Tuesday, July 11, 2017

PACIFIC DAILY NEWS: Byrnes appoints Martinez as new delegate to review Neocatechumenal Way

Archbishop Michael Jude Byrnes appointed Deacon Steve Martinez to help review the basic pastoral theology principles or teachings of the Neocatechumenal Way, a movement within the Catholic church whose practices sometimes are at odds with those of Guam's traditional Catholic community. CONTINUED

KUAM: Deacon Steve Martinez named Neocatechumenal Way delegate


  1. Deacon Steve has proven that he is not afraid to speak the truth. He is the right man for this job. But his skills will be out to the test because the NCW is an organization rooted in secrecy and clandestine activities.
    Deacon Steve should expect zero cooperation from the NCW leadership, so I recommend he start with the regular Kiko cult follower. They will be less likely to lie, unless they have already drunken the KAKA koolaid.

  2. Good man for the job! How does Steve begin? The laity walking in the Way? I think not. Start with the hierarchy of the Way! Get into the "mind" of a cult that preys on "lost souls", collects money in garbage bags, promotes masturbation, protects sexual predators, demeans the local culture, violates Pontifical mandates and teaches heresy!
    Go get um Steve! For reference to the above, please see the Jungle and the Thoughtful Catholic!

  3. I'd encourage the deacon to keep asking for all thirteen volumes of their Catechetical Directory in English. Their statutes reference them and each "catechist" is supposed to be using them as a guide. They can't say that they don't have them, right? That would be unbelievable. And can you imagine any other Catholic group refusing to turn over bona fide catechetical documents to the Archbishop?!? He - on behalf of the Archbishop - could give them a reasonable deadline to provide the copies. And if they refuse, then I suggest that their permission to act as catechists be suspended until they are able to deliver them to the Archbishop's delegate. Their statute is clear, friends. They operate under the direction and authority of the local ordinary. And the local Ordinary - the Archbishop, has the right to ensure that they are acting and teaching in a manner consistent with their "approved" documents.

    1. In the past: "My dog ate my homework."

      In the present: "A rhino beetle ate my catechetical directory."

    2. Andrew, I thought its always been the brown tree snakes! Were they mistakenly thrown out with the black trash bags? Or might have been hacked by the Russians, who knows. One thing is certain, the neokooks will believe anything to buoy up the existence of lies. That is their story, and they are sticking to it, even if instructed to enjoy the whiff of incense coming from Arguello's wrinkly behind.