Saturday, April 21, 2018


There is a movement afoot to collect the signatures required to endorse me (Tim Rohr) as a candidate for senator in the next election.

You will not find a copy of the petition for said signatures linked here (nor shall I tell you where to find it) because my position thus far has been:

1) If I do nothing to collect the required signatures, and yet
2) the required signatures are obtained, and
3) if I do not campaign a single bit, and yet,
4) get elected,

I will take it as a sign of God's will that I take the seat....which is kinda how I approach everything in this life (by the way.)

One might think that with this post I may be campaigning, but it's a risk I'll take.

And I am willing to take said "risk" to broadcast a CAMPAIGN PLATFORM I think worth broadcasting.

And here it is:

If elected to the next Legislature, I will immediately introduce the following legislation:

1) A bill to change any street name that contains the name "Apuron" (I am aware of two - Adacao and Santa Rita. Apologies to his relatives) to anything BUT "Apuron."

2) A bill to rescind Resolution 259-30, honoring the now discredited, disbanded, dysfunctional, dissolved, and generally "dissed..." Redemptoris Mater (fake) Seminary. The resolution read:

"Relative to expressing Biba Complianos and congratulations to the Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary of Guam celebrating its Tenth (10th) Anniversary and to extend a sincere 'Un Dangkolo na Si Yu'os Ma'ase' for their continuous contributions towards improvement and betterment of the quality of life for our Island Community and its people."

As we now know, thanks to the honoree in this "resolution," the "quality of life for our island," not long after this resolution, soon descended into chaos, making Guam the scandal of the world in terms of clergy sex abuse, and with RMS...the head of the snake.