself in 2012 in a letter from then-Apostolic Delegate, Archbishop Charles Balvo? And how about our "chief shepherd" himself  publicly "second guessing" the credentials of the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments? And you're going to tell us that our little inquiry is NOT CATHOLIC?

This hate speech can even drive people to violence and in fact some people have punctured two tires of the Archbishop’s car. This way of acting is certainly not according to the spirit of Christ and to our Catholic tradition and we pray that everybody may realize it.

So you see, you bad Catholics, "second guessing" the "chief shepherd" is "hate speech". Never mind that the "chief shepherd" uses phrases like "arduous and painful" to threaten his priests. Never mind that he accuses them of building private staircases to facilitate midnight homosexual trysts. Never mind that he mocks and snickers privately (so he thinks) at young Capuchin vocations. Never mind that he spreads gossip suggesting that a recently returned military chaplain is a homosexual (again with the homosexual). No. None of that is "hate speech", is it? But "second guessing"? Demanding accountability. Well, that's "hate speech", isn't it.

And by the way, slashing tires is a crime. Did the archbishop report it to the police? Can we see the police report? Anyway, your timing is off. The press conference with the so-called "numerous misrepresentations" was held on Wednesday, August 6. The Umatuna, at the latest, would have gone to press by the morning of the following day. To be motivated by the "misrepresentations" to slash the archbishop's tires, one would have had to see the news, slash the bishops tires, give you time to write a story about it, and get the paper off to the presses in just a few hours. Nice try. 

The facts are the following: after the advice of Cardinal Filoni, current Prefect of the Vatican Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, the Archdiocese embarked in 2012 on an extensive audit of all its assets. In the past, already in 2005, we had tried to begin an auditing process but the administration of the Cathedral-Basilica had vehemently refused to cooperate.

This is hilarious. There was no "advice" from Rome. It was an order, an order prompted by the complaints of the fired finance council members who had objected to the archbishop's attempt to illegally hand over a deca-million dollar asset to the control of the New Jersey syndicate which controls the Neocatechumenal Way...and, sadly, the archbishop too. 

Oh, and really, you had been trying to do this since 2005 but the "Cathedral-Basilica (aka Msgr. James) had vehemently refused to cooperate"? Goodness! Is that a whopper! Even if that was true then this is an admission of the extreme dereliction of duty on the part of the archbishop whose duty it would have been to replace Msgr. James if he had in fact "vehemently refused to cooperate".  But we are to believe that nine years later, the archbishop finally decided to take "urgent action" as he called it in his July 2014 press statement? 

Actually, the date is not insignificant. Archbishop Apuron had been chastised twice by the then-Apostolic Delegate, Archbishop Charles Balvo, for his failure to produce financial statements, once in 2011 and again in 2012. Balvo had stated in both letters that he had "never received" the required statements from the Archdiocese of Agana. 

published the 2012 letter from Archbishop Balvo on my blog on August 6, the day before this edition of the Umatuna went to print. Guess when Archbishop Balvo was appointed delegate to this region? April 2005

The archbishop swears he doesn't read my "evil" blog, but obviously somebody at the chancery does. Since Balvo said he had NEVER received a financial statement from this archdiocese, and Balvo had been the delegate since 2005...well, how convenient, we'll just blame Msgr. James for his vehement refusal to cooperate guessed it: 2005. 

I don't know about you, but I am getting tired of shaking my head. 

More to come.  

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