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The last two years, we have been bombarded in the western media by a slough of hysterical women from all walks of life, regarding a wide array of subjects ranging from the serious subject of a first woman president all the way to the totally ridiculous  "men spreading".

Here on Guam, we have a special treat known under different monikers, the most popular being :
The Diana.
Personally I do not care much for it, since I would prefer picture the name of Diana, with the memory of the young princess who died tragically in Paris 20 years ago; rather than that of the delusional Mae.  

The question remains: " is Diana really an hysterical wrench" who is zealously doing the biding of her gurus? Or is she more of  an

 The answer appears to be somewhat in the middle, depending on the subject and the need Pius wants to remedy.

Recently one of our many anonymous reported an exchange between himself and the Diana on her blog regarding the Yona property. It went as follow:

{Diana Sept 4, 2017, 10.54pm
Dear anonymous at 3.16pm

It is called "sarcasm". After all, it is CCOG who keeps calling it a hotel demanding rent. CCOG has no idea that it is the archdiocese who pays the seminarians, When the Archdiocese sent three seminarians to study at St Patrick Seminary, who is paying for their education? The RMS seminarians belong to the Archdiocese.}

Here you have the perfect example of Diana, going back to her roots, and following the old Pius technique: Deny, Deflect, Destroy

  • Having been called to the carpet by anon, she denies and deflects at the same time: "it is called sarcasm".
  • Then she continues the deflection by introducing the CCOG and assigning to them the Hotel description.
  • Finally she attempts to destroy with a side show to justify her urban myth, that the RMS seminarians belong to the Archdiocese.

Here Diana is not being hysterical at all, because she does not need to be. 
Rather she is very hypocritical on several subject.

The CCOG is not the one who called the Yona property the "hotel". Actually this property was planned, designed and build as a Hotel.
Many people around the island still call it the Hotel for lack of better word.
Diana is probably hard pressed by the fact that despite years of effort by the NCW to identify that property as the Seminary, many people still do not buy the bill of sales, and most likely never shall.

It is not the fault of the CCOG, if Apuron and Pius elected to run a scam, which they attempted to pass as a seminary. They might have succeeded for a short while, but the veil has been lifted.
The whole house of cards is crumbling on all sides.
Rumors have it that their endorsement by the Lateran University has been rescinded , probably due to the revelation about their fake academic body and the report sent by the Bishop of Samoa to the Nuncio.
The whole professor scam of people teaching subjects they are not trained for, and the listing of full time professors, who were never there, or only once every two years, has been revealed and they have never recovered from it.
Their refusal to give proper term papers and exam to the students, and to endorse candidate that would never make it any other place has finally come to bite them in the proverbial rear.

The CCOG did not come with that Hotel description, they might have use it at times, like most Guamanians do.

So Here Again a big H for hypocritical.

Diana continues to deflect on the subject of the Hotel, because she knows that the reason some are pushing to find out who is lodging there, is tied to the fact that what is left of the seminary has indeed become a Hotel.

Lets put it simply.
If indeed there are between 25 and 30 students, plus a half a dozen "professors",  you should not have more than 40 people residing at the fake seminary.

Yet, it appears, that between 70 and 80 people are residing there free of charge.

The question being who are these 30 to 40 extra boarders that reside and board at the Yona property?

Ultimately the Archdiocese can be held liable for what is and/or could happen to these mystery guests.

A whole serie of question come to mind.:
  • Are these residents here legally?
  • Is Quitagua staying at the seminary?
  • What is their role?
  • Are they working , and if so, is that allowed by their residency title?
  • How many are they?
  • Do they have insurance?
And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Probably Mr Eusebio will explain us that they are taken care of without any help from the Archdiocese.
 Yet they keep using the building. The wear and tear on the facilities, the air conditioning units, all the equipments, from the kitchen to the chairs etc....are being used at twice the rate of what the seminarians themselves would used them.

Definitely another H for hypocritical.

Finally the Seminarians.

As I  reminded us earlier, the situation of the RMS Guam is a disaster. No Bishop in their right mind would agree to take any of these poor people as priests. We have seen the poor quality of their predecessors. ( from the old billy goat, to the vice rector of the Cathedral who tell happily to all that want to hear it: " They did not want me in Hawaii, so I came here. I probably would have never made it otherwise" .

We will have to deal with the remnants of Apuron's decisions taken under the gun from Pius.

Samoa, could not get out of here fast enough. If RMS Guam wants to survive, the whole gas factory will have to be cleaned and the rotten fruits discarded.

May be Bishop Balin of Qatar will be willing to take two or three?  He is so gung ho on the NCW, he owes them that much?
Perhaps they can send the less challenged to learn Chinese in Kaoshung, for further service in Mainland China as Kiko promised?

It is extremely doubtful that Guam would accept any new presbyter from this failed institution.

This my dear Diana tells us that the RMS seminarians do not belong to the Archdiocese.

Just for that, Diana deserves another H for hypocrite.



  1. Jucutan DID not pass the entrance exam to Damien High School and he also admitted that he did not qualify to be admitted into the seminary. This only concludes that RMS will take any reject.

    The black trash bag was probably used to pay rental to house the missionary families with the added bonus of the free tuition.

    Mario, how much is the rent for the home you live in? The homes in your area cost about 1K per month.

    The truth was revealed when Wanna-be Rev Eusebio publicly announced on the media that the kiko goats will not take money from the archdiocese
    and that they will take care of the seminarians.

    As for the three seminarians in Menlo, they are in the right place. Glad that there is no more listening to the theology of Kiko Arguelles.

    God is good all the time and all the timee God is good!

    1. You are correct anon at 2.57
      Unfortunately Jucatan is only one of a large number of less than stellar individuals, whose only reason to have been accepted as a priest on Guam, is that they agreed to subjugate themselves to the heretical teaching of the NCW, and declare allegiance to Apuron the corrupt.
      Yet the Diana and Eusebio, following in the footsteps of the putrid monk, insist on telling us we should be grateful, for having brought us the plague.
      This is one of the worse case of reverse psychology you can find.

  2. I was just thinking. For YEARS the Agana cathedral air conditioning was breaking down and the roof was leaking but yet no one ever heard of the RMS hotel air conditioning EVER breaking down. So who services THAT AC and who does the maintenance up at THAT hotel? The archdiocese SHOULD bring that person(s) down to the cathedral to maintain our MAIN CHURCH rather then always asking for money to repair the cathedral.

    Btw, there was one Sunday morning mass (5:45am) that the trained lawyer attended. She came in late without her husband and left before the mass ended. To top it off she was without her husband. Guess she was in a hurry since she didn't have to do a public confession like when brother tony was around.

    1. Guess the 'brothers' would squirm to hear Br Ton tell stories out of Agana Comm'ty. Right, trained lawyer? As Trump would say: losers.

  3. Dear Junglewatchers,

    The definition of hypocrite is "the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform." By this definition, what Christian is not a hypocrite? Just sayin'.

    1. Well hello again Mr Guile.
      In view of your respectable age and learned background, may we assume that you did take Latin and Greek, like most of us during that period?
      There are many definitions as you know in translation.
      Since we can trace this word to the Anglo-French, Latin and Greek.
      The Greek hypokrisis : jealous, play acting, acting out. Can be traced to the Tragic Greek Theater.
      Hypo : "under"
      Krinien: "decide"
      or deficient in deciding.
      Hypocrisis applied therefore to public performance, which in ancient Greece included the art of Rethoric, play acting, the assumption of a role (fake persona), which gave it its modern negative meaning.
      Just saying

  4. Thank you for the etymology of hypocrite, Frenchie.
    To continue from the definition of hypocrite as used in English, if we say we are Christians, and yet fall short of the glory of God by our sinning, then the term hypocrite adds a new dimension to being brothers in Christ: We are all brothers in proclaiming Christ, in being sinful, and in being forgiven. Therefore, to point out the hypocrisy in others, in part of the brotherhood, amounts to affirming, at least indirectly, the hypocrisy of the whole of the brotherhood, and hence our own hypocrisy: yours, mine, and all Junglewatchers.

    1. Correct on the semantics, but I am afraid you are missing the main issue. A case of the tree hiding the forest?
      My dear departed grandmother would have called this: the dog trying to catch its tail.

    2. Forgiveness isn't something you can walk off with, and bandy about in others' faces who have got more concern for those around them than you have. You do have to put some effort into amendment, individually, you know.

      Forgiveness for you doesn't for example come from me. Depending how much you colluded in hurting others, it comes from a mixture of them and from God, and is their affair not mine.

  5. OOPS! Someone saw the forest behind the tree?
    Evil it is.
    Perhaps this is why some like to play devil's advocate.

  6. It seems that "Hysterical" and "Hypocritical" are apt descriptions for that machinery called "the Diana" which is a microcosm of a global attempt at manipulation. May I also add that perhaps "Hyperbole" is part of a triad of virtues, er, vices, of the NCW propaganda?

  7. The Diana was given an official catechist certificate by the Archbishop on Saturday, this time under her real name of Mae Llanes. She may have completed the course curriculum, but isn't there some requirement for these folks to follow the teachings of the Church, and to be obedient to the local ordinary?
    That will be a problem for this flaming lunatic who cannot see beyond the trance of Kiko and Pius. I really respected Archbishop Byrnes for his talk on Saturday, but then it fell apart when I saw him giving her the certificate. I guess he still needs to know who is who on Guam, but isn't there anyone who can advise him who knows who the really bad people are?

    1. You are right anon at 10.56.
      This is one of many obstacles Byrnes is facing. He often does not know who he is dealing with.
      The sneaky nature of the Neos, gives them an advantage, when they pose as Mae did this weekend as a simple catechist.

      Mostly he relies on his delegate, Fr Jeff. Unfortunately we all know, that Jeff has the spine of a marshmallow. Plus he is away for a month right now, so no advise here.

      I would suggest a direct letter to the Archbishop, where you thank him for his attendance to the conference, and his participation. You could then bring forth your concern regarding Mae.

      Do not forget the Neos, having infiltrated the Chancery for at least the last 15 years, at all level, know what is going on, and still have spies every where. So they are privy of any such opportunity, like this past weekend.

      Just wait and see, that Mae will use this latest opportunity, to say that Byrnes endorsed her as a Catechist, hence she is entrusted by the Church.
      The deception from these people never stop, and is present in every thing they do.
      So far as a Co Adjutor Byrnes has mostly tried to implement basic administrative steps, which were totally missing under Apuron. He is trying to make some sense about the finances, and the inner workings of the place, while facing the cascade of lawsuits and revelations of the sickness and corruption of the last 50years.
      It is basically going back to rebuilding a sane foundation.

      The climb is very very steep.
      I know from serious sources that they are working on concrete steps on several fronts. Again, the task is immense, and the challenges numerous.

      Tim has always argued for us to all get involved at our own level. This can take many different appearance.
      I strongly encourage you to make that effort, regarding what you just revealed.
      St Michael defend us in battle.

  8. S. Cernuzio, notorious Neocatechumenal journalist, wrote on the "Vatican Insider" section of La Stampa (a mainstream leftist Italian newspaper) an article about Guam (link here) claiming to have "declarations of Guamanian people" confirming that:

    - Apuron "self-suspended"

    - D. Lujan offered 5 millions for the Yona property to build that casino

    - Apuron bought it to start a RMS

    - the "very powerful" and "living a luxury life" mgr. Benavente...

    - the "immoral" Untalan...

    and so on, the usual neo-propaganda you all already know.

    1. Hello Trupidio, yes thank you very much. Read it yesterday afternoon our time. Later it was published in English on their sister website the Vatican insider.
      Basically a copy and paste from the Putrid Monk.
      Addressing it in our next post.

  9. Article of a Neo journalist on one of the major italian vaticanist press agency . http://www.lastampa.it/2017/09/20/vaticaninsider/ita/inchieste-e-interviste/i-guai-di-guam-una-diocesi-devastata-da-scandali-finanziari-e-sessuali-dyv52USDcGeMfdzIFT96oO/pagina.html

  10. Can anyone pls tell me ( us) what's going on with the Canonical Trail??.it seems to me the Vatican feels they can sit back relax and NOT dwell too much with Apuron's charges since the Protesters have put their signs down and gone away.(.So they think..)..Maybe they should start shaking the ground again and give the Vatican another Reality Check..THAT RAPIST / CHILD MOLESTER MONSTER CANNOT and MUST NOT GET AWAY FOOT LOOSE AND FREE AGAIN..

    1. Hello Renee, the trial is over. The results were to have been published around the beginning of August.
      Filoni and several other Cardinals are running all kind of obstables to delay the publication. They are also attempting to control the narrative, and of course the recommendation to Pope Francis. Hence the delays. It does not help that Pope Francis has replaced Cardinal Muller by Cardinal Ferrer, who now has to feel big shoes and handle a very hot potato.
      Hope this help

  11. Replies
    1. Thank you Beati Pauperes Spiritu, we are aware of this article since yesterday afternoon.
      I shall address it very soon

  12. Dear Austin OE,
    My attitude toward forgiveness comes from the Incarnation and from the Crucifixion. From the Incarnation because God sent His Son despite the fact that humanity had shown very little interest for amendment on its own. From the Crucifixion because Jesus asked for the Father's forgiveness for His executioners though they as a group had shown no desire for self-amendment.

    Dear Concerned Catholic of Guam,
    Add to hypocrisy, deception, and theft and you still get a human being for whom Jesus died and for whom Jesus was resurrected.

    Timothy Guile (from another computer)

  13. A large unsung element in the children of Israel had continually longed for the betterment of humanity through the indwelling of God's spiritual gifts as described in Isaiah, Ezekiel, Joel and lots of other places. The ideas of Jesus' and John's family, and the element that had been devoted to the temple, mentioned in Luke, didn't suddenly get the ideas they are expressing on the spur of the moment, they had been led to nurture them all life long.

    Yes my attitude comes from the same sources as you state.

    It's not always necessary for you to go begging for forgiveness, it can do people a power of good to stay out of their faces.

    On the whole people will have forgiven you already, but were too busy minding their own business to come and tell you.

    The offences actually complained of in this blog are serious ones the like of which I am sure you never dreamed of getting implicated in, yourself.