Friday, September 8, 2017


Posted by Tim

So, here’s what’s happening. And it’s no surprise. In fact, we have been reporting on this without the intel we now have because we knew exactly what “they" would do.

As expected, Filoni-Baloney and Kiko are putting a full court press on the outcome of Apuron's trial to keep the verdict from taking down the NCW worldwide.

To review.

Because of Apuron’s status in the NCW (i.e. the only bishop who is actually “one of the brothers"), his canonical demise does not bode well for the future of the KHW (Kiko’s Heretical Way). 

Loads of bishops around the world, upon the canonical demise of Apuron, will be emboldened to at last extricate the NCW from their dioceses. 

Even though these bishops have always had the authority to get rid of the KHW (aka NCW) in their dioceses - or at least limit or not permit it in the first place, it is no secret that so many of the world’s bishops are wimps and look for cover before they take action on what they already know they SHOULD take action on!

Kiko and Filoni-Baloney know this. They also know that Apuron has been found GUILTY. There simply is no doubt about it. At the very least he has been undoubtedly found guilty of running a DISASTER of a diocese for thirty years, as both Archbishop Hon and Byrnes have publicly stated. 

At most, he has also been found guilty of child sex abuse. As every Guam senator present at the public hearings for Bill 326-33 can testify: NO ONE can look Walter Denton in the eyes and say he’s lying. And the chief investigator and judge, Cardinal Burke, was able to do that. 

Thus, Kiko and Filoni-Baloney have nothing left...EXCEPT to interfere with the sentence

Not that they care about Apuron's actual punishment. They only care about the harm any publicity of the verdict and his punishment will do to KHW (aka NCW). 

So here’s what they’re doing.

Rather than permit the verdict to be transmitted directly to Pope Francis, as it should be. Filoni-Baloney is arguing that Apuron's trial falls under the Sacramentorum Sanctitatis Tutela and therefore should come under the review of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). 

Filoni-Baloney is the former Secretary to that Congregation so he knows well its inner workings as well as the current leadership and how to screw with it. And screw with it, he is!

You can read the full document at this link, however, here is the relevant paragraph:
"The 1922 Instruction included a short section dedicated to another canonical delict: the “crimen pessimum” which dealt with same-sex clerical misconduct. This further section determined that the special procedures for solicitation cases should be used for “crimen pessimum” cases, with those adaptations rendered necessary by the nature of the case. The norms concerning the “crimen pessimum” also extended to the heinous crime of sexual abuse of prepubescent children and to bestiality."
Filoni-Baloney's strategy (in collusion with Kiko) is simple: delay, delay, delay. 

The objective is to delay everything, including the announcement of the verdict, until Apuron turns 75, three years from now, when he must submit his resignation as Archbishop of Agana. At that point, the strategy is to lessen the verdict to simply mismanagement and to give Apuron time to build his narrative that he was unjustly ousted by pro-gambling/pro-gay forces. (A narrative that even now has all the bishops laughing!)

And to that end, Kiko met with Pope Francis on September 4. 

I heard Francis was NOT amused.

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