Friday, December 22, 2017


GUAM DAILY NEWS - Tax status of Kåmalen Karidåt remains unclear

The Department of Revenue and Taxation director has declined to discuss the specifics of the letter he sent Tuesday to Rev. Mike Crisostomo, which concluded that Kåmalen Karidåt is not required to file Form 990 returns because it is "an integrated auxiliary of a church." Form 990 is a tax form that nonprofits use to disclose funds received and spent.

"I can't talk in regard to those things," said Rev and Tax Director John Camacho, who refused to confirm or deny anything he wrote in the letter. "If you got a copy of that, that's coming from the organization."

Camacho's letter begins, "You requested clarification on the filing requirements ...," making it clear that he is responding to Crisostomo. CONTINUED